NutriCigs Adds a Twist to Electronic Cigarettes; Our Review

Posted by Chris | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Tuesday 11 June 2013 11:56 am

NutriCig LogoThe growth of the electronic cigarette industry has given us plenty of new products to try out and provide you feedback on. Our latest electronic cigarette review lets us get acquainted with a new brand of vapor product NutriCigs. NutriCigs offers a line of fortified electronic cigarettes. What this means is that the flavored vapor delivered by a NutriCig delivers more than just nicotine; it also delivers your choice of an appetite suppressant, an energy boost or a natural sleep aid. This alone makes NutriCig’s products stand out significantly from other brand of electronic cigarettes. Upon hearing the claims we were excited to check them out first hand.

The Hardware

NutriCig offers vapers their choice of flavor and additive in the form of a disposable electronic cigarette.  It is not possible to buy replacement cartomizers, e juice refills or to recharge you NutriCig at the current time. They estimate that you get around 500 puffs per unit, which we found to be about right. Each disposable NutriCig equates to just over a pack and a half of tobacco cigarettes. The devices do deliver a great amount of vapor with each puff , enoughto rival most any disposable e cig on the market right now. As with most electronic cigarettes you can get maximum vapor by puffing on your NutriCig a few times before taking a drag if you haven’t used it in a while. As far as having done a good job of building an e cig, because let’s face it not everyone does, NutriCig gets our nod for hardware and overall construction. While it is certainly not a deal breaker, one thing that we would like to see change in the future is for NutriCig to offer rechargeable devices.

Vapor and Flavor

While NutriCigs do deliver good amounts of vapor and provide for a good vaping experience, it’s the flavor that we really care about.  NutriCigs does not offer the widest selection of flavors out there, however they do not fall short when it comes to flavor quality. They offer a total of four flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Chocolate and Cherry. Depending upon which specialty ingredient you choose all of the flavors are not available. For instance Chocolate is available with the appetite suppressant and sleep aid fortified e cigs, while the Cherry is not. Likewise Cherry is available if you choose a NutriCig fortified with Energy Boost while Chocolate is not. All in all NutriCigs development team did a great job selecting and refining the e juices that they use in their products. The Tobacco is stout but not overbearing. The menthol provides a refreshing minty flavor. The Chocolate is sweet and well balanced, and the Cherry provides a great option for those looking for something sweet or just different altogether.

All of their e juices are made in the United States and contain nicotine, 1.8% by volume. They do not currently offer various levels of nicotine, however 1.8% does give you enough to curb cravings and satisfy any needs that you may have. Both seasoned vapers and cigarette smokers looking for an alternative should find that the nicotine level offered by NutriCigs is more than enough to enjoy a good vape. Combine that with your favorite flavor and NutriCigs are a great option for those looking for a new brand of vapor.

NutriCig Disposable E Cigarette

Fortified Additives

We know that everyone reading this review is as interested in the additives that NutriCigs provides as they are in the rest of the vaping experience. Yes the hardware and flavors check out, but is there really such a thing as a fortified e cig? In a word, “yes”. NutriCIgs offer options for: an appetite suppressant, an energy booster and a sleep aid. All of the fortified e cigs do deliver what they claim. While a few drags will not entirely kill your appetite or put you to sleep, you do experience noticeable changes when enjoying a NutriCig. The appetite suppressant is a great option for many people, however for those who have just made the change from tobacco cigarettes these e cigs could help you avoid packing on the few extra pounds that often come with quitting. The energy boost variety allows you to combine your afternoon cup of coffee or energy drink with your afternoon smoke and the sleep aid variety does help give you a gentle nudge. NutriCig points out that vapor is actually a great way to deliver supplements to the body and that is one of the reasons that their fortified e cigs are so effective. While we are not telling you that you should make your vaping hobby a full-fledged part of your health/wellness plan, it is cool to see a company making moves to expand the possibilities associated with electronic cigarettes. NutriCigs is on to something that, as to date, no other e cig manufacturer that we are aware of is doing. Fortified e cigs could be a sign of what’s to come from vapor manufacturers.

All in all we like NutriCigs a lot. There were a few things that we would like to see changed over time as far as rechargeable hardware and perhaps a few additional flavors, but overall NutriCigs are definitely worth trying out. They have the most popular flavors available and offer variety packs so that you can try out both the flavors and the different supplements. Currently NutriCigs are not for sale in stores, they are exclusively available on NutriCigs website. Their site offers a secure chopping cart and they use FedEx as their shipping partner which means that you shouldn’t have have to wait long for your order. Visit NutriCigs online to find out more or to give them a try. If you are in the market for a disposable electronic cigarette, or just want to try a new brand, they have some great products.

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