Tornado Ego-C Mega Twist Kit From Totally Wicked

Totally Wicked E Cigs LogoTotally Wicked provides a suite of electronic cigarettes, e liquids and all of the accessories that you need both on their website and at their stores. A good portion of their stores are in our back yard so we decided to pay them a visit and get the scoop on their products. Upon speaking with one of their sales associates we were directed to the Tornado Ego-C Mega Twist Starter Kit. We were told that this is their bestselling model (at the store that we were at), and that we should give it a try. The device looked sturdy, most of the sales associates were using the battery that came in the kit as their personal, and the price was reasonable, so we picked one up for a review.

What We Loved

The variable voltage battery lets you choose how much vapor you get, and it really works!

Smooth consistent vapor output.

The price. At $50 this e cig is very affordable, and provides value for your hard earned money.

What We Didn’t Like

The 3 piece atomizer should have a better tank, if not be turned into a single piece design altogether.

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Full Totally Wicked eGo-C Mega Twist Review

While all of the branding on the device reps Totally Wicked, the hardware itself is made by Joyetech. Totally Wicked chose Joyetech’s eGo-C Mega VV Twist battery, combined it with the basic eGo-C atomizer, and put it out as their device. As you can see from the name they do not keep the fact that they source hardware from Joyetech a secret.

Totally Wicked's eGo C Tornado Starter KitThe battery itself is our favorite part of the device. You can change the vapor output by adjusting the voltage at the base of the battery. You get your choice of anywhere between 3.2 and 4.8 volts. Our battery is their 1000 mAh version, they make a 650 but we recommend the larger option. The dial is easy to use, however the print is very small so be sure to choose your voltage when you have time to pay attention, as opposed to doing it behind the wheel or in the dark. You really do notice a difference in output as you adjust the voltage, so this factor isn’t just a gimmick. We mostly vaped at 4.0 volts. Pumping the device up to 4.8 volts delivered more vapor but proved to be a bit harsh, while vaping at under 4.0 volts didn’t give us the throat hit that we like. The battery lasted for two days between charges and delivered consistently. We see why Totally Wicked looked to eGo for this device, as the battery itself is awesome. We will likely reuse it with other atomizers in the future.

The atomizer is comprised of three pieces: the atomizer body, atomizer head unit and atomizer tank. The body is built out of metal and should last forever with proper care. The atomizer head units will need to be changed out every month or two depending upon how much you use the device. Right now you can pick up a five pack of replacements online for $22.79. Not a bad deal but you do need to know up front that this kit will require more than just replacement liquid in the future. Even though the atomizer heads run out, they worked just fine for the two weeks that we vaped for the review. Where we did have an issue was the atomizer tanks that come with the kit (you get 3). They are made of plastic and don’t match the steel aesthetic of the device. Also, if you need to replace the head unit while there is still liquid in the tank things can get a little messy. As this will feasibly happen, we do have to take some points away from this starter kit due to their choice of atomizer. The tanks work just fine but we’d like to see a the quality of the atomizer match the quality of the battery. All in all we prefer one-piece atomizers, as they are generally cheaper to replace and require virtually no maintenance. Replacing all three pieces of this atomizer will put you back at least $25, and that’s if you catch sales. You’d still end up with the less than desirable tank, so if you do get the kit we recommend purchasing a completely different atomizer when it comes time. You will have the option of finding different atomizers from either Totally Wicked or Joyetech, so you have plenty of choices.

The Verdict

We give the Totally Wiced eGo-C Mega Twist Starter Kit 4 out of five stars. It’s a great intro piece for new vapers as it’s well built and the cost is very reasonable. Outside of our issues with the atomizer we loved the device. If you already have a tank that fits the battery we would definitely recommend purchasing the battery alone. If not, check out the starter kit on Totally Wicked’s site. You get: 1 variable voltage battery, 1 atomizer body, 2 replacement atomizer heads, 3 tanks, a USB charger, and 10 ml of e liquid in either tobacco or menthol.


  1. Chris

    Sorry to hear about the shipping issue. We’ve had good luck with Totally Wicked thus far, but were big fans of the eGO device that they put together. It’s not the top of the line, but it’s hard to find a variable voltage battery with a decent tank for their price. We hope that you enjoy your Mega Twist!

  2. DGloverXMay 9, 2012 Overall: Flavor Vapor Value I ordered from my local South African site and it took nealry 2 weeks for my kit to arrive! After I emailed them they finally sent me a personal apology 2 days later, along with a gift bag. Still very unprofessional to me and will move to a different cig if it happens again.

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