South Beach Smoke Air Review


South Beach Smoke may be the coolest name in the e-cigarette industry. Its newest vaporizer, the South Beach Smoke Air, looks to follow suit. The Air is a compact e-cig that is simultaneously sleek and functional. It also employs some of South Beach Smoke’s newest technology. But, is it worth the investment or should you look to some other manufacturers for better options?

South Beach Smoke Air Overview

The South Beach Smoke Air comes with a nominal “starter kit,” but don’t get too excited. The starter kit includes:

  • The e-cig vaporizer (with battery and cartomizer)
  • A USB charger
  • A wall charger

That’s all you really have to look forward to if you purchase the Air. You will almost certainly have to purchase some e-liquids from South Beach Smoke before you can actually start using the vaporizer. That being said, if you already have your own liquids, then you do not have to add any to the order. The South Beach Smoke Air has refillable cartomizers that can use just about any e-liquid you have regardless of brand.

SouthBeachSmoke Air

The unit itself is ultra-stylish, featuring an almost chrome exterior and a stainless steel construction. The mouthpiece is perfectly-suited for just about anyone and you’ll have no trouble holding onto the lightweight frame. The cartomizer (sometimes referred to as a “clearomizer”) is actually clear so you can see exactly how much liquid you have left at any time. It can hold up to 1 mL of liquid which may or may not be ideal depending on the vaper.

The atomizer uses a “hidden wick” system to heat up the liquid. Indeed, this particular atomizer is adept at heating up and vaporizing the liquid in a relatively quick and efficient fashion. The unit is completed with a 350mAh battery. All of this is compacted into 4 inches of vaping sophistication. You will certainly be hard-pressed to find another device that looks quite like this one.


South Beach Smoke E-Liquids

Again, the South Beach Smoke Air does not come with any e-liquids. For those who already have e-liquids at home, then this is probably ideal. After all, you don’t want to have to spend money on items that you already have in your possession. That being said, those with no e-liquids to choose from will likely be disappointed by the lack of e-liquid inclusion.

Fortunately, South Beach Smoke does not charge you the same amount for this starter kit as they might for one in which e-liquids were included. The price is $29.99 as of writing, which is about standard for most vaporizers of this ilk. It would, of course, be nice to have a package that includes e-liquids (even if it was at a higher price).

Even so, South Beach Smoke has some of the most innovative e-liquid flavors around, and if you’re looking to fill your South Beach Smoke Air vaporizer, you can’t go wrong with their selection of liquids. They have a seemingly never-ending selection of the following categories:

  • Menthol flavors
  • Tobacco flavors
  • Dessert flavors
  • Fruit flavors

They also allow you to mix and match with their custom blend option. You can create a custom e-liquid blend with as many as 3 different flavors. Indeed, you could theoretically build a bottle that includes flavors like Tutti Fruti Gumballs, Key Lime Delight, and Havana Rum. So, even though the starter kit for the South Beach Smoke Air does not include e-liquids, you can still have a little bit of fun making your own blend.

The bottles of e-liquid come in one size (30mL) and they cost $15.99 each. So, the total cost for the South Beach Smoke Air Starter Kit and a bottle of e-liquid would be around $46, which still isn’t bad. Perhaps the biggest limitation of the Air is the fact that the tank is only about 1mL in size. If you like to vape heavily and frequently, then you can expect to spend a lot of time refilling. You may also end up purchasing a great deal of e-liquid in the process.

The cartomizers themselves will also need replacing after the fifteenth refill (or thereabouts). This is actually a decent amount of refills compared to other brands.

South Beach Smoke Air Battery

The battery that comes with the Air Starter Kit is a 350-mAh unit that adds only about an inch to the overall length of the vaporizer. Although it’s not large in stature, the battery is still a force to be reckoned with. A full charge can give you up to 4 hours of vaping, which is quite a bit for an e-cig of this class. In fact, many other e-cigs cannot boast this extensive length.

The battery itself is manually operated which basically means that you have to press a button to get it to start. It will take five clicks to turn it on which is a standard feature that avoids any untimely activation. You can charge the battery with either the USB charger or the wall charger that comes standard in the kit.

All in all, this battery is a game changer for most people based solely on its ability to last a long time. It may have been better if the Starter Kit had come with a spare battery, though. Even though it lasts a long time, you still have to charge it every now and again. It would be nice to have a second battery ready to go if you are in need of an immediate smoke. Interestingly, South Beach Smoke offers three battery types for the Air unit. These three are:

  • Air Mini Battery (350 mAh) – $14.99
  • Air Standard Battery (650 mAh) – $22.99
  • Air High Capacity Battery (950 mAh) – $24.99

So, the battery that comes with the Starter Kit is considered “Mini.” It would certainly be interesting to see how long the High Capacity Battery would last. That being said, the two upper-level batteries would add some length to the vaporizer that might be unseemly or difficult to handle.


All in all, the South Beach Smoke Air is a stylishly-designed vaporizer that comes with (almost) everything you need to get started on your vaping journey. The added cost of cartomizers, spare batteries, and e-liquids might add up, but you’re still getting an exemplary product no matter what. Seemingly every battery in the South Beach Smoke catalog is going to last you a long time, the smoke and vapor are delectable, and the sleek, sophisticated design is something to behold. We definitely enjoyed the South Beach Smoke Air Starter Kit.


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