How E-Cigs Promote a Healthy Image and Lifestyle

Over the last decade or so, the prevalence of e-cigarettes and vaping devices has skyrocketed. More people are vaping now than ever before, and it has certainly become a phenomenon. No one can deny that one of the major reasons vaping is currently in vogue is because it’s a safer, healthier alternative to traditional smoking. While it can simply be a fun pastime for some, vaping is the key to a healthier and ultimately happier lifestyle for others. But, why is that? Why do vaporizers project health rather than debilitation?

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Healthy for You

E-cigs are clearly the healthy option when it comes to cigarettes. Traditional tobacco cigarettes are known for producing all sorts of debilitating diseases. The tar in tobacco can fill up your lungs and cause lung cancer. The toxicants in regular tobacco cigarettes are astoundingly high in number and can cause an incredible amount of damage to the body. In fact, one study showed that tobacco smoke contains 9 to 450 times more carcinogenic toxicants than e-cigarette vapor. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to smoking, then it’s already here in the form of e-cigarettes.

Healthy for Those Around You

In America, secondhand tobacco smoke is directly responsible for about 42,000 heart disease-related deaths each year. The same toxicants that smokers inhale can also prove deadly to their loved ones. With e-cigarettes, however, the vapor is practically harmless. It is emitted essentially as water vapor, ensuring that those around you are not affected by your habit in the least bit. In fact, secondhand vapor can actually smell quite good to some. The smell of tobacco smoke alone is enough to make non-smokers cringe, but e-cigarette vapor is an entirely different story.

Everything Smells Better

There’s no doubt that smoking traditional cigarettes is going to leave a distinct scent on your person. There’s really no escaping it either. Tobacco smoke and ash can get lodged in your clothing, your hair, and even your skin so that you simply smell like tobacco smoke no matter where you go. It’s also difficult to invite guests over if there’s a constant smell of cigarette smoke in your home. Many people are allergic, and some just associate the smell with unhealthy behavior. E-cigarette vapor, on the other hand, leaves no noticeable smell on your person and allows you to confidently engage with anyone at work or in your social life.

Easier to Exercise

Smoking e-cigarettes doesn’t slow you down when it comes to exercise. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes allow you to run, play sports, ride bicycles, and exercise at the gym with no ill effects to speak of. You can “smoke” and continue leading a healthy lifestyle no matter what.

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You’ll Look Better

In addition to the ability to exercise, e-cigs give you the ability to be the best version of yourself. Tobacco cigarettes can leave you with stained teeth, bloodshot eyes, and skin rashes. You can also expect wrinkles and bags under your eyes well before your time. With e-cigarettes, all of that is thrown out the window. You can vape without worrying about how your appearance is going to be affected, which can give you more confidence to go along with your youthful exterior.

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