1. This is great news Alice! We’re glad that you enjoy SouthBeach Smoke. Please keep us updated on how you like using SouthBeach as we love to hear how e-cigs have improved the quality of life for all users. Happy New Year!

  2. Alice

    My boyfriend got me some of these for Christmas and some flavors to go with them. He’s ragged on me for ages about smoking, always polite about it but he has always been trying to stop me. So okay I’m giving these a go and we’ll see how it pans out. He seems happier though, and I guess that’s the main thing!

  3. Chris

    Glad to hear it Shadwick. We like to keep lots of batteries and accessories around too, it just makes sense.

  4. Shadwick

    These are the only e-cigarettes I will use, and I have 4 batteries for this reason! I got my first set about 8 months ago, and every so often I order a new battery, or accessory when there is a sale. I think having a bunch of batteries makes them all last longer because you use each one less, and you have more pieces in the rotation. I haven’t had any complaints at all yet, and it’s fantastic. These have helped me quit smoking all the way, and feel just as good.

  5. James

    South Beach Smokes are the greatest. Im pleased all the way, best customer service ever. From any brand, and definitely from any internet brand. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat. Some of their best features- great service, communication, and always really fast shipping. I love the variety of products, well rounded selection a whole lot. They’re amazing. Seriously.

  6. Anita Gray

    I have packed up smoking since 1974. That is over 30 years ago. It was not easy because I smoked 40 a day. I was determined not to have any
    Cigarettes in the House at the time. I went on to Chewing Gum, when I fancied a Cigarette I had a Chewing Gum. I have never Smoked at all.

  7. Autumn Min

    I have not used any e-cigarettes that had this good of vapor and really nice workings. They just feel great when I use them! they are comfortable and they are easy to use and they are always there when I need them most! Regardless of wherever I am I never have an issue using them. They feel really nice in my hand. The feeling of the mouthpiece is very soft and comfortable also. Best thing about the company, and there are a lot of great things is how great the customer service is. Whatever the problem may be they will get it resolved. Any questions- the people on the phone know how to answer them, and the warranty – they don’t mess around. You have something that stops working, they take care of it in a jiffy.

  8. Steve Jell

    Best e-cigs! As soon as my kit arrived, and I opened it up, I was psyched. I knew they were different just by looking at them. They totally met my expectations. Throat hit comes out really strong but is still smooth and tasty- no other e-cig I’ve tried has been able to do that. For the prices also, better than most out there and they perform so much better. I am amazed w. South Beach Smoke, just wish I tried this brand about a year sooner.

  9. Patricia Knox

    South Beach has been an great find. Picked up some of the disposables and really dug them. Got a starter pack and loved it so much ordered one of the super deluxe starter packs for myself so I could get that plug in ecig and the recharge case. Gave my first starter to my little brother. Now he’s hooked to. Obviously we signed up for the monthly plan too.

  10. Tyra L.

    South Beach has helped me kick tobacco and I love it. Love South Beach flavors so much. I feel like this company has allowed me to accomplish so much. my doctor is pretty amazed, and she has said regardless of how I did it just the fact that I have come this far is amazing. I really hope e-cigarettes are the end of the tobacco industry. This really was a minimal effort for me, because the e-cigs made it so easy. I am so insanely grateful!

  11. Mathias

    I will tell you that it was really worth it to make the switch to ecigs because I save big every month- I went from about $400 combined on cigarettes monthly to less than $150 combined for our refills, so that is quite a chunk of savings. Extremely pleased with this company and look forward to being smoke free forever. Many thanks, SBS.

  12. Wally Johnson

    I am VERY HAPPY with my results so far- feels and tastes like a cigarette- satisfies me the same also. Its only been 2 weeks but I’m super w/ impressed South Beach Smoke! I will surely be a repeat customer! The shipping on first order went very quickly too- always appreciate that. So far, so good- wish me luck with this whole thing! I hope to never go back to tobacco.!

  13. Jacob Greene

    Gotta agree with most of the others above, South Beach is great 🙂 Love the area in Miami, love the ecig, love it all haha!

  14. Gene C.

    Great! And perfect for smokers who don’t want to feel crazy like they NEED to have a cigarette! I love these e=cigs, and they are my faves that I have used from any brand. I did try others, but never was very satsified/ still had cravings for regualr cigarettes. I tried a freind’s SBS, and it was great. I liked how easy it was to drag too like a cigarette. I ordered the small starter kit shortly after and i have loved them since. i’ve only had 3 cigarettes too and it was only because i had 3 left in my last cigarette box. Im doing really good! The nicotine is perfect and so is the flavor of the tobacco gold.

  15. Elliot

    Its hard to be satisfied with e-cigs. Not saying this because I am a really demanding person- anything but. I just want a product that -works like the company say. -works really well and satisfies. -feels good and has real nicotine, not just fake cigarettes, the feeling has to be there. -can be easily taken and used anywhere. SO, South Beach Smoke meets all of these needs of mine. Thanks, South Beach SMoke. I am really satisfied.

  16. Jenny Burns

    Best electronic cigarettes ever. I love using them, love how great htyeve worked for me and how nice it was to be able to quit smoking with them. So worth the small price for the starter kit and SO worth the price every month for the refills w/ 20%. I never have to worry about cravings bc the nicotine is perfect. quitting w/o help can be too hard, these make it easy and actually enjoyable.

  17. Joe Stanzione

    I am happy with South Beach SMoke on every level. Best design and batteries when it comes to e-cigarettes. Some of the real heavy users may turn there noses up, not wanting to use them b/c you cant fill them yourself, and these peeps say the only way to get good vapor is with the liquid kinds, I beg to differ. i cant deal with that stuff- ive tried them, and the headache and annoying thing to fill them when you are running low stinks. the manual batteries are amazing for vapor. the autos make a little less but the plus side is that batteries go all day long for me, with pretty often use- that is really good life for e-cigs. Amazing throat hit also and it doesnt burn. 16mg nicotine is there strongest but it feels very strong, even tho other brands are selling 24mg- i think that is too much, but also most dont have as good vapor so it doesnt go as far. Nice accessories and really good options all around.

  18. Ally McCahill

    South Beach Smoke is GREAT! Best working e-cigs I have found that’s for sure! I love the choices they give you for making them your own experience, and the flavors are fab. Especially when it comes to the fruity/ sweet ones like cherry and peach.I am happy that I can choose the switch of my battery and the size and color- I have a long and a short, one manual and one auto, and it really was good to be able to try them to see what I liked best. I like the auto better, and the Longer battery. The cartridges are wonderful too, and i have played around with the nicotine strength, using both the 6 and 12s. I could not have asked for a better e-cigarette brand. They are the perfect option for smokers,a nd I love being done with cigarettes.

  19. Wendi Dashup

    good line of e-cigarettes. i have to give them a lot of credit for the options they make available. its good that they take care of their customers like that. they are great with communication also, always fast on the phone- the people speak english- and they really do know the products- no forwarding the call to a bunch of people in hopes of being able to get answers! they handle emails very quickly too. i like the nice flavors they offer, most that i have tried were very good. i love the peach best of all- like many people i have heard! good batteries, and really good prices!

  20. Walt Meadors

    I went from just trying out a few disposables for South Beach Smoke to getting a deluxe pack and just about every accessory they have! Even that cool recharge case they have that looks like a cigarette pack. Stash that in my pocket and I’m good to go out and about.

  21. Eric Wetherell

    Absolutely fabulous brand, South Beach Smoke. Love the flavors, get a good hit from the vapor and plenty of vapor. Ordered the starter pack and got it fairly quick. Was able to start up right away. No looking back to cigs now!

  22. Adelle Jun

    Relief from the cigarette cravings- oh yeah! South Beach Smoke’s products are really that great, I started using them after quitting smoking for about 2 weeks and was nearly driven mad from the cravings. No smoker is ever lying when they talk about how difficult it is to quit smoking. Seriously. But i got these, and they have helped from the start. They feel great, definitely differnet than smoking, but close enough to me. Better than smoking and better than the way it felt when I quit. I’m happy with the flavor seelction a lot, I’ve only used the three types of tobaccco flavors, and they are very good. I haven’t gotten brave enough to try the others! As a former smoker, who really enjoy the taste of tobacco, having these is a really good alternative because I still get the nicotine and flavor. I like these a lot, and I’m really happy to spread the word! Grat great products, relaly have helped me out.

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