1. Cj

    Smoking the strongest cigars….no longer. Cirrus is awesome. I am now a non smoker. Awesome, just awesome. Buy it and quit smoking the same day. Thank you cirrus.

  2. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for your email! We have spoke with WhiteCloud regarding your problem. They would like to highlight that their extended warranty program is
    $29.95. With this program you are able to bring the cartridges to a kiosk. If the associate at the kiosk is able to identify the problem then they will address it on the spot and if not, they will ask that you send the defective product into the Warranty Dept so they can analyze the defective product and better assist you. It sounds like sending the cartridges in will be the best solution for you. Here is their warranty contact info –

    If you have any questions about our products or your purchase, please contact us by any one of the methods below.
    Phone: 866-492-6310 or 727-230-0258
    Email: customerservice@whitecloudcigs.com
    Mail: White Cloud Cigarettes
    PO Box 1194
    Tarpon Springs, Fl 34688;

    Thanks for your email & please let us know if you are able to resolve this situation.

  3. Gary

    I’ve been smoking the white cloud for 3 months now. The positive outlook, is i was able to quit smoking. Their customer support, sucks! Worst crooks i have ever met. Guess it depends where you go and who your sales person is. I was coned into buying the 2 yr extended warrenty, which i did, & was told, if i had a problem with anything it would be replaced on the spot, well that was a lie, I’m now being told to send it out and wait for a response. What do i do in the meantime? I have had 4 batterys just die on me. Got a new one last night, & it was dead today! Wouldn’t charge, and wouldn’t hit. I have had up to 5 full cartons now total worth of “duds” or filters that hit for 5-10 minutes and just stopped. I was told to call customer support a month ago to be compensated for my losses, and “Patty” had no intentions of helping me in any way. Bad choice, I buy 2 cartons almost EVERY day ( me and my girlfriend) I’m a heavy smoker! Being a business man myself, i feel its sad that when a customer has a problem, they have to jump through hoops and don’t get compensated for their inconviences. They are also WAY over priced, especially when 1 2 or 3 filters out of a carton are defaulted. & the gas to the mall adds up quickly. I will admit that its a good replacement for reg cigs, & I can not speak on any other brand, but the minute I get the chance, I will, I don’t want to give any more of my money to people who aren’t crooks. Its funny when I take my faulty filters or batterys up to the mall, WITH A $50 EXTENDED WARRENTY, and they call their boss Gary & then come back and say u have to send it in.

  4. Marc Nelson

    i bought the cirrus 2 with the hope of being able to quit smoking and all i have to say is wow!!! the smoke released is awesome along with the actual hit feeling that smokers have a hard time finding with most e cigs. i bought a 100 dollar one at a local tobacco shop and it quit working the second day i owned it which is not the best thing when trying to quit, when i did more research i found white cloud and was nervous at spending the money for it but its the best thing ive bought and i have now been and ex smoker for three weeks and loving it. ive found personally even though i smoke marlboro lights i like the menthol light they offer it tastes better and give a fuller hit. my advice stop thinking about it and just buy it youll be thankful you did!!!!

  5. Stuart Vener

    I have been a White Cloud customer for months. I can’t tell the difference between this product and a real cigarette. I can also use it in restaurants, airplanes and wherever I feel I need to “smoke”. GREAT PRODUCT!

  6. Hi Edd,

    WhiteCloud and CigaretteReivews.org asks that you write about your positive experience with their product. Please provide more detail on the product you’ve purchased and your experience with it in order to receive the free t-shirt.


  7. Thanks for your feedback on WhiteCloud! We enjoy working with Patty and the other associates at WhiteCloud. How long have you been smoking cigarettes and how long have you been smoking WhiteCloud cigarettes? CigaretteReviews.org appreciates your feedback. Please keep us updated on your success with WhiteCloud!

  8. Edd

    i am leaving this positive message about white cloud so that i can get a free t shirt just like their website says.

  9. THE BEST, and I’ve tried almost all of them!!! The White Cloud customer service rep Patty the also the BEST, she ALWAYS takes care of us. White cloud filters are more money than most of others, but BEST MONEY YOU’LL SPEND! There’s a reason there’s a saying “You get what you pay for” and believe me, I tried to buy from a local retailer here in Ogden, UT (electronicstix.com) and was very disappointed and came right back to White Cloud & Patty. White Cloud Cigarettes should give Patty a huge raise, she is the best out there, and to me that’s just as important as the product I’m buying. I’ll never go somewhere else for e-cigs, thanks White Cloud!!

  10. Terrell Murphy

    I bought two different brands at the same time; White Cloud and Prada and the winner is White Cloud. White cloud has the best filter that just screws on/off unlike Prada which was a tug of war and very difficult to change the filter. White Cloud allowed me to take as many puffs as I wanted with the best flavor offerings and Prada would only allow me to take about 14 puffs and then shuts down for an hour. After using White Cloud, the taste is so good that it actually turned me off from the taste of a real cigarette. The down fall is if you lose it, it is very costly to replace and while waiting for a replacement you will be back to smoking a real cigarette. I highly recommend buying/trying White Cloud and save your lungs because they are not made of iron.

  11. Jesse Patterson

    I wasn’t sure about the white cloud and if it was gonna be as good as a real cig but i was wrong! i love this and i wouldnt wanna smoke another cig again! the cirrus 2 is amazing it hit smooth and tastes great. I wish everyone would smoke these instead of hurting them selves with cigs.

  12. Josette Duvall

    Hello everyone. My name is Josette and I am 31 yr.s old. I started smoking at the young age of 15. I pretty much smoked ever since then. I loved the feel of smoking and had never really thought about quitting just because I loved being a smoker. Now though I am recently majoring in Medical Billing & Encoding and have increasingly become aware of the harmful effects of cigarette smoking like never before. A friend of mine was smoking the White Cloud Cirrus 11 and she let me try hers for a while. Now I am the proud owner of my own White Cloud Cirrus 11. I can’t begin to describe how good it feels to finally not smell like cigarette smoke anymore! Immediately, as soon as I started smoking my White Cloud Cirrus 11 I felt like I had more energy, healthier, smelled better; just everything. I totally agree with everyone else one of the best choices I have made was to stop smoking those “cancer sticks” and to switch to the natural more affordable way of smoking with White Cloud cigarettes. Thank You all so much for changing my lives and the lives of others. P.S. As soon as your other friends and fellow smoker’s see you smoking they will want to smoke WC cigarettes too:)

  13. Dawnn

    I am a 35yr single mom and cig prices have just gotten OUT OF CONTROL! I have been a smoker for over 25yrs and I have been wanting to stop for so long! One day me and my daughter were walking through the mall and I seen the WC… I walked right past because I know being on a budget, there was no way I could afford the high price of their product! As I took about 3 more steps I grabbed my daughters hand and turned around to go back. IT WAS THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE! I talked to the girl for about an hour and as I did the math I relized that I may be on a budget but I will be saving more money every pay day because I will no longer be spending $50.00 for a carton of CIGS! It was truely “A Breath of Fresh Air”, and its so nice when I kiss my daughter and she says to me, “Mommy, I love how you don’t smell like smoke anymore”! The best thing is I not only feel better, but the air for my daughter is healthier! Thanks WC for changing OUR LIVES! We love you guys! 😉

  14. nathan menzano

    I just got my white cloud e-cigarette! i am so pleased, was very sceptically about all e cigarettes. But with a lot of research WC is definitely for me. Love the fact that you can’t smell it on my clothes and my breath! A+ nathan menzano

  15. Alexandria

    My boyfriend has been smoking nasty cigs for as long as I can remember. One day we found a kiosk in the mall where he had to opportunity to try it and fell in love. at first I was a little skeptical but soon after he received the Cirus II everything changed. Everyone wanted to try it and I even tried a hit. I could not believe how much better everything smelled!!!!!!!! Cirus II is my new best friend!! My boyfriend is now 4 days without a cigarette! Not only has it made everything smell better but also improved his health!!!! Thank you for saving my boyfriend!

  16. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your comment! The health advantage of electronic cigarettes like the Cirrus II are truly lifesaving. I have noticed an amazing difference in my ability to breath and my coughing as well as spoke with hundreds of people that have found the advantages of electronic cigarettes to be life changing. Have you noticed other health benefits with the Cirrus II? This awesome device is really life saving. Glad to hear your story!


  17. mike

    i am a 20 year old who has been smoking for almost 5 years. My doctor diagnosed me with chronic bronchitis and told me that if i continued to smoke i would have serious health problems within 5 more years. I switched to the cirrus II and after three months my bronchitis has fully gone away and i have felt no need to go back to regular cigarettes. This has literally saved my life and i strongly recommend this to anyone struggling with health problems, especially young people

  18. tutusgranny7

    White Cloud Cirrus II Electronic Cigarette is a great new innovative product, that it going to take off like a rocket. It’s a product that
    i believe will start a new e-trend.

  19. Anastasia

    Good day! I do not even know what to say. But your product just saved our family. I have smoked in the home and a husband, father and mother and I! It was just awful. I’m not talking even about that awful smell that was in our apartment, all clothes smelled, all who come to visit us, understood immediately that there are smoking and how much. Almost everyone in the family had health problems, it’s just awful. But thanks to you and your electronic cigarette, we hope, permanently give up cigarettes! People began to come to us with pleasure to visit, we began to feel better and exercise))

  20. James Morello

    White cloud cigarettes offer a refreshing change to smoking real cigarettes. I had been a Marlboro red smoker for over 20 years. Switching to White Cloud has increased my stamina and appetite tremendously. Recommended by many physicians. Give it a try you will be surprised by the taste and feel of smoking with no harmful effects.

  21. Thanks for the great comment Todd!

    Please ask your friends to visit CigaretteReviews.org and let us know about the brands they currently use. Have any of your friends tried the Cirrus II? We love to hear what others think of the different brands.


  22. todd

    Just wanted to add my input here. Got a few friends with e-cigs that tried to convince me to switch. All theirs looked a little like toys to me. Found the Cirrus II at a shop and got to test it. Wow! I ended up with a full starter kit, case and additional cartridges. That was the last day I “smoked”. I’ve been using nothing but the Cirrus II now and have to say I couldn’t be happier. Great product, super easy to use and well worth the money. If you are considering an e-cig, I would recommend the White Cloud brand to anyone.

  23. Hi Dave,

    We appreciate your comments. I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience before finding the right brand for you. White Cloud has great high end products like the Cirrus II. I can’t imagine sitting in two hours of traffic with a bad e cigarette. I hope you enjoyed our review. Please let us know if we missed anything in our review or if there is anything specific you really like about White Cloud that you didn’t already mention.

    Thanks for your comments!

  24. jg,

    Thanks for your comment! White Cloud really does offer a great high end product. We hope you enjoyed our review. Please feel free to let us know if we missed anything you like about the Cirrus.

  25. Dave

    5 stars*****
    white cloud has made my switch from a pack and a 1/2 a day to 1 cartridge for a 24 hour period!! i might puff on it alittle more than most! any ways i first tried an e-cig from PURE….. DO NOT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME….. what a joke, i think it ended up out the window of my work van in 2 hours of rush hour traffic on the 405!!!!
    White cloud is fantastic, the taste is great and the vapor/throat hit just plain works. If you are going to purchase or are thinking about purchasing an e-cig then drop all the zero’s and get with the WHITE CLOUD HERO!! it is worth the money plus no hassels

  26. jg

    Great product. The wife and I are both using the White Cloud Cirrus. We looked at many brands while researching, and found this product to be the best. Thanks White Cloud.

  27. Brandon

    3 thumbs up!
    I come to White Cloud from Winston full 100′s. 2 packs a day. I purchased, and tried the “Smoking Everywhere” eCig, and frankly that turned me off completely to e-cigarettes. The mess alone was intolerable, not to mention the cartridges lasted a full 15 puffs (no joke). Recently though, when at the mall I walked past a White Cloud kiosk, and figured I would talk to the gent running it. I’m glad I did. After considering a purchase for a few weeks I ended up with the Cirrus II, and 2 boxes of cartridges. I bought the kit 4 days ago, and am now on my 2nd cartridge. In case that doesn’t mean anything to you yet, each cartridge is advertised as the equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes. Note: I was smoking 100′s full flavor, and I am only on my second cartridge. From a financial perspective (2 packs a day of Winston’s = $12, 1 cartridge of White Cloud = $4. I am already ahead by $40 — math is $12 (2 packs a day) * 4 = $48 – $8 (2 cartridges) = $40). I’m looking at a full ROI in approximately 27 days!!
    Earlier today it stopped generating the vapor. Of course I was livid! I went straight back to my experience with Smoking Everywhere; with their lovely BS cartridges. I have to say though it turned out to be the battery. I was using the same battery (straight out of the box) that I got 4 days ago. Once I changed the battery it went right back to doing what it is supposed to do.
    To wrap up I am very happy, impressed, and validated in my purchase of this product. I would, and am recommending to my friends that smoke.
    Do your research (you’d be a fool not to), but I highly recommend this product. I have never had the opportunity to post something positive about a product, and the length of this should give an indication of how well this product is constructed, engineered, etc… At least in my albeit humble opinion.
    Oh, and for cynical people like myself: I do not work for, or have anything to gain financially by writing this. I just hope it helps.

  28. Thanks for your comment Brenda!

    White Cloud has received rave reviews from users. It is a great product and customer service is top notch from what our users tell us. Please let us know what flavors you enjoy or any cool features you’ve found with your Cirrus II.

  29. Dennis Southward

    I smoked for 49 years. After using the Cirrus for a month I have kicked the habit. I no longer feel like an outcast having to leave to smoke. I wish this product was available years earlier and I would have been able to take long flights to Europe as u can smoke Cirrus on aircraft. Great product.. Dennis

  30. Loni Aurbeck

    White Cloud has saved my life. I have not smoked, or wanted to smoke a traditional cigarette since Feb 1, 2010. I was not necessarily trying to quit, but the cirrus and cirrus 2 are both so satisfying that I was left with no urge to smoke the other cigarettes, they felt dirty to me. Start now to save your life… I promise, it is worth every penny.. and then some!! Thank You White Cloud!!!

  31. I started my White Cloud experience almost two months ago and it is the best thing I ever did. I love the cirrus. I will never smoke tobacco again. Awesome product.

  32. This is the only company you should buy e-cig’s from. Great customer service and superior quality products. A satisfied customer of yours told me about White Cloud,thanks a bunch!!

  33. Billie

    You get what you pay for. Quality service, quality product, and clove flavor! No more ducking into the head shop for Nat Shermans.

  34. alysia

    I decided to quit smoking regular cigarettes. I have tried before, but it seems I always went back to cigarettes. With the price of cigarettes going up, I decided it was time to find an alternative to smoking. I did my research on the web about the other brands out there, and I tried a different one and was not real happy with it. The battery did not last very long, and it had a separate atomizer to it, The cartridges did not last very long, about three regular cigarettes worth. I then tried the White Cloud ones and was impressed with them. I have not smoked a regular cigarette for over five months now, and I feel so much better. I like the different flavors they offer, and I have tried many different ones. I have even gotten quite a few people where I work to try them and they are glad they did. It has also saved me money with the cartridges being so much cheaper then regular cigarettes. I would recommend WC e-cigs to anyone who is trying to quit and trying to save money, in the long run.

  35. Chris

    I’ve been a fan of the Cirrus for 3 months now. I started with a Cirrus I battery and loved it, but when the Cirrus II was released, I was sold. The C2 has such an easy draw, and it satisfies even better! I would say the Cirrus I was built for performance, but the Cirrus II was built for me. This battery lasts longer, still recharges incredibly fast, and makes it just a little bit easier for me to not want a tobacco cig. The cartridges also seem to last me a little longer, due to the fact that I don’t need draw as long or hard. You want vapor? This is the one to get. Forget about that cheap e-cig, get the one that works the way you want it to.

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