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Having trouble sleeping? Now from the manufacturers of blucigs is Snooz’n. Snooz’n is a natural sleep aid that will help relax the body for a great night’s sleep. Adequate sleep is necessary in order for the body to function properly, and to stay healthy. Without proper sleep, the body can not recover from illness, or strengthen the immune system. When the body is stressed the immune system is weakened. Memory and cognitive abilities are also effected. Snooz’n can help give the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep that will allow the body to run properly.

Snooz’n allows for a better sleep, and does not contain sugar, calories, or preservatives. Snooz’n contains 3 key natural sleep aids: Melatonin, which helps regulate the sleep cycles, 5-HTP, which regulates appetite, mood, and sexual behavior, and GABA, which assists in reducing stress. Snooz’n also contains natural products such as Chamomile Extract, Valerian Root, and Passion Flower among others. These ingredients work together to fight off stress, insomnia, and anxiety. When taken 30 minutes prior to bed time, Snooz’n promotes the body’s ability to relax, sleep well, and feel energized and rejuvenated.

Snooz’n, which comes in a great berry flavor, is offered in 2.5 oz bottles in a variety of package sizes. Consumers can choose from the 6 pack ($13.95), 12 pack ($25.95), or receive FREE shipping when purchasing the 24 pack ($49.95). Travelers will love the 2.5 oz bottle that meets TSA carry on restrictions. Travelers will be able to restore natural sleep while away from home, and also fight jet lag. As with all products, consumers should check with their doctor if taking other medications before trying Snooz’n.

Try Snooz’n now at an amazing 40% discount exclusively from! Enter coupon code: SBGDVF7F. Offer is valid from 11/17-12/25/10. Limit 1 use per customer. Discount not available on free trial. Hurry as quantities are limited to 500!

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