1. v2 cigs battery life

    VAPOD features a well balanced online presence and a business arrange for growing product sales through really profitable vape stores.

  2. Peggy Joseph

    I have been smoking for over 40 years and used SmokeTip to quit. I will praise this product for ever!!! It has enabled me to give up tobacco without any problem. I will swear by this as the best! The customer service is outstanding and there is nothing about this product or company that is negative.

  3. Jana Brown

    I have been smoke free since Nov 7, 2010 and started smoketip in Feb. 2011. We have had a few problems with the batteries but have always gotten them replaced. Recently it seems the cartridges don’t last as long and sometimes get liquid in my mouth when I vape but I will take it over real cigs any day….I still recommend them to everyone I know and have had many referrals, so I got free cartridges….

  4. Cathy Selzer

    My husband bought SmokeTip for me as a gift for us as a promise to extend our happy life together. I started using the product and have not once thought of smoking a real tobacco product since trying SmokeTip! My energy has increased and I feel hopeful that I will live a long wonderful healthier life with my caring husband. As a nurse for 20 plus years no one needs to tell me the hazards of smoking cigarettes but as everyone who smokes knows the addiction is hard to break. Today, I spoke to a person who has spent years studying and treating addiction and specializes in nicotine addiction. I specifically asked him about the E-Cig and he was overjoyed to hear I had switched. He said that even though I had not broken my physical need for addiction I have rid myself of the harmful effects of the 4,000 plus carcinogens in tobacco cigarettes.As far as safety with the E-Cig he stated, “I have absolutely no concerns about your continued use of the electronic cigarette. It is perfectly safe to use for many years to come.”
    For SmokeTip my assessment is they are a supportive company to those who wish to follow the guidelines they have set for returns, replacements and warranty guarantees. Their guidelines are set to keep the prices low for all of us and I believe they follow their own rules for a good reason. Read their website thoroughly and completely before you make assumptions that they are rude. Any company who has to post a comment that profane language will not be tolerated when speaking with their customer service department has probably just gotten sick and tired of people not reading the guidelines thoroughly and thinking they are going to give everyone something for free. What other company out there sends you a replacement item for a defective one prior to receiving the defective one back? Of course they are going to CHARGE you for it if they never receive the defective one back. Wouldn’t everyone be returning ‘defective’ batteries if they didn’t charge. Order responsibly, speak kindly and be nice.
    SmokeTip is by far the best tasting, longest lasting, best priced (product & free shipping) and best deal on electronic cigarettes that can be found.

  5. David J

    I just started w/ my smoke Tips & have cut back on my regular cigs substantially. So far so good on this product. I was smoking about 1-1/2 packs/day & now down to less that 1 pack/day – My goal is to be down to zero packs/day relatively soon. I’m still addicted to cigarettes and will quit with the assistance of Smoke Tips! I would recommend the Smoke Tip brand of E-cig to anybody looking to quit smoking. Smoking is not only expensive, it’s a social taboo. Good luck to all that are going through this bad habit of smoking!

  6. jeff z

    I started using e-cigs back in August of 2010. I tried several different brands and was discouraged because they all only worked for a short period of time. Usually it was the battery or the atomizer that didnt last long. After hours of research and about four months of trying other brands, I decided to try smoke tip. Not only did they offer the 2 piece e-cig, but their prices were reasonable for everything that was included in the starter kit. The quality of this product was substantially better than any other I had tried, and the cartridges didnt have the nasty flavor that some of the other brands did. Also, the vapor is very good. Now after almost a year and half, I havent used any other brands than smoke tip. I have had to buy a few starter kits because 2 batteries are just not enough for my smoking habits, but I am happy to say that I am no longer a two pack a day smoker! The customer service is awesome! I have exchanged batteries on more than one occassion and never had any problems and they have extremely fast shipping. I have actually bought starter kits for a few of my family members and they are also happy with the product. If you are really considering buying a e-cig that works great, I would recommend buying one of these!

  7. Betsy Z

    I have smoked over 40 yrs & tried everything to quit. Suddenly the last 2yrs I’ve come down with pneumonia. This last time I did – I made up my mind to try an ecig of some sort. I compared & compared. I chose Smoketip for price, free shipping & warranty. Also because I didn’t have to sign up for auto-purchases. I no longer wheeze at night or have a constant cough. I recommend this to everyone I know. My only complaint is I want more flavor choices & stronger flavoring! Smoketip is #1!!!

  8. Jan T.

    I just love Smoke-tip. It’s the only ecig I’ve tried, but I’m not going anywhere else. I’ve tried giving up smoking in the past, and every time it’s painful. Not this time! I was amazed because within about 3 days of getting my smoke-tip kit, I was done with regular smokes. I had NO desire to have a “real” one. And,it’s SO much cheaper.

    Customer service is absolutely phenomenal. I get email responses back in hours, not days or weeks. I usually get my cartridges or kits within 3 days tops. They seem to usually be shipped out the same day that I place my order. I rarely have problems, but when I do, they go above and beyond to fix the problem. I do get the occasional cartridge that leaks (maybe 1 in 20?) but the price still can’t be beat.

    The batteries seem to last a long time. I had to replace a couple, but they did honor their warranty with zero hassle and I got my replacement within a few days. I’ve ended up actually purchasing 3 kits, which works well for me. I like to have a full e-cig stashed in a few places (in my purse, in my desk at work, etc). And it’s nice to have a spare charger.

    I LOVE the flavor selection! Menthol, strawberry and vanilla are my favorites. If you are interested in flavors, I suggest getting the flavor assortment to try out new ones.

  9. eric perrone

    I’ve been smoking for 7 years and I’ve been looking to quit. I would like to try electronic cigarettes.

  10. carol smiley


  11. Kris Bradley

    I love SmokeTip. I have not had a regular cig. since I switched to e-cigs. I smoked for 30 + years and i needed to stop smoking in order to see my new grand baby who has some health issues. A friend told me about e-cigs so i did a little research of e-cigs. What i found i like. Thank you SmokeTips for helping me quite smoking.

  12. DW Dean

    I have been a Smoketip user for 2 months now. I am impressed with every aspect of the product and the company. Great taste, lots of vapor, nice throat hit, easy draw. Pricing is a good value and I love the free shipping on everything they sell. There is also lots of good info on the website for beginners to help learn the product. It is so nice to have found a great e-cig on my first try. One feature that swayed me was the 2 part idea. No juice to mess with, just screw on a new cartridge and vape away! Good choice of flavors as well. I am really enjoying my Smoketip !!

  13. Joy Karnes

    I have used smoketip for 1 year now and I couldn’t be more pleased with my e-cigs or this company. I have never had any problems with customer service and my orders always arrive on time. The flavors are awesome and I have not even wanted an analog since I started. No more coughing, no more smell, feel better and even when I get a cold now it never turns into the painful coughing and congestion I use to get when I smoked cigs. LOVE this company and THANK YOU for everything!

  14. Stephanie Kagley

    I absolutely love my smoketip. As a pack a day smoker, my starter kit paid for itself in less than 2 months. The flavor is great (I smoke menthols). I like it so much I have gotten several friends and family members to switch from traditional cigarettes to the smoketip. Its an excellent value and the highest quality. Shipping is not only free, its also very fast. Anytime I have had a problem with my batteries or cartridges, the company has quickly replaced them with no hassle at all. I love the ease of use, quality of the product, and excellent customer service. You couldn’t ask for a better company to work with. I felt better and was breathing better in less than a week. Its great to be able to vape any and everywhere and not have to worry about exposing my daughter or other friends and family members to the smell, chemicals, or second hand smoke of traditional cigarettes. Even my doctors have supported my change from traditional cigs to the smoketip. As a cancer patient, this was huge for me. Its so nice to know I can enjoy my ‘smoking’ now with all the benefits and none of the negatives. Thank you smoketip for changing my life!

  15. Tony

    My wife and i have used smoke tip since August of 2011 and we love it. We haven’t gone back to conventional cigarettes since. We never have a problem with customer service or battery replacement. Thanks to smoke tip we quit smoking and feel much healthier for it. We love the flavors and the ease of inhalation compared to other ecigs we have tried. Overall great variety of tasty flavors, we’ve tried them all :), and superior no leakage factor is a definite plus.

  16. Brian

    I have been using Smoke tip for a year. The batteries have a limited life and fail on a regular basis. SmokeTip will not honor warranty. They want you to have a regular cartridge purchase history in order to validate their Fictitious Battery Lifetime Warranty. This is difficult to do when their batteries are of poor quality. I am very light smoker / vaporor. So the hassle factor is way too high and it appears to be a bait and switch warranty. You are invested in their chargers, batteries and cartridges. So if you switch to another brand it is a money loss on your behalf. $$$ Web site design is less than poor. Hard to navigate, warranty and service request pages seem to be hidden so they are hard to find. Quality taste of flavors is poor at best. The flavors available do not represent how they taste. I have amicably communicated with customer service extensively and found that they do not honor their warranty.
    Batteries are defective
    Flavors are poor quality
    Web Site is below par
    Warranty is not honored
    Bait and Switch

  17. Alzbeta Madragana

    E-cigs work.
    You want to stop smoking sucky analog ciggies, e-cigs are the way to go.
    I stopped a 2 pack a day habit after 20 years when I began vaping e-cigs.
    My horrible hacking cough went away after 2 days.
    I breathe so much better now.
    E-cigs give me the smoking satisfaction completely. I can hang around smokers with no problems at all – I just vape and know that I’m doing something healthy, while they continue to BLACKEN their lungs!
    “Happy Vaping!”

  18. Hello,

    Thank you for your email! We’ve contacted Smoketip on your behalf and they have no record of your account. Please contact us at contactus at cigarettereviews.org. Once we receive your information then we will be able to help you further. If we don’t hear back from you within 48 hours then we will have to remove your post.


  19. E-Cig-Lover

    BAD customer service. VERY RUDE. They were nice in the beginning but they let their 4 star rating go to their heads. They act as if they are the only manufacturers of decent e-cigs. Batteries are crap too. Clog constantly after a month or 2 of use.

  20. linda kinsella

    I am 55 yrs old started smoking at 9 yrs old I quit for 5 yrs and then started again I fell and broke my hip and could not smoke because of the healing prosess smoking would prolong it well i ordered smoketip and it has been 4 months and still using smoke tip all I can say is THANK YOU SMOKE TIP I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THE 4000 PLUS CRAP STUFF THEY PUT IN THERE TRY IT YOU WILL LIKE IT I AM A MENTHOL PERSON SO I GET FULL FLAVOR MENTHOL BEST THING I EVER DID

  21. Lilly

    Quitting is always the best option. I would check any adverse affects cause by not just smoking but nicotine…and of course, ask your physician.

    I quit after 10 years of smoking traditional cigarettes by switching to electronic. I think 50% of it for me was the actual act of smoking, which the e-cigarette obviously helps. The ecig doesn’t smell, no second hand smoke, you can smoke it pretty much everywhere, and you still get your nicotine with much less chemicals!

    I guess the companies don’t make quit smoking or health claims due to FDA regulations but common sense says 4000+ chemicals vs. a few is going to be much much healthier for you.

    As far as brands, just do your research. I tried a few before finding ProSmoke but everyone might want something different. Check CigaretteReviews.org for opinions and reviews. The other brands came close but I am very content with what I have now.

    In the long run, it is also much cheaper. I would say 50+% for smokers. God this sounds like an infomercial….but do your research and good luck quitting!

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