Do You Really Need an RBA; Kanger Protank and Aerotank Reviewed

When it comes to delivering a satisfying vape experience, there are two main mechanical considerations. Certainly your battery plays a large role in the overall experience. Many people swear by mechanical mods, while others claim that variable voltage or wattage mods deliver the best experience. More power and higher amperage translates into the ability to produce larger clouds of vapor. The second consideration is your tank. The mods and clearomizers I first purchased when I began vaping are things I’ve long ago thrown away or handed down to new vapers, with one notable exception: the Kanger Protank.

Kanger protank

Kanger’s Protank

When Kanger first introduced its bottom-coil Protank several years ago, it completely changed the vaping experience for a good many vapers. Gone were the dreaded “dry hits” and neon plastic tanks, replaced now with the stainless steel and Pyrex Protank that didn’t suffer from the cracking and leaks that previous tanks were prone to developing.  Though the Protank 1 didn’t use a drip tip, vapers like myself found ourselves abandoning our carefully curated drip tip collection. The Protank really was just that good.

Kanger also distinguishes itself by constantly innovating their Protank design. The original Protank was replaced last year by the Protank 2. It featured a reinforced base, replaceable Pyrex tank, and customizable drip tip. The latest version of the Protank is the Kanger Aerotank, which has added an airflow control ring and the ability to accommodate dual coil heads. Kanger will soon release the Aerotank-Mega to this already stellar lineup, which provides all the improvements of the Aerotank as well as a massive 3.8ml capacity.

Knager's Aerotank

Kanger’s Aerotank

In a vaping culture that has come to be dominated by rebuildable atomizers, it’s all too easy to dismiss tanks that use replaceable coil heads. However, this is due in large part to the fact that vapers favor rebuildable atomizers on the perception that pre-built coil heads deliver an inferior experience. While this may be true of some pre-built coil heads, Kanger coil heads consistently deliver an amazing vaping experience.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that many Kanger coil-heads are compatible with multiple Kanger models. In addition, Protank heads come in resistances from 1.7-2.6ohms, which allows for a level of customization that vapers simply can’t achieve with most pre-built heads.

The 510 threading that Kanger tanks feature means that they are easily compatible with many mods. Even vapers who prefer to use the eGo style batteries can utilize certain Protanks. Kanger makes “mini” versions of the Protank 2 and Aerotank that feature eGo threading. This is especially attractive for beginning vapers who don’t want to spend the money on a large mod, but don’t want to sacrifice vaping quality. It’s amazing how much using a quality mini-tank on an eGo style battery can improve the experience. The difference is so dramatic that I’ve seen users that regularly prefer big battery mods carry an eGo battery with a Aerotank-mini on it for when they are on the go.

Simply put, if you want consistent quality, superior construction, affordable price, and convenience, then the Protank is for you. For several years now, Kanger has been proving that you don’t need to buy complicated tanks and mods to get a top quality vaping experience. While Kanger does have a website, they aren’t currently selling their products there. Not to worry, they wholesale and you can pick up a Kanger Protank from a huge variety of vendors both online and at brick and mortar shops near you.

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