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I was recently lucky enough to take a vacation in Australia and while I was there found myself short of e-liquids, so away I went to the local e-cig shop and was pointed in the direction of Vaper Empire’s selection of e-liquids. The guy in the shop set me up with a few testers and I bought all of them and man, I’m glad I did. They kick (ciggy) butt!

Having done some research back at my hotel I quickly learned that Vaper Empire has been the leading vape brand in Australia for a number of years. And as I was enjoying vaping their eliquids, I could see why. On the first few puffs the taste resonated pleasantly in my mouth, and not a bit of staleness I’d experienced with other e-liquids! They delivered a perfect combination of throat hit (I was vaping the 12mg), vapour cloud and flavour, which was not over powering.

Vaper Empire Starter Kits

On my return home, I contacted the brand who kindly sent me a couple of starter kits to help me write a review for you good people. They sent me two kits, the V-Pack II, a cig-a-like modal and their best-selling advanced model, The Venture.

V-Pack II Starter Kit

My understanding is that in Australia the e-cig industry is still in its infancy (compared to the USA & UK at least), and the V-Pack II is the company’s top seller with folks new to vaping. This cig-a-like model offers an easy transition from traditional cigarettes to vaping.

The V-Pack II features a mirrored surface hiding a digital display which allows the user to see exactly how much battery is left in the PCC but also the remaining battery life of the contained e-cigarette. This real-time information allows the user to plan and make sure that they have an uninterrupted vaping experience. The 1200mAh Battery gives that important extra battery life. I found the V-Pack II to feel like a quality engineered vape stick, many of the similar cig-a-like models offered by competitors feel cheap in comparison but this you can tell is manufactured to a very high standard.

I’d strongly recommend this kit for new users looking for a realistic substitute to traditional cigarettes. Here’s what’s in the box:

1 x V Pack Portable Charging Case 1200 mAh (Black)

Vaper Empire Deluxe Starter Kit

Vaper Empire Deluxe Starter Kit

2 x 170mAh lithium ion E Cigarette Battery (Black)
1 x USB charging lead
1 x User Manual (English Language)
1 x 5-Pack Cartomisers

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The Venture Starter Kit

The quality of The Venture, Vaper Empire’s flagship product was immediately apparent when taking it out of it box. It’s recommended for the slightly more advanced vaper looking for a strong “throat hit” and increased vapour production.

The first thing that struck me when unboxing was the nice weight, it’s immediately obvious the Venture is very well engineered with its stainless steel, stipple textured design – a world apart from the cig-a-like products I first started on a few years back. At $145 (AUD) it’s not the cheapest ecig you can buy today, but you do get a lot of bang-for-your-buck with a 1500mAh battery giving an incredible ‘throat-hit’ and a range of features that set it apart from the rest. Here’s what’s in the box:

1 x Venture Battery (1500 mAh)

Vaper Empire Starter Kit

Vaper Empire Starter Kit

1 x Clearomiser with coil
1 x Coil Replacement
1 x USB Power Cable
1 x User Manual (English Language)”

There are a number of features that make this a winner for me.

  • Firstly the 1500mAh battery capacity provides enough power to last you the whole day, no need to carry around a back-up battery.
  • I was very impressed with the throat hit so I did a little research and checked the site and apparently that’s due to “a new top-coil, dual wicking design, where the coil and wicks are set nearer the top of the providing an increased temperature of the vapour being emitted.” Well, whatever, but it sure does deliver!
  • The simple snap-lock connection between the Battery and Clearomiser which makes maintenance a doddle.
  • The smartly contoured metallic mouthpiece allows for comfortable delivery on inhalation.
  • The Clearomiser provides a large 2.5ml capacity tank, which means less refilling.

Most electronic cigarettes you have to suck incredibly hard just to get a full puff, but not a single problem with the Venture! Full breathes of vapor and a great throat hit every time. So I’d fully recommend this model for the more experienced user.

Buy The Venture – enter coupon code ‘CIGREV12’ at checkout to save 12%

E-liquids & Shipping

Although this is an Australian brand, E-liquids are manufactured and shipped from the UK. That’s because current Australian law doesn’t allow the sale of nicotine strength eliquids, but it’s perfectly legal to import them for personal use from overseas. So if you’re in Australia and want nicotine strength, then Vaper Empire is one of the few Australian brands you can buy from. Shipping rates are actually very reasonable, I was in no rush so went for the 6-12 days option which cost $15 AUD (approx. $11 US). So I was quite pleased when they arrived after just 7 days! If you need them faster, then for $35 (approx. $26 USA) go for the 3-5 day worldwide shipping option.

Vaper Empire have a fantastic collection of e-liquids with almost 50 flavors and strengths ranging from 0mg up to 24mg. Be aware though, even if you’re a Marlboro red smoker, full-strength electronic cigarettes may still be too strong for you. If you’re unsure, a good level to start with is 1.2mg or 1.8mg if you’re a heavy smoker.

Vaper Empire Artisan Collection

Vaper Empire Artisan Collection

Some of my favorite flavors came from the Artisan Collection, with some wonderful concoctions such as ‘Twice on Sundae’ (creamy vanilla custard & caramel), the Ragtime Raconteur (Tobacco, Mocha Cappuccino + sweet Caramel) and The Amazonian (an exotic mix of mango, passionfruit and a hint of citrus). If you enjoy a slightly sweet Tobacco, than you can’t go wrong with ‘Tobacco RY4’ which is a Tobacco blend plus a hint of Caramel-Vanilla.


Overall, Vaper Empire exceeded all of my expectations and I recommend their V-Pack for anyone hoping to vape for the first time, while The Ventura offers an amazing experience for the more seasoned user. With fast, low cost shipping they are the perfect solution for those needing nicotine strength e-liquids in Australia (and worldwide).

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