Is the Blu Plus Kit Worth It?

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Blu is one of the powers in the e-cigarette game, and they knew they’d have to keep pace with other brands if they wanted to stay relevant to hardcore vapers. Their new Blu Plus e-cig line attempts to answer the critics by offering an affordable pack with long-lasting battery life. But, is this updated version of the Blu e-cig really that much better than the original? And does it stack up well against its competitors? We’ll let you know in this Blu Plus review.

What’s in the Kit?

The Blu Plus Kit comes with all the essentials you’ll need to start vaping like a pro. In contrast to their previous models, the Blu Plus kit actually operates more like a standard vaporizer with a tank. Blu is perhaps best known for its insistence on using “cigalike” models rather than the increasingly popular tank options. Each of the starter kits comes with the following:

• Rechargeable pack
• Wall charger and USB cord
• 2 rechargeable batteries
• 3 Blu flavor cartridge tanks

That’s really all that comes in the pack, but all of these are advertised as stronger, longer-lasting, and better overall.

Better Batteries, More Charging Options

One of the hallmarks of this kit is the ability to charge your e-cigarettes quickly and through multiple different avenues. Of course, you have the wall charger that allows you to plug into any standard outlet and the USB cord that allows you to plug your vaporizer into a computer or any other device with a USB slot. On top of that, the pack itself actually acts as a charger. The pack can be charged so, if you ever find yourself without an outlet or a USB slot, you can just charge your vaporizer with the pack itself. The pack can fully charge your battery in about 30 minutes and can withstand about 3 or 4 full charges.

The batteries themselves have been updated, but the general consensus is that they haven’t been updated that well. They can hold charges slightly longer than their predecessors, but they aren’t the best when compared to other e-cigarette companies and brands. Even so, the charges are decent and the addition of the rechargeable pack certainly helps.

Blu Cig Xpress
Brand New Design

Blu is one of the last e-cig manufacturers to stick with the cigalike design, but the Blu Plus is a bit different. It still looks like a standard cigarette, but you get more of the tank and flavor cartridge experience of standard vaporizers. The design is sleek, functional, and easy to use, and the slim pack makes it eminently portable. The pack contains five slots. Three are for extra tanks, one is for the tank and battery, and one is the recharging port. It’s easy to tote this whole package around.

That being said, some pro vapers might have wanted something with a little more girth. The cigalike design is all well and good, but it doesn’t offer the same long-lasting vape sessions. The e-cigs also aren’t refillable in a traditional sense. That is to say, you can’t just add new liquid into the flavor cartridges. Instead, you’ll have to dispose of and replace tanks every time you run out of liquid.

Low Initial Cost, Pricy Later On

The Blu Plus kit is fairly cheap and you can get it at convenience stores, which makes it easy to find. The price for the kit is $42.99, which is comparable to similar kits. Where the Blu Plus kit goes wrong is in its insistence on using non-refillable tanks instead of standard cartridges. The tanks can get pricy over time. One three-pack costs $15, which means that you’ll have to shell out quite a bit for any subsequent refills. Of course, there are plenty of flavors available, but it’s just generally cheaper to find a brand that sells a refillable tank. With those, you can refill the cartridge with whatever flavor you want and it’s often decidedly cheaper.

Overall, the Blu Plus kit is a step-up from their previous efforts. Although Blu is one of the most popular brands of e-cigarette available, it’s generally considered mediocre when it comes to quality. There is still a lot to like about this kit including the rechargeable pack. But, the pricy nature of non-refillable tanks is certainly going to catch up to you eventually. If you’re loyal to Blu or you just want to see what e-cigarettes are all about, then this kit might be worth your while.
Blu Cig Xpress

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