South Beach Smoke Low Prices

South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes have hit the e-cigarette market by storm with their low cost business model and extremely convenient home delivery program.  Many electronic cigarette companies offer their products for around $100-a-starter kit; South Beach Smoke provides their product for as low as $29.99. It is simply one of the most affordable companies from which to buy good electronic cigarettes.

While they are not the first company to provide affordable electronic cigarettes, they do provide affordable e-cigs with a high quality product, great customer service and quality customer options. These options range from multiple flavor disposable cartridges to numerous accessories which include a stylish carrying case, USB e-cigarette charger and more.

South Beach Smoke also has amazing customer service which undoubtedly comes in handy when dealing with electronics. They have a high quality home delivery program which comes with a lifetime warranty on their products and 30% monthly shipments of cartridges. We have tested many e-cigarette products, and South Beach Smoke is a great way to go.

In addition to the lowest prices all year-round, right now they’re offering an incredible deal for 15% Off any Starter Kit, so now is the perfect time to test out a Starter from the fastest growing Electronic Cigarette brand on the market today. Simply add coupon code ‘HOLIDAY24’ at check-out to receive 15% off your order. Hurry though – we’re not sure how long this deal will be around for, but we think a few more days.

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