The Coolest Mods Money Can Buy

If you’ve been vaping for any considerable length of time, there’s probably been a time when you went a little bit mod crazy. A point when you had to have the absolute best mod, the mod that had all the bells and whistles, or maybe the newest, the most obscure, or just plain cool mod. Here are some of our picks for the coolest mods on the market, suitable for every price range.

Sigelei ZMax 5 mod kitSigelei ZMAX V5

If you need an accessible, low price, reliable VV/VW Mod, then look no further. With a telescoping barrel body made from stainless steel, this surprisingly durable mod will make it through even the most active day without a hitch. Its telescoping design allows for multiple battery options, ranging from 18350 to 18650, so you can pick the size you’re most comfortable with. While it only has one button for operation, the Sigelei ZMAX utilizes an intuitive multi-click menu system which allows you to change any setting as you see fit. Plus, the V5 comes with an adapter that enables you to charge other devices with it, acting as a handy emergency charger. In a crowded VV/VW field, the Sigelei ZMAX continually rises to the top.

Price: $50-$80



Poldiac e cig with chrome finish

The Poldiac

When mechanical mods started gaining popularity, many made the switch to “bottom-fire” buttons. Then the Poldiac hit the scene and brought a modern twist on the older method. While its simple polished tube exterior design may be minimalist, it’s the button that wows. The DID Stealth Side Button is an activator that utilizes magnets for a smooth, minimal resistance action. A pair of flat neodymium magnets repel the button off the contact until pressed, a process that won’t wear out like a spring will. Add its Rhodium/Silver plated brass battery contacts, and the Poldiac becomes a solid heavy-hitting mod that delivers style and massive clouds of vapor.

Price: ~$200


The hammer e cig with etching and chrome finishThe Hammer by Kato

Why bother with a large mod when you can have the power of Mjolnir in your pocket? This diminutive mod is deceptively powerful, given that it can only hold an 18350 battery. With all brass contacts, the Hammer hits just as hard as larger mods, yet rests comfortably in the palm of your hand. In a field crowded with tube mods, The Hammer sets itself apart with its unique look and innovative styling. With the right atomizer and drip tip combo, The Hammer is sure to turn heads.

Price: $240

Romuluz Spark electronic cigaretteRomuluz Spark by Team Hotwire

With the iHybrid, hybrid style mods became quite chic. Because of Team Hotwire, hybrids just got intense. The Romuluz Spark is a veritable Swiss Army Knife thanks to its modular nature. It can accept any battery in the 18000 size spectrum and sports silver contact points for great conductance. But the best feature has to be the tank. Not only does the tank assembly completely detach, exposing a standard 510 connection, but the juice chamber can be switched out on the fly, and without needing to rebuild the coil. So, rather than keeping a bottle of juice on hand to refill, you can keep a sealed tank in your pocket, ready on the go. This is the mod that other hybrids dream of becoming when they grow up.

Price: ~$220


iTaste VTR box modiTaste VTR

Box mods have clung to the industry for a long time, thanks to a small, but loyal following. They hearken back to early modders who took apart the first waves of e-cigs and made them better, usually rehousing the guts in a box of some kind. iTaste stepped up to the plate and innovated on the basics. The body of the mod has a pleasing texture that doesn’t sacrifice the aesthetics of the exterior to give it an easy grip. Rather than relying on tiny buttons to make voltage or wattage adjustments, the VTR provides a satisfyingly robust wheel to spin, giving it a properly mechanical vibe. ITaste didn’t ruin its aesthetic with an out-of-place tank either. The VTR has a low-slung offset 510 connection on the side of the mod, with two rings that protect the provided iClear 30S tank. This also lends a curve to one side of the box, making for comfortable finger placement when holding it.

Price: $120


AN origianlly designed e cig from Lo TechLo Tech Mods

Description: When you absolutely, positively have to be the classiest person in the joint, accept no substitutions. What you see here is only one incarnation of the pipe mod, as all of Lo Tech Mods creations are one of a kind, handcrafted works of art. These mods generally take an 18350 battery, sport wooden construction with etched brass plating, and 510 connections at the end of elegant brass stems. If you’re still curious, the pictures truly speak for themselves.

Price: $120-$140

There are tons of mods on the market, and new ones are arriving practically every day. With a keen eye and an idea of what you’re looking for, you can find a cool mod to call your own.

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