1. i love my Mark ecigs,, our stores here took down our Mark product and put up Blu at a higher price. I asked the mgr. and he informed me that the Ecig company’s are giving a kick back on stores using the displays of the products..well i don’t want to change brand or pay more,,this is the third time i would have to change.. well I will quit before i go to another brand and pay more,, i want my Marks back on our shelves..

  2. Ray Springer

    A few dollars cheaper, yes, but in my experience, a much shorter cartridge life. Would be happy to know if it’s just me.

  3. Marcia D Nessan

    I was sent a coupon for the stater kit and I could choose 4 other flavors all delivered in less then 10 for less then $10. They now have several flavors and my favorite is the summer fusion. It’s a berry type flavor. I’ve bought the kinds you refill but most come with a plastic mouth piece that makes my lips swell due to my sensitivity to some plastics. They send coupons regularly so it helps with the cost. It’s nice to have when nonsmokers are around or in a public setting. The draw is much better then the single hole ecigs but I agree the battery doesn’t allow for the stronger inhale. It does help.

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