Blu Cigs Vs. Green Smoke

If you’re into the electronic cigarette, then you know that there are two main brands. The Green Smoke and the Blu Cigs. While, at first glance, they may seem like the same exact brands, but they really are pretty different. If you are a serious smoker, then you need to read this article.  The little differences between these two brands will make or break your electronic cigarette smoking experience.

First, the Green Smoke has many more flavors available than Blu Cigs. Blu Cigs has four different flavors without including the traditional tobacco flavor. Green Smoke has six different flavors not including a different type of tobacco.

Second, as you know electric cigarettes are powered by batteries, but the type of batteries do matter. With regular cigarettes if you run out of a cigarette you can just light another one up, but if you run out of batteries on an electric cigarette, that could potentially mess your day up pretty bad. Now, it’s not a national emergency or anything, but, you would probably want your electronic cigarette to last throughout the day.

The good thing is that these cigarettes can last about six or seven hours on one charge, and when you buy one they come with a wall charger and a usb charger. But, just in case you will be somewhere without a charger for awhile, the Green Smoke electronic cigarette does come with two battery sizes, a long one and a short one too.

Electronic cigarettes are a godsend if you are a smoker, whether or not you are trying to quit. They allow you to smoke anywhere and every where you want. In different flavors, with or without the smoking vapor. If you like to smoke, or are just trying to quit. Electronic cigarettes are for you.

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Manufacturer: Blu E-Cigarettes
Customer Rating: Picture 2
Sale Price: $69.95
Availibility: Usually ships in 24 hours
Free Shipping Available

Manufacturer: Green Smoke
Customer Rating: Picture 2
Sale Price: $109.00
Availibility: Usually ships in 24 hours
Free Shipping NOT Available


  1. Thanks for your feedback on Greensmoke! They have a great product and we enjoy working with them. How long have you been smoking? How easy was your switch to electronic cigarettes? Glad to hear you’re enjoying Greensmoke electronic cigarettes. Please let us know other advantages you find with smoking them.

  2. Deja Jackson

    I was excieted to find the e-cig as I live in a no-smoking Bldg., and California has more smoking bans than any other state. I was too quick to order though…I ordered from another company $150.00 for starter kit; extra $10.00 for extra battery (that did not work)..customer service is non existant at the OTHER co. So, after being disappointed and a bit angry, I researched. I decided on Green can get starter kit with promo code for around $50.00, you can chose your prefered cartridge type (huge plus). I can not begin to tell you the differance in what I “thought” was an ok product at first and an AMAZING PRODUCT! The cartridges last a long time (un-like other co.); the taste is good. I actually prefer it to the traditional cigaratte…no secondhand smoke, no smelly hands, clothes, hair, house, car etc. California has the strictest laws in the US. I live in a smoke free building…Today I can sit with my coffee, have my smoke, and not go out in the rain. It actually tastes better, is healthier for my grandchildren who have asthma as well as my pet who has allergies.This company warranties it’s product…and will replace battery if it should fail due to workmanship..(un-like company 1)Every time I called customer service someone answered; was knowledgeable vs. waiting for a call back….You can not in my opinion find a company that delivers what it says, great cartridges that last..when you think the cartridge is empty put it on a recently charged battery and surprise…you aren’t done yet! (vs other co. that states it cartridge is close to a pack of cigs, NOT) I learned the hard costly way, which is why I am taking time to comment on my experience. Don’t make my mistake. I will definately recommend this product to anyone who asks…and try to keep people away from the OTHER company,so they won’t be disappointed and disputing charges for a product that does not deliver…want an E-cig..Green Smoke is the only way to go!!!

  3. […] Green Smoke offers 3 kits; The Basic Starter Kit, the Social Smoker Kit, and the Love Birds Kit. Their Basic and Social Kits include batteries, 5 nicotine cartridges, a USB adapter, and a wall adapter. The Love Birds Kit includes double of each item needed for your smoking pleasure. The Green Smoke Kits range in price from $109-$270. You can also view our comparison of Green Smoke vs. blu Cigs. […]

  4. Marilynne

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