Henley Cigs Review

While many new electronic cigarette brands have attempted to take the seemingly crowded market by storm, none have made such a splash as Henley Premium Vapor Cigarettes. Not only have they recently launched a superior line of electronic cigarettes, but they have also introduced an industry first; a sleek new accompanying charging case that also double as a mobile phone battery.

Henley’s brand new line of electronic cigarettes, Henley Rechargeables, is a nice compliment to their Henley Singles, their existing line of disposables. The e cigs are specifically designed to provide a smooth draw, satisfying throat hit, and maximum vapor production. The devices are offered in two convenient starter kits. The Henley Starter Kit, $69.99, includes their technologically sophisticated Personal Charging Case. This case not only charges the e cig, but also charges a vapor’s mobile phone and tablets while on the go. No other e cig brand offers this unique charging case. The kit also includes 2 vaping devices resembling a traditional cigarette, 5 flavor cartridges, 2 USB cords, and 1 AC adaptor. Their Henley Starter Kit- Nicotine Steps Bundle, which sells for $84.99, includes cartridges with varying nicotine strengths to allow vapors to slowly decrease their nicotine use. The kit includes 2 batteries, a Personal Charging Case, 2 USB cords, and an AC adaptor. The 15 flavor cartridges included are offered in various nicotine strengths; 5 each of 24mg, 12mg, and 6mg. The rechargeable devices are as excellent as the disposables. However, they are more cost effective because they are longer lasting.

  Henley Charging Pack

Those who enjoy the ease of the disposables will be able to take advantage of Henley’s 5 for 1 buy back program. Vapors who return their used disposable vapor cigarettes will receive one free disposable! The disposables are available in packs of three and twelve. Their nicotine strength is similar to regular strength traditional cigarettes.

In addition to the big news about their new rechargeable devices, Henley’s disposables have also been making waves in the industry. Henley is the first e cig company to build a distribution relationship with major Las Vegas casinos such as the Venetian and the Wynn as well as trendy New York hotels. This is major electronic cigarette news with smoking bans in effect across the country.


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