White Cloud Cirrus 3X Review

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Wednesday 19 October 2011 6:58 pm
White Cloud Cirrus 3X Review Cirrus 3X Review – Once again White Cloud is showing why they are a leader in customer service as well as electronic cigarettes. This week they will release their new Cirrus 3X e cig and we had the privileged to do a Cirrus 3X review. As the longest lasting battery on the market, White Cloud’s new C3X battery lasts three times as long as other e cigs while remaining similar in size to their original Cirrus. Loyal White Cloud customers who are also very heavy smokers will be delighted with the new Cirrus 3X model. They have been asking White Cloud to create a battery that can produce more puffs and as our Cirrus 3x review will show White Cloud delivered. The new C3X will provide

more than 600 puffs on a single charge! While we did not get 600 puffs out of the CX3 it was still running strong when we completed our test after about 450 puffs. White Cloud’s latest original creation, the ChargeBolt USB Charger, allows for the new battery to operate at peak performance. The new charger, which is proudly made in the USA, will also recondition older Cirrus batteries so they also perform at a higher level enabling vapors to get the most out of them.

Customers can currently pre-order the Cirrus 3X Starter Kit for $349.95. The kit includes three batteries, one ChargeBolt USB charger, one AC Adapter, and five Smooth Draw Cartridges. During our Cirrus 3X review we found that tqhis kit also includes a Premium 2 Year Warranty instead of White Cloud’s Standard 6 Month Warranty.

Cirrus 3X Review – Superior Charging and Battery Life

One of the amazing thing we learned during our Cirrus 3X review was how fast it recharges. When needing to recharge, vapors will once again be able to enjoy their Cirrus 3X after charging for only 120 minutes. The battery will then last for over 600 puffs. Along with the additional two batteries, smokers will be able to produce 1800 puffs without recharging! Smokers who recharge while vaping with the additional batteries will never be without their C3X! White Cloud’s new device is also conveniently compatible with White Cloud’s Smooth Draw Cartridges.

White Cloud Cirrus 3X ReviewIf you purchase a Cirrus 3X please consider providing your own Cirrus 3X review or post comments below about the product after you’ve had time to use it.

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