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Most Inexpensive Electronic Cigs

Posted by E Cigarette Reviews | Uncategorized | Wednesday 30 June 2010 3:52 pm
inexpensive vs expensive There are many electronic cigarettes on the market now. Some are superior to others. These superior brands can also be more expensive than other brands as well. How will you know which electronic cigarette is a high quality brand, but also affordable? Cigarettereviews.org is committed to providing consumers with the information they need to make a knowledgeable choice.

blu cigs is the premiere electronic cigarette on the market. They are also one of the most inexpensive electronic cigarettes. Their premium electronic vaporizer provides an extremely realistic smoking experience. blu also offers an exclusive package that actually charges their electronic cigarettes while you are not using it so they are always ready while you are on the go. The blu pack can hold up to 5 cartridges. Their flavored cartridges are proudly made in the USA from recycled plastic exclusively by Johnson Creek. blu’s exclusive partnership with Johnson Creek is proof that they are committed to being the best, and continuously strive to add value to their product. They also offer various nicotine levels. Each cartridge equals 7 regular cigarettes so they are 75% cheaper than regular cigarettes. The blu cig starter kit includes an exclusive pack, 25 cartridges equaling over 150 cigarettes, 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, a wall charger, and a USB charger. Blu cigs also offers a variety of accessories. The blu cig starter kit is priced at only $69.95, but their quality is exceptional.

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Green Smoke, while a bit more expensive, is another favorite of electronic cigarette users. They have a high vapor volume, and an easy to use two part design. They offer a Basic Starter Kit, a Social Smoker Starter Kit, and a Love Birds Kit. These kits range in price from $107-$270. They offer many different flavors and nicotine levels. One unique feature of the Green Smoke electronic cigarette, for those concerned about hygiene, is that when you replace your cartridge you are also replacing the parts that were exposed to your lips and breath. Green Smoke also sells rubber tips (100 for $5) to allow multiple people to sample an electronic cigarette in a sanitary way.

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Smoke Stik electronic cigarettes are another popular brand. One of the first things you may notice about this electronic cigarette company is how glamorous they make their product appear. The Smoke Stik site is filled with celebrity photo galleries showing off the sleek designs of their electronic cigarette. Smoke Stik’s unique feature is the disposable cartomizer. The cartomizer, a combination of the atomizer and cartridge, eliminates the need for an atomizer, and increases puffs and smoke as compared to a regular atomizer. There are 4 starter kits to choose from including the one J-Woww uses. The kits range in price from $89.95-$99.95. Click here to buy your SmokeStik Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit now and receive 10% off your order from CigaretteReviews.org! Use Coupon Code: CigaretteReviews (not needed if you click through our link!)

All three electronic cigarette brands are all quality products, but they are all substantially different in price.  The three brands all have their own unique features. Which one you choose is up to you.

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  1. Comment by Dennis Teel — July 7, 2011 @ 2:31 pm

    i quit smoking in 1997.mosly for healh reasons,but i realised right way that i was better off financially too.i’d recommend e-cigs to anyone trying to quit smoking or any smoker,as e-cigs are healthier than tobacco cigarettes.but as a non smoker that actually enjoyed smoking for the taste(after eating,with my coffee,when relaxing,watching tv) and i guess because of the behaviourial addiction of having something my hand ,e-cigs are too pricey. in other words,just enjoying ‘smoking’ isn’t reason enough to shell out the money for e-cigs.a smoking habit is a good reason.but i’ve googled the cost of monthly e-cig smoking and i’m not impressed,especially since like most people,i’m on a fixed budget.if you’re addicted to tobacco i recommend e-cigs..but not merely because oyu miss and enjoyed smoking..unless you’re one of hose people that the economy hasn’t affected,and in that case you can probably afford them.

  2. Comment by E Cigarette Reviews — July 7, 2011 @ 2:49 pm

    Thank you for your post! We feel that electronic cigarettes are great for many reasons including helping users get off their addiction of tobacco. There are plenty of users on this site who have confessed that this has helped them wonderfully. Electronic cigarettes can be cost efficient depending on what brand of traditional cigarette you smoke, where you live (state taxes) and how you buy them (boxes vs packs). There are may factors playing a large part on the budget for electronic cigarettes but overall we find electronic cigarettes are somewhat budget friendly.

    Thanks again for your opinion and check back often for further updates in the e-cig world.


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