1. Steve

    I have been using SmokeStik for about 2 years now and I have never had a bad experience. When I was having issues with my SmokeStik after about a year (I think it was past the 1 year point), they replaced my battery and sent me an extra atomizer. The customer service is amazing and the product is solid. It’s a win-win.

  2. Helen

    The customer service at Smoking Stick is the worst I have ever encountered. I get the same women each time and she could care less about my questions. They are by far the worst for customer service ever. I am trying to purchase a replacement atomizer and battery and they have supposedly been on back order since LAST YEAR with none in sight. She refuses to allow me to speak to another customer service rep and have been dealing with her with zero results. Would never recommend them

  3. Hi Dale,

    Thanks for this update on SmokeStik! From the reviews we’ve received so far it looks like SmokeStik is the best option between Smoking Stick & SmokeStick. Please keep us updated on what’s working best for you with the SmokeStik brand.

    Thanks again,

  4. Dale

    For Chris: I’ve been using SmokeStik for a couple of months now. I find them pretty good. It seems to be working for me. If there was any one tip I could offer it would be to buy the “cartomizers” as opposed to the cartridges. They are much more like a real cigarette; the difference is quite noticeable. They’re more expensive, however – go figure!

    Just my two cents.

  5. Chris

    I absolutely love electronic cigarettes. I have tried quite a few and I like my Smoke Stick the best. Has anyone else ever tried the Smoke Stick?

    Smoking Stick is a SCAM!!!

  6. Roscoe

    Be aware, I order the starter kit from smokingstick but than changed my mind and cancel my order with in 3 hours and they replied that my order was cancel. but they still charged my credit card $9.94. Wrote back to them and they said the $9.94 was processing fee non refundable. How can they say that when it didn’t ship out to me, it wasn’t even process. NOT A TRUSTED COMPANY TO DEAL WITH.

  7. Joan

    Well I guess my comment is the same as Randy’s, the customer service person also told me to reseal the package and write return to sender. couldn’t believe they said that and was surprised to see they are still doing it.

  8. Hi John,

    Thank you for your comment and words of advice. We didn’t do much research on a free trial offer with Smoking Stick. We agree that brands that use the free trial tactic are not worth it unless you read the fine print and agree with what they are truly offering. To us the free trial offers on the internet feed off users that are quick to jump on free offers without researching the true cost behind the offer. Also, they usually make it difficult for the user to find the actual terms of the deal which makes it even more scammy to us. We found the actual store located at store.smokingstick.com. We did take a look at some site though and found a lot of upset customers. I found the following on one of those sites that might help you or anyone else trying to find a good contact at Smoking Stick.

    “Any customer service need, contact me direct at Tony@SmokingStick.com or please call customer service at 866.950.6351 Tony”

    Hope this helps!

  9. john

    You couldn’t find smoking stick’s website because they don’t sell through the main store. They sell as one of those “free trial” scams and you’d be a fool to touch that garbage

  10. Hi Randy,

    Thank you for your comment. While we try to be biased when writing our electronic cigarette articles users typically let us know which e cigarette brands are better than others. I’m sorry to hear about your bad customer service experience with Smoking Stick. I must say I was unaware it’s illegal to return a package to a company. Do you mean they asked you to seal it back up and have the shipper return the package as if you refused to accept the package? If that’s the case then I agree that is a shady practice. I hope some of our reviews help you choose other brands to recommend to your patients. We try to make sure users understand that no one brand is perfect for everyone. Users tend to figure out which e cigarette brands they like best and stick with them. We will do some research on ELUMA Electronic Cigs and try to do a review on them. Thanks for mentioning the brand. We are always looking for brands to review based on user feedback. In fact we reviewed Smoking Stick because a user asked for the review. If you ever want to write an article about the effects of smoking cigarettes and how e cigarettes could help users cut down or quit please let us know we would be happy to post it!


  11. Randy

    Smoking Stick is the second brand I’ve tried, after ordering my automated order 10 days early and changing the dose to medium, a week after I recieved that shipment, another shipment came with the high dose and they charged me an additional fourty bucks! When I contacted customer service, I was told to seal up the envelope and send it back, when I told him it was illegal to do that first he argued that it wasn’t and then said “well everyone does it”. I asked for a postage paid envelope to send them back and was told by him and then a poorly educated supervisor named Christine, that I would have to pay to send it back and the 5 dollar shipping charge that was on the order would NOT be refunded, so I am paying 10 bucks to send back a 35 dollar order that was THIER screw up, not mine!
    I have put a dispute on the charge, notified my postmaster of the illegal advice (I have it on tape), and cancelled all future offers. What idiots, I’m the chief intensivist of a cardio-thoracic unit (heart attacks and lung cancer) and was trying different brands to see if it would be a good idea for patients that are smokers…boy did they screw up. I have seen several reviews on this company and none of them are good. Try ELUMA cigs instead, better draw, cheaper refills and better customer service.

  12. Anthony thank you for your comment! I agree that some brand are more expensive then others. We are actually working on an article now about the most inexpensive electronic cigs. One thing I think you may be missing when you figure how much an electronic cigarettes should cost or any product for that matter is the cost for customer service and employees for the company. Most consumer electronics have a big markup so I don’t think all electronic cigarette brands over charge. I do agree some brands over charge however. Again thanks so much for your comment. We hope you find our articles helpful!

  13. Anthony Kiss

    I have tried a bunch & they seem to be all the same. (Smokestick included) What you are paying for is the profit. All electronic cigarette starter kits are made in China. Some scammers assemble some parts in the US & claim : “Made in USA”.
    Most kits cost around $20 or less in china. Assume some shipping & markup & you should be in the $40 range retail. Anything more & you are getting ripped off. I have paid $150 for the smokingeverywhere at a mall & i have paid $90 for the smokestik. I still feel like i got screwed.
    Basically, try to find a brand that is distributed widely & they have retail stores near you carrying the cartridges at a reasonable price.
    Do a search on Craigslist or kijiji and find someone close to you….

  14. Bob Thanks for your comment!

    Our writers are dedicated to providing quality information about the brands we review. We are very passionate about electronic cigarettes and hope we can help people make the right decision on which brands are right for them. With an influx of electronic cigarette brands we feel it’s our duty to provide quality information to our readers. We commend you on your comment! You provided value to our readers and hope you continue to follow our articles in the future. Cheers!!

    If you are on Twitter please consider following us at http://twitter.com/BluCigarette. We also started a facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cigarette-Review/102474083134780. We know more about Electronic cigarettes then technology but we are trying to keep up with the time. 🙂

  15. bob thornton

    I think the value difference is huge between the 2 companies you menthioned above. The Smoking stick was what i first tried because I thought I was buying a smokestik and was not very happy with the product at all, after contacting smokestik in error explaining my problems, they were very helpful and informative. I bought a smokestik Hendu and was extremely happy with the whole starter kit. I am not here to bash companies, but, there really is no comparison in both product quality, value and customer service between them. I will stay with the original Smokestik as I am sure anyone else who tries both brands would do. I must commend you on this article being very informative and not biased. That is hard to find in this day of paid advertising. Cheers!!

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