V2 Pro Series 7 Review

E-cigarettes have certainly come a long way in only a few short years. One of the newest and most advanced designs is the v2 Pro Series 7. Developed by vaunted E-cig manufacturer v2, the kit comes with everything you might need for a quality vaping experience. But, is it worth trying out or should you head in another direction? We’ll let you know below.

v2 Pro Series 7

V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer

v2 Pro Series 7 Overview

The Pro Series 7 is the top-of-the-line when it comes to E-cigarettes. Inside the kit, you’ll find the vaporizer, couple of cartridges, a wall adapter, a USB charger, and a pick and brush. The Pro Series 7 vaporizer is exceedingly lightweight at only around 4 ounces with an empty cartridge. If you like to carry your vaporizer around with you everywhere, then this is certainly a plus. It’s also only about 5 inches in length and 1.3 inches in diameter so it can fit comfortably in just about any pocket and provide a long-lasting vaping experience. The vaporizer comes in three different colors—black, blue, and steel (a type of gray).

The Series Pro 7 is unique in that it offers three different types of vaporizing material. Loose leaf, e-liquid, and wax can all be vaporized on the Series Pro 7 with specialized cartridges. This is great for anyone who likes to change of their vaping experience from time to time. On top of that, the cartridges are supremely easy to load. You can take them and snap them into place smoothly without any difficulties at all. The magnetic closures ensure that the cartridge is snug and you can enjoy your experience thoroughly.

The Series Pro 7 also comes with a catalog of customization options. You can change the temperature and voltage with the press of a button. An external activation button on the side of the vaporizer contains three LED lights that indicate temperature levels. This lets you choose between three temperatures: 200°C, 215°C, and 225°C. You can also rely on the smart technology embedded within the vaporizer to choose the right temperature for you.

An LED perimeter also glows different colors to let you know when you’ve reached the optimal temperature for vaping. It will start off at red, progress to yellow, and finally turn green when the temperature is just right.

Additionally, the vaporizer comes with a lock option to keep you from accidentally turning it on when it’s in your pocket. The battery life is incredible and the unit itself is easy to clean. It’s safe to say that the Series Pro 7 would be an upgrade over most E-cigarette models on the market.

v2 Pro Series 7 Cartridges

The base kit for the Pro Series 7 comes with a loose leaf cartridge and an e-liquid cartridge. With Series 7 loose leaf cartridges, you can experience a top-of-the-line, smooth smoke. It also gives you the freedom to choose which dry leaf additive you want to toss in the vaporizer. With its variable temperature controls, you can warm up your loose leaf cartridge to the temperature you see fit. The Series 7 also offers one of the fastest warm-up times, allowing you to experience a rich, smooth vapor in under 30 seconds. Once the vaporizer reaches optimal temperature levels, the LED perimeter will turn green and you can smoke freely. The device will automatically shut off after 2 minutes.

The e-liquid cartridge comes with 2.5 ml of space, a leak-resistant design, and the potential for1,200 puffs. You can use just about any e-liquid you like and the cartridge can be refilled up to 20 times. Of course, you can also use the Series Pro 7’s built-in voltage controls to achieve the optimum voltage for your vaping experience. Even so, if you like switching back and forth between the loose leaf cartridge and the e-liquid cartridge, you can make use of the vaporizers smart technology to pinpoint the perfect temperatures and voltage levels. The vaporizer will be able to distinguish between cartridges so you won’t have to customize anything if you don’t want to.

The base kit doesn’t come with a wax cartridge, but it can certainly be a nice investment. The Series 7 wax cartridge allows you to vape waxes, gels, or other concentrates to your heart’s content. It also makes use of variable voltage controls that you can change with the press of a button.

All the cartridges are easy to load and you can simply rely on the v2 Pro Series 7 to attain the right temperature or voltage level.

v2 Pro Series 7 Accessories

The base kit for the v2 Pro Series 7 comes with a USB charger, wall adapter, and car adapter. This effectively allows you to charge your vaporizer whenever and wherever you want. You can also charge the device and vape at the same time.

The USB charger is one of the coolest options and it allows you to plug into a computer to continue your vaping experience. The magnetic charge port at the base of the vaporizer locks in the USB cord. Then you can simply plug the USB end into your computer or other device. The LED perimeter will light up red when the device is charging and green when the device is fully charged.

If you can’t find a USB port, then you can simply use the wall adapter. The charge is faster than a standard USB charge and you can plug it into any wall outlet. Simply plug in the USB cord to the wall adapter and connect the other end to the device. The car adapter—a great option for vape fanatics on the go—allows you to use your vehicle’s 12-volt outlet to gain a fully charged device.


All in all, the v2 Pro Series 7 is a terrific device for vape-enthusiasts. It comes in three colors, has variable temperature and voltage controls, and comes with a bevy of useful accessories and cartridges. Whether you like the experience of loose leaf vaping or you enjoy standard e-liquid, the base v2 Pro Series 7 has you covered. You can also charge virtually anywhere with the USB cord, wall adapter, and car adapter.

So, is the v2 Pro Series 7 worth it? Absolutely. The base kit is $150 and offers some of the best accessories you can find. This is absolutely a cost-effective choice for those looking to start vaping or looking to upgrade their vaping experience.

v2 Pro Series 7

V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer

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