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SmokeStik Alternative Smoking quietly continues to win over traditional cigarette users. They offer sleek looking high quality electronic cigarettes. They are known for donating a portion of the money they receive from certain starter kits to various charities. They are also popular with popular celebrities such as Leo DeCaprio and Katherine Heigl. They offer sleek stainless steel batteries, or devices resembling a conventional cigarette. It has been a while since cigarettereviews did an update on SmokeStik. The previous article was a comparison article “Smoking Stick or SmokeStik”. Smoking Stick is no longer in business while SmokeStik continues to gain loyal customers. SmokeStik has made some changes and upgrades which vapors can learn about by reading online SmokeStik reviews for 2012.

While still offering the previous four starter kits, SmokeStik now also offers an additional 3 kits as well as a disposable device. The kits feature everything needed to enjoy a superior vaping experience. Every SmokeStik’s kit, regardless of which is chosen, includes two batteries to ensure ongoing pleasure.

SmokeStik Review 2012 The Halligan Starter Kit, $99.95, includes 2 red extended charge time batteries, 1 High, 1 Medium, 1 Menthol cartomizer, and a USB Cable. A free USB wall adapter, USB car adapter, and carry case in the color of choice have all been thrown in to sweeten the deal. The Halligan batteries are a half an inch longer than other SmokeStik batteries (except the Pitbull), and last longer. SmokeStik’s best selling starter kit is also sold for a great cause. While all other starter kits usually feature discount deals, they do not apply to the Halligan Kit. This kit was specially designed with actor Daniel Sunjata

who played Franco Rivera on the popular television show Rescue Me. A percentage of the proceeds generated from the Halligan Kit are donated to the Feel Good Foundation. This dedicated foundation helps the devoted First Responders of September 11threceive the care they so rightly deserve.

SmokeStik Review 2012 Vapors looking for a modern looking e cig will prefer the Hendu Elite Starter Kit. This kit features a sleek stainless steel battery. The kit, which sells for $99.95, includes 2 batteries, a home charger, and 1 High, 1 Medium, and 1 Menthol cartomizer. Those choosing this kit will also receive a free carry case. Vapors can choose from black, white, silver, red, pink, and royale. A free USB charger is also included.
SmokeStik Review 2012 The Pink Starter Kit, which is only available while supplies last, was created to benefit Breast Cancer Research. The kit, $99.95, includes 2 pink lithium ion batteries that don a white cubic zircona diamond like gem on the end that appears to sparkle when in use. The kit also includes a home charger, 1 High, 1 Medium, and 1 Menthol cartomizer. A free carry case and a USB charger are also included. SmokeStik will donate $10 to Breast Cancer Research for every Pink Starter Kit sold.
SmokeStik Review 2012 SmokeStik’s new Pitbull Starter Kit includes an extended charge time 250 mAH battery. This battery is the same diameter as regular SmokeStiks, but is a half an inch longer. The battery is compatible with all other SmokeStik products excluding the carry case. Those who choose this kit for $99.95 will receive 2 silver batteries, 1 High, 1 Medium, 1 Menthol cartomizer, and a USB cable. SmokeStik also includes a USB wall adapter, a USB car adapter, and carry case free. There will not be any discounts towards the purchase of The Pitbull

Starter Kit. A percentage of the kit’s proceeds will be donated to Compassion Revolution.  This charity, supported by actress Katherine Heigl and the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, is dedicated to pet overpopulation. Vapors will find many SmokeStik reviews for 2012 online to help learn more about the Pittbull Starter Kit.

SmokeStik Review 2012 The Jet Starter Kit showcases 2 smooth black lithium ion batteries. The kit, $89.95, also includes a home charger as well as 1 High, 1 Medium, and 1 Menthol cartomizer. SmokeStik also includes a free USB charger, and carry case.
SmokeStik Review 2012 The Royale Starter Kit includes 2 classy looking white batteries. The devices have white cubic zircona diamond jeweled tips on the end which sparkle when puffed. This kit also contains a home charger, 1 High, 1 Medium, and 1 Menthol cartomizer, and sells for $99.95. Vapors who choose this kit will also receive a carry case in the color of their choice, and a USB charger free.
SmokeStik Review 2012 SmokeStik’s most popular kit is their Premium Starter Kit. This kit, which sells for $89.95, includes 2 batteries that resemble a traditional cigarette. In addition to the batteries the kit contains a home charger, 1 High, 1 Medium, and 1 Menthol cartomizer. A free carry case and USB charger is included with the kit. The battery has a paper like appearance for those who wish to enjoy an e cig, but still feel like they are smoking a regular

cigarette. The tip is gray to resemble ash, and turns orange when smoked as if it were really burning.

SmokeStik offers disposables for those who are still unsure about making the switch. They are available in nicotine and non nicotine, and provide about 200 puffs. These devices, $12.95 each, are great for social smokers who only smoke while out on the town. Disposables also make great gifts. Simply take it out of the pack, and enjoy.

Vapors who desire change often will be able to purchase heat shrinkable skins. These skins are offered individually for $1.99, or in packs of seven for $9.99. A variety of designs are offered.

SmokeStik boasts exceptional customer service, and enjoys rewarding their loyal customers. The SmokeStik Rewards Program allows customers to receive points for their purchases. Each product is worth points that can add up to great savings. These points can be redeemed for cash at checkout. Many companies now offer rewards programs, however, not many allow customers to transfer their points. SmokeStik allows customers to transfer points to loved ones and friends for them to enjoy as well.

With the abundance of electronic cigarette companies on the market today those looking to make the switch may have a hard time deciding on a brand. Many will find that reading online SmokeStik reviews for 2012 will help make their choice much easier. Prospective vapors will find comments from users regarding customer service and product experiences that will help them make an informed decision.

SmokeStik Review 2012

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