White Cloud New Cirrus 3 E Cigarette Review

White Cloud has been busy consistently reducing the length of their electronic cigarette every year. Their Cirrus 2, introduced in 2011, is shorter and lighter than their original Cirrus. 2011 will be no different as White Cloud recently introduced their newest model; the Cirrus 3. They are currently taking pre-orders, and expect to begin shipping their C3 kits around April 5, 2011.

The new Cirrus 3 is the smallest and lightest Cirrus to date. The Cirrus 3 is a full inch shorter than a traditional cigarette. The model is shorter yet provides a quicker vapor draw. After hearing that most of their customers have admitted to regularly dropping their ecig throughout the day, White Cloud has developed a shock absorption system that allows the new model to stand up to such a beating.

The White Cloud Cirrus 3 Starter Kit includes electronic cigarette batteries, 5 SmoothDraw cartridges, a USB charger, and an AC adapter. The starter kit sells for $289.95. The Cirrus 3 is compatible with all Cirrus SmoothDraw cartridges, chargers, and cases.

UPDATE Spetember 26, 2011:

Once again White Cloud is producing something new for their customers. Always upgrading the quality of their products, they have introduced a new flavor. Their new Kick Smooth Draw cartridge is sure to please. The cartridge’s subtle hint of honey and burst of cinnamon will provide the energy needed to jump start the day. White Cloud’s completely redesigned cartridges are simply designed. Vapors only need to replace the empty cartridge instead of messing around with refilling them.

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