Should Smokers Sign Up for the South Beach Smoke Membership Program?

One thing is very clear when purchasing from South Beach Smoke, they put a huge emphasis on their membership program. South Beach Smoke does everything, but offer a new car to join their membership program. The program offers 30% off a regular shipment of cartridges, and lets smokers purchase their starter kits at close to 50% off the regular price. The South Beach Smoke membership comes with a regular shipment of cartridges at the smoker’s frequency which largely depends on how often they smoke. However, perks from the program do not end there.

The product itself is also designed for long-term use. South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes are sold in starter kits which include accessories such as an extra battery, wall charger, car charger, and even a USB charger that can be plugged into a laptop or computer. Although smokers can only choose one type of cartridge shipment (flavor and strength), they can easily change it by calling customer service.

South Beach Smoke’s lithium ion batteries are good for prolonged use, and members have a lifetime warranty. Warranties are particularly important when it comes to electronic devices such as e-cigarettes. They offer a lifetime warranty on their products, and is very good about replacing batteries, cartridges, or accessories that may be defective.

South Beach Smoke also provides exclusive deals for their members to keep them happy such as 50% off cartridge sales, free shipping, and other deals. They encourage members to join their Facebook Fan Page, and other social media where there are giveaways and contests for further savings. South Beach Smoke seems determined to hold on to customers and keep them for the long run. They have incredibly responsive customer service, and always deal with issues on a personal level: same day by phone and e-mail.

South Beach Smoke wants their customers to become members, which is a very good thing. Smokers can save a ton of money, have cartridges shipped regularly, have the security of a warranty, and exclusive access to deals and their e-cigarette smoking community.

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