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SmokeTip is an e-cig brand that markets its products as “the most advanced electronic cigarettes.” Whether this is 100% true remains to be seen, but it is clear that SmokeTip is rapidly becoming a giant in the industry. With its unique hardware, large selection of liquids, and bevy of accessories, SmokeTip is truly making a run at being one of the foremost e-cigarette companies on the planet. That being said, SmokeTip is far from perfect and it certainly has its detractors. We’ll let you know how they stack up to the competition in this SmokeTip review.

Smoketip eCig

SmokeTip E-Cig Options

When it comes to consumer choice, SmokeTip doesn’t disappoint. They offer four different varieties of e-cigarettes and other hardware. These include the following:

  • Original SmokeTip
  • SmokeTank
  • Disposable e-cigarettes
  • Disposable e-cigars

As you might have guessed, the original SmokeTip is the company’s flagship product. It is designed to look almost identical to a standard cigarette except that it has a digitized light on the tip instead of an actual flame. It’s the kind of product that you can use just about anywhere because if it’s compact size and overall ease-of-use. The basic SmokeTip kit costs a relatively affordable $59 and comes with numerous different accessories, including:

  • 5 flavor cartridges
  • 2 lithium batteries
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 wall adapter

This is a pretty basic package, but it gets the job done. If you go to the website, you’ll notice that SmokeTip doesn’t offer a wide selection of different kits. In fact, this is the only kit available for the original SmokeTip e-cigarette. You could think of it as a traditional “starter kit,” but it’s not labeled as such by the manufacturer. If you’re looking for a bigger, more advanced kit to suit your needs, then you won’t really find one. This does help you narrow down your choices, though.

The next option you have at your disposal is the SmokeTank. Unlike the original SmokeTip, the SmokeTank is a full-sized vaporizer with a larger battery and more room for liquid. The durable stainless steel construction is complemented by the glass pyrex tank, dual atomizer, and airflow chambers that are twice the size of most other units. The SmokeTank also comes with a basic kit that includes the following:

  • 12 mL of liquid
  • 2 atomizers
  • 2 lithium batteries
  • A wall adapter and USB charger
  • 1 transition piece

This kit costs $79, which is, again, relatively affordable.

Last but not least, SmokeTip offers two disposable options: the e-cigarette and the e-cigar. You might wonder why you’d invest in disposable e-cigarettes especially when you’re trying to quit disposable real cigarettes. For starters, a SmokeTip disposable electronic cigarette will cost you $9.95 (or 5 for $39.90). There’s no set-up involved, so you can just start smoking right away. You also get about 500 puffs per disposable e-cig, which is the equivalent of about 2 and a half packs of regular cigarettes. Disposable e-cigs come in three flavors (Regular, Menthol, and Cowboy) and two nicotine concentrations (16mg and 6mg).

The SmokeTip disposable electronic cigar offers similar benefits for cigar lovers. One e-cigar will cost you $19.95 and provide about 1,000 puffs. This one e-cigar will provide the same amount of puffs as at least 12 standard cigars. The e-cigars come in two different flavors, Havana and Cuban (both of which contain 18mg of nicotine). When you stop being able to draw vapor from the disposable e-cigarette or e-cigar, then you can just toss them in the trash.

Cartridge and Liquid Selection

An e-cigarette company is nothing without its selection of cartridges and liquids. The goal, of course, should be to provide you with a wide array of options to improve your vaping experience. The original SmokeTip device offers 22 different flavor cartridges to choose from. These include:

  • Menthol
  • Mild Menthol
  • Cowboy
  • Sahara
  • Regular
  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Banana
  • Almond
  • Blueberry
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry
  • Grape
  • Orange
  • Peach
  • Peppermint
  • Pineapple
  • Coffee

That’s quite a long list for a relatively small device. Again, you can choose up to 5 of these if you purchase a SmokeTip Kit. SmokeTip also offers an assortment of combined cartridges which means you will be able to taste a little fruit with your coffee-flavored liquid. You can also apply different nicotine concentrations to each of these flavors. Cartridges can contain 16mg, 12mg, 6mg, or no nicotine at all. This is a great way to safely inhale nicotine without all the harmful side effects of standard smoking. The “no nicotine” option is also great for those who have no interest in adding an addictive substance to their diets.

The SmokeTank comes with a selection of liquids that you can use to fill the liquid tank. The selection isn’t quite as large for the SmokeTank, however. You can get Full Tobacco, Menthol, Cowboy, Fruit Mix, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherry, or Strawberry liquid flavors. The SmokeTank also goes one step further with up to 24mg of nicotine in these liquids.

So, we know the selection is nice, but how is the price? One ten-pack of cartridges will cost you $19.95 while 5 ten-packs purchased at the same time will cost $15.95 each (or about $80 all together). A single 12-mL bottle of liquid will run you $9.95 while purchasing 15 will cost $8.45 per bottle (or about $127). SmokeTip also provides other incentives to make big purchases. Indeed, if you buy 10 ten-packs of cartridges, then you will get a free SmokeTip kit with your purchase. Buying only 3 ten-packs will still get you a free battery.

A purchase of 15 bottles of liquid will net you a free battery, 5 atomizers, a wall charger, and USB adapter. In some ways, it may be better to simply purchase cartridges or liquids in bulk because you get everything you need alongside a wealth of liquids and cartridges. Cartridges and liquids offered by SmokeTip are all generally affordable as well.

Batteries and Accessories

SmokeTip comes with a wide variety of accessories to choose from. The most important set of accessories, of course, is the batteries. Both the SmokeTip and SmokeTank devices offer batteries in a set of four different colors (white, black, chrome, or pink). Both devices use lithium batteries, but the SmokeTank battery is much larger (650mAh versus 180mAh). Interestingly, replacement batteries cost about the same for both devices. SmokeTip batteries are $18.95 apiece while SmokeTank’s are just a dollar more at $19.95. They also offer a 350mAh battery for the SmokeTip device for even longer charges.

One of the main problems that SmokeTip users tend to run into is the general lack of reliable battery life. Some batteries end up holding a charge better than others. That being said, SmokeTip batteries come with a lifetime warranty. According to SmokeTip, this means that if your battery stops working, then you get a free one no matter what. In general, we found that the batteries offered by SmokeTip performed admirably during trials. They certainly last long enough for at least a full day’s use before you have to plug them in again.

Speaking of charging, there are a couple of different methods you can use. SmokeTip provides a USB charger, a wall adapter, and car charger, which means that you can charge your SmokeTip battery just about anywhere. If you find yourself constantly on the go, you can also invest in a SmokeTip or SmokeTank Carry Case. Both of these cases can fit discreetly in a pocket, purse, or even just the glove compartment in your car. They can also hold everything you need to start using your device no matter where you are.

SmokeTip Performance

We know that SmokeTip has a lot of advanced technology. We know they have 22 cartridges and numerous liquids to choose from. We also know that their batteries come with a lifetime warranty. But, the real test of an e-cigarette’s quality is its performance when it’s activated and functioning. In this area, SmokeTip doesn’t disappoint.

Cartridges for the SmokeTip device last fairly long (around 250 puffs). This is about the equivalent of 1.25 traditional packs of cigarettes. When you consider that you can purchase a ten-pack of cartridges for under $20, then you’ll certainly realize what a deal you’re getting. That’s $20 for the equivalent of around 12 packs of standard cigarettes.

Each cartridge for the SmokeTip also has an atomizer built-in. This can’t be said for the SmokeTank, but atomizers for that device are fairly cheap ($14.95 for a 5-piece set). For the SmokeTip device, the built-in atomizers are a nice touch and they keep you from having to replace parts or getting a “tin-like” taste after a certain period of time.

SmokeTip is also well-known for the volume of vapor that its products produce. Both the SmokeTip and SmokeTank devices allow you to take up to 7-second drags, which is more than most people really need. But, it also allows you to get a full helping of vapor in your lungs. The airflow chambers are large and you won’t have any difficulties getting a plume of vapor out of your device.

In general, all SmokeTip devices are easy to use and practically self-explanatory when you remove them from the box. You won’t have to fiddle with complicated mechanisms that make the vaping experience more difficult and even uncomfortable. It’s almost as easy as smoking an actual cigarette.

All that being said, SmokeTip’s claim that they offer the “most advanced electronic cigarette” is largely unsubstantiated. The technology used in SmokeTip’s devices is practically identical to many other brands. In fact, in many areas, SmokeTip is actually behind on the technology. Does that mean that the brand is less viable than others? Not necessarily. It is still an eminently functional and useful brand of e-cigarettes even if it isn’t the most technologically advanced.

Customer Service

SmokeTip has their phone number listed prominently on each and every page of their website. This is a nice touch that lets you know that you’re only a phone call away from having your questions answered. As we mentioned earlier, all SmokeTip batteries come with a lifetime warranty. This is nice if a little obligatory. Most purchases on SmokeTip will come with free batteries anyway, so you won’t really have to worry about replacing one.

Orders over $59 will come with free shipping. Most of such orders should arrive within 1 to 3 business days. This is, again, a nice touch. Most products and purchases will generally cost more than $59, so you’re almost guaranteed free shipping on almost every order.


In general, SmokeTip offers exactly what you need to start your e-cig experience. It’s not going to drown you with options and kits, and it’s not going to try to impress you with a ton of technology. In the end, it gives you a nice selection of cartridges and liquids, decent batteries, and devices that don’t skimp on vapor volume. This is all you can really ask for in an e-cigarette brand.Smoketip eCig

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