Personal Vaporizer Review; iGreenVape’s Dragon

As vaping continues to grow we are seeing more and more manufacturers release personal vaporizers, in addition to disposables and cig-a-likes. This seems to be the natural progression, as many experienced vapers prefer PVs. We got ahold of iGreenVape’s Dragon Premium Vaporizer for our latest review.

The Hardware

The Dragon Personal Vaporizer from iGreenVapeThe Dragon is a straight forward vaporizer. You get a 900 mAh manual battery, and a 1.6 ml clearomizer that transfers liquid to a 3 ml bottom-coil atomizer. The battery itself has a black finish; stainless steel, pink and more colorful batteries are also available. iGreenVape quotes 15-20 hours of vaping per charge. Our testing found this claim to be accurate, which really adds to the value of The Dragon. Constantly having to charge, or constantly running out of charge is just plain annoying.

The clearomizer is built onto a metal frame which is another selling point for this device. Avoid buying plastic based tanks or clearomizers, they are generally cheap and will break or wear out quickly. The tank on the clearomizer holds 1.6 ml of juice. Even a heavy vaper can get through several days with a tank this size. The clearomizer is wicked with string. Switching out wicks is easy with this particular clearomizer. At most you may want to grab a pair of tweezers, but even less experienced users will find maintenance to be simple. The atomizer itself really does deliver. A solid vape produces a cloud of vapor. While we do agree with their claims on throat hit, keep in mind that throat hit is as also a factor of how they mix their e liquid. Not to say that hardware doesn’t play a necessary role, but it’s still important to think about when factoring throat hit into the criteria for your next personal vaporizer purchase. The tip provided with The Dragon is plastic. We would prefer a different material here; however plastic tips are pretty standard with PVs, especially devices that are as affordably priced as The Dragon. Overall the design, functionality and sturdiness of The Dragon itself make it a solid choice for anyone in the market for a new electronic cigarette. Some may refer to PVs like The Dragon as being entry level, but we still use PVs like this on a daily basis. The Dragon will enter the rotation and become a mainstay. Its sturdiness alone makes it a good device to use when out and about.

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The Liquid

iGreenVape offers over 20 different flavors of e liquid. They go with an 80/20 PG to VG (propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin) mix. The fact that their liquids are heavy on propylene glycol mean that you get a noticeable throat hit, and a thinner juice that is less likely to dry and clog up your atomizer and wicking system. We put their Red Tobacco (you can guess which analog they were going for with this one), Vanilla and Vitamin C flavors to the test. For a traditional tobacco flavored offering iGreenVape’s Red Tobacco is very much worth checking out. Not overbearingly sweet like the offerings from some others, it provided a satisfying vape even when used three days in a row. The vanilla was good, but honestly not that much different than most of the vanilla options out there. Realistically everyone is using vanilla extract and sweeteners, so it isn’t that surprising that we haven’t found a vanilla that really sticks out. The Vitamin C was very interesting. It seemed to be a true mix of several citrus flavors. Very satisfying and a little sweet, we were glad that we got to try this one. Aside from what we tried iGreenVape has at least three other flavors geared towards those who want something in a traditional tobacco flavor. They also have two offerings that will satisfy vapers who want menthol. On top of that they have some creative flavorings like Ginseng (no word yet on whether you are supposed to get a mental boost from vaping it). They do recommend sticking to their juice when using The Dragon, but part of that is just marketing. We used another label in The Dragon and had no issues.

Overall The Dragon is a great personal vaporizer. Right now starter kits sit at $50, and come with a bottle of juice and everything that you need to vape. That’s a pretty good deal these days. You can find cheaper kits online but most of those are on the extremely low end of the vapor totem pole. The quality of the device makes $50 fair in our minds. It’s certainly less than some of the competition who have similar PVs for sale. Our test leads us to believe that The Dragon will hold up well, it really is a product of sound engineering. This device is easy enough for a beginner to use, yet delivers enough vapor to satisfy an experienced vaper. Experienced vapers who want a beefier device will have to spend considerably more money, or break into modding and piece together their own e cig. iGreenVape also has cig-a-likes and disposables. We haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet, but will be sure to update you when we do!

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