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Bull Smoke Vapor Technology Offers Cutting Edge Electronic Cigarettes

Cigarette smoking has become increasingly difficult over the past couple of years. More and more businesses are banning smoking on their properties even if only within a few hundred feet of the building. Cigarettes have also become more expensive than ever before because of the massive amounts of taxes that are placed on them. Enjoying a cigarette can be a very complicated thing to do. One solution that has gained popularity in recent years is the use of electronic cigarettes. These devices enable the user to enjoy nicotine that is vaporized, rather than burned, for an easier smoking alternative. Electronic cigarettes can be used almost anywhere, and are considered to be much cheaper than traditional cigarettes.

One of the highest rated electronic cigarette makers, due to their innovative battery technology, is Bull Smoke. Bull Smoke batteries are different than other electronic batteries because they use a modern micro-air flow sensor which is specifically created for vaporizing. This cutting edge vapor technology has been in the works for the past 5 years as a team of highly skilled engineers have honed the sensor powers to enable the electronic cigarette to work like no other.

A Powerful Battery

The Bull Smoke battery lasts longer than other electronic cigarette batteries on the market. When the user drags on the device the sensor signals the battery to power on. When the device is not in use the battery immediately powers down. This preserves the life of the battery so that vapors do not have to constantly keep charging it. The battery powers up once again as soon as the sensor detects even the smallest amount of drag. The Bull Smoke electronic cigarette is renowned as having an industry leading amount of vapor.

An Attractive and Functional Electronic Cigarette

In order to provide the best vaporizing experience to users, the makers of Bull Smoke have packed as much battery power as possible into the device. However, they have also created it to be visually appealing. The Bull Smoke electronic cigarette appears very similar to a traditional cigarette, and also gives a similar tactile aesthetic as a conventional cigarette. Along with this very attractive package, the user also gets a powerful vaporizing experience because of the extended life battery. Much like with a traditional cigarette, vapors are able to smoke their Bull Smoke cigarette without fear of the battery dying frequently.

The makers of Bull Smoke designed the battery alongside some of the world’s most notable battery developers to create a battery that lasts up to 75% longer than the leading electronic cigarette competition. The battery that is used in the Bull Smoke electronic cigarette is commonly used in a large amount of high tech devices. It utilizes a 3.7 volt ion lithium pack inside each cylinder so that the device is powered up and ready to go whenever the user needs it.

Bull Smoke has been hailed as taking the electronic cigarette to the next level, far surpassing the competition. The battery has so much power it is considered to be “smart” due to the highly functioning sensors. Bull Smoke has incredibly short charging times. On those occasions when the battery actually does need to be charged it takes very little time. The sensor also monitors and controls how much vapor is released on each drag. This ensures users receive an unparalleled vaporizing experience like no other electronic cigarette can give.

How Does A Bull Smoke Device Work?

Bull Smoke personal vaporizers, or electronic cigarettes, deliver a similar sensation to smoking traditional cigarettes. The experience provides users the same feel and taste without the awful smelling smoke, and waste. Since the device is electronic there are not any butts to worry about. A Bull Smoke personal vaporizer looks, feels, and even tastes just like a traditional cigarette. Users get to enjoy the taste they want while still taking pleasure in the physical act of smoking.

Many people are starting to choose Bull Smoke electronic cigarettes over conventional cigarettes because they can enjoy the sensations of smoking almost anywhere they go. The Bull Smoke vaporizer releases a colorless, odorless vapor that dissipates quickly into the air. Smokers are now unable to smoke their conventional cigarettes in most places, but a Bull Smoke device can go with them anywhere they want to go. They can be used in most places that are marked with “No Smoking” signs because dragging on a personal vaporizer is not smoking, and they do not emit traditional secondhand tobacco smoke. It is non-combustible, therefore the device can be taken absolutely anywhere.

Flavor and Strength Choices

Bull Smoke electronic cigarette kits include a variety of flavored cartridges. Depending on the kit chosen, vapors will receive a variety of tobacco flavored cartridges, or fun flavors such a chocolate. The kits will also provide vapors the option to select the nicotine strength they wish to receive from their vaporizer. Bull Smoke offers a variety of nicotine strengths including 0 mg of nicotine! The kits also include a charger, and two batteries for an extremely affordable price.

Bull Smoke Ranchhand

Bull Smoke City Slicker

Other Advantages

Other advantages to Bull Smoke over traditional cigarettes include the simple fact that Bull Smoke is cheaper. Bull Smoke personal vaporizers are much more cost-effective than traditional cigarettes saving users valuable money. Each cartridge that is inserted into the electronic cigarette is equivalent to more than one pack of regular cigarettes, and is far cheaper. Users can get a large amount of puffs out of each flavor cartridge so they need to change them far less than they would need to buy more cigarettes.

Constantly smoking a conventional cigarette produces butts which cause considerable amounts of waste. The odorless vapor released is also accepted better by friends and loved ones. They will no longer have to smell traditional tobacco smoke on their clothes.  Overall, many people report that using Bull Smoke costs them far less money than smoking traditional cigarettes. They are also able to enjoy the feel of smoking without the smell, bad breath, or other negative aspects.

Bull Smoke

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