1. Chris

    Hi Gerald,

    Right now we have not heard of any plans from Blu to release a true personal vaporizer. What they are about to roll out is a considerably improved version of their current device. They are calling it the Blu Plus. It will hold around twice the juice, that will be delivered with a battery that is nearly twice as powerful as the current model. They have also made some adjustments to the device itself to increase vapor delivery and improve draw. We will have our full review for the Blu Plus up soon. Expect to be able to pick one up online or at a local retailer in November of 2014.

  2. Chris

    Hi Barry,

    We’re glad that you gave vaping a try, however you didn’t purchase the actual product from us (we stick to reviews). It looks like you picked up a starter kit from Blu E Cigs. You can report your problem to their Customer Service Department and they will get you squared away. They are usually pretty good about responding to customer issues and have a one year warranty in place. You can find out more on their website here: http://www.blucigs.com/customer-service/. Feel free to check back in if you have any other issues, we like hearing from vapers.

  3. Barry Hoppes

    I bought your start kit and one of the batteries will not
    how do i get a replacement battery

    thank you

  4. KXG99

    I have been happily vaping for a little longer than one month, thanks to Blu. I had known little regarding electronic cigarettes prior to my husband presenting me with a Blu disposable a few weeks back. Although large and a bit cumbersome, I was intrigued by the actual smoking sensation I derived from the product. As a 22 year smoking veteran, I did want to quit, but like many, my pack a day plus habit was hard to break. I began fervently researching ecigs of all types and noted that very few were sold by retailers. When I came across a Blu starter pack at my local Walgreens, I decided to invest the money in the kit rather than in a carton of smokes. I could Blu to be light and easy to hold – although it took about a week to really get used to the feeling. The battery life is ok, but I am hoping that the new pack, which I ordered today, will remedy the problem. I do enjoy all the flavors, save the Java, and like the idea that the juice is American made. The vapor amount is on par with an actual cigarette hit, and, due to the vegetable glycerine, is quite smooth.
    I am not a flashy girl, so I felt no need for funky colors at crystal tip, which, in my opinion, would only add more weight and hassle. I do wish I had the opportunity to try other brands, but I am satisfied with Blu, and don’t plan on switching brands any time soon. On a one to ten scale, I’d give Blu a solid nine. The packaging is simple and attractive, the technology is efficient and fun, the flavors and vapor production are satisfying, the price is reasonable – especially with the rewards system, they are available locally and shipping, for me, has been quick. As I stated, I’d love to try others, but I am doubtful that I would switch. The overall look, feel and drag are very similar to a cigarette, and the money saved and health benefits are invaluable.

  5. Hi NikkiMyski,
    Thanks for your question! BluCigs disposables, the original starter kit and refill cartridges are available nationwide in Walgreens stores except for Maine & Wisconsin because of the state’s tax on electronic cigarettes – 70%. You can find BluCig disposables to try by purchasing them online. They are inexpensive and will give you a good sample prior to purchasing the entire starter kit. We have found that many users enjoy BluCigs and are sure that you will to. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


  6. NikkiMyski

    I want to try Blu, but I’d like some input: I only smoke about 5-6 cigs a day, and I’m looking to quit totally. I picked up a disposable “finiti” e-smoke @ Walgreens for 10$ and it has worked quite well for me. But, now it is out, and I really like the fact that you can buy it at a local store instead of having to order it online. Do you know I you can buy Blu in a retail store? If so, where? I live in southern Wisconsin and havent managed to find any around here. Thanks for your help!

  7. Max

    I am seriously considering Blu, to try and see if it is the one for me to quit analogs for good.

  8. Hi Misa,

    Thank you for your comment and noticing that we didn’t update the information about flavor cartridges in the starter kit! We’ve made the change in the article so others are not confused. We appreciate your input!


  9. Misa

    Ah second note: atomizers now come in the cartridges, and the cig pack is now a battery charger as well

  10. Misa

    This review unfortunately needs to be updated, blu no longer offers the massive variety pack it once had. I ordered blu not a month ago and found myself extremely happy with it. However i do wish that they offered more flavors so i could experiment with them a bit more. I also noticed that after a few days and as the cartridges were used more, i as well got a strange plastic taste. Or perhaps, like the liquid was now burning instead of tasting new and fresh. However i have written it off as it being a bit old. Perhaps i should inquire more upon it. Also i think that it would be nice to have a variety of tobacco flavors, instead of just classic, for its a bit harder to get used to the taste when i have been smoking Turkish blend for the majority of my smoking years. Another thing i noticed was that inhaling seems difficult, and it makes my mouth and throat sore if i take four or five drags and sometimes it feels like my throat has become swollen. I talked with another friend of mine and she reported the same feeling. However whether she uses blu or not is unknown to me.

    All in all however, i am still quite satisfied with the product, though i wish i had caught them in time before they stopped giving out all of the various flavors in the starter packs. I have another friend of mine that bought them not to long ago and received them all. Shipping came within a week and i have almost completely dropped smoking the chemical loaded cigs. So there is really not to much i can complain about.

  11. Todd

    I’ve been using Blu Cigs for a few months. I’d rate product quality and customer service above average. I’ve had one dry, nasty tasting flavor cartridge. Recently though, one of my batteries has started self smoking (I mean vaping) when fully charged. After about 5 minutes of intermittently self-smoking it seems to function normally for what remains of the battery life. If I don’t disconnect the flavor cartridge, it’ll fry up pretty quick. I plan to return the battery/sensor as this is what warranties are for. I had previously used Smoking Everywhere brand and it was quite inferior to Blu Cigs. Blu Cigs is a pretty ingenious design which is convenient to use as well.

    I am very nearly a non-smoker due to this product after smoking for over 30 years. Yes, I’m still a nicotine abuser but this is preferable to smoking.

    If I were to ask them to improve their product I’d ask for longer lasting batteries, an automotive type charger, battery / empty flavor cartridge recycling and for the entire product to be made in the USA. (I’d pay more for the jobs to be here.) I like that their juice is not made in China.

    To Steve N in comment 13 who asks about the “sensation of inhaling”… Blu Cigs does provide some of the sensation of inhaling smoke. The longer and deeper you draw, the closer to the effect of smoking. It will not be identical to smoking though. If you use the nicotine juice it will ring the nicotine bell in your brain. I can’t comment yet on the non-nicotine juice as I just placed my 1st order for the reduced nicotine juice. The juice doesn’t seem to have any strong or lingering smell. The classic flavor has a slightly vanilla taste/scent similar to pipe tobacco. Still, it’s very faint. The ingredients are distilled water, nicotine (or not), natural and artificial flavors, USP glycerin and citric acid. My guess is much safer than the 3000+ chemicals in cigarettes. Try it Steve. They say 30 day money back guarantee.

  12. Steve N

    I’ve been an ex-smoker for 5 years but very seldom I will smoke a cigarette with friends at celebrations. I’ve been viewing a lot of videos about e-cigs and it has peaked my interest. Even though I don’t regularly smoke, I truly miss the sensation when inhaling. E-cigs could possibly be my compromise but I’m concerned about the vapor. I’ve read that it’s the same chemical as fog machines and also heard it’s the same chemical used in neutralizers. Do you have any information that can shed light on this? Would I still get the same “hit” with non-nicotine juice? Is the vapor truly none smelling? I’ve read about people using this to quit smoking but what about us ex-smokers that really miss the inhalation aspect. Blu being the leader in e-cigs, I thought I’d try with the best to avoid disappointment. I’m close to pulling the trigger but I’d like to understand it a bit more and possible convince my wife.

    Any additional info would be most appreciated!

  13. Hi Robert M,

    Thank you for your comment. We love to hear about stories like yours! 20 years is a long time. We are glad you found the right e cigarette for you.

    Thanks again for your comment!

  14. Robert M

    I have had no problems with the Blu Brand at all! Its wonderful and I quit smoking traditional analog cigs entirely after smoking 1 pack a day for over 20 years. This is a great product keep up the good work!

  15. Steve B

    Apparently blu doesn’t accept debit cards. “Transaction was DENIED” I have plenty in my account, no reason why it shouldn’t work other than it is a Debit card not a credit card. Please blucigs.com add support for debit cards.

  16. Steve B

    I have researched many e-cigarettes and found Blu to be the most cost-effective alternative offering the best bang for the buck. I will be placing an order tonight to get the black starter pack and I hope that it gets here in a timely manner and works as advertised. I will also be enjoying the savings that I get. I currently smoke a pack of cigs over 2 days time so the starter pack should last me close to a month. I pay approximately $50/mo. for cigarettes which isn’t too bad, but Blu is offering a month of smoking (ahem – vaporing) for me for $25. Can’t beat it, and if I have a good experience with this company, I will be making the switch as soon as I recieve it. I will be saving 50% in the end and living a healthier lifestyle. I’m done throwing my money out the window, I’m placing my order now.

  17. Hi Izzy,

    I’m sorry to hear about your most recent experience with us.

    We had a chance to look up your order history and your order was shipped to you on 11/15 and the tracking code became active on 11/16 , they day you posted this. Fortunately, your replacement battery is in route to you right now and you should be able to see using the tracking code provided.

    Please feel free to reach out anytime with questions and thank you for enjoying blu!

    All The Best,

  18. Izzy

    I ordered my starter kit a few months ago and recieved it about 4 days later. At that point I was very happy because all I’ve heard about blu is their shipping methods and times are horrible and people have been having nothing but problems. I had a battery fail a few weeks ago and ordered a replacement. It’s been 14 days now with no new battery. I’ve tried to email customer service with no response, I’ve also recieved a confirmation email my battery has been sent. Of course the tracking number doesn’t work, there is no record of my order number and the strimeline cite doesn’t have any record of the tracking number either. I believe I will be buying the Luci electronic cigs brand from now on and using their product. If you can’t provide your customers with the product you offer in a timely manner with the correct information then that speaks volumes for the company. I’m done with blu for good.

  19. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you had a positive experience with Blu! Please let us know how it goes when you contact Blu about the atomizer that acted strange.

    Thanks again!

  20. Jeff Bowers

    I have had no bad issues with Blu. I ordered the kit this spring, and received it within a week. The technical, cosmetics, and operation of this unit was much more than I expected. Re-ordering the cartridges also arrived within a week.

    This is well built, with good quality appearance and parts. I expected a cheaper build, and was pleasantly suprised.

    I have used it for 4 months now, and cut way back on regular smoking. It may not be a “stop smoking” tool officially, but it really helps.

    I have had one atomizer act strange, giving me a strange, plastic taste. I am going to ask if they’ll replace it.

  21. Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the confusion on our end. We can get this taken care of easy. Would you mind please calling us Toll Free at: 1-888-207-4588

    If you will provide your order number on the call we should be able to get to the bottom of it very quickly.

    Thanks so much for your order and I hope you’ll have a great experience with blu once your order comes in!

    All The Best,


  22. Barry Scott

    I ordered my starter pack a week and a half ago, and started to worry. I got an immediate (robotic) response saying my Blucigs had been shipped, giving a USPS tracking code. It took me a week to figure out the code was an incorrect number, untrackable. I have now sent another email to Blucigs, and got another computer generated reply… I’m still waiting.
    I have no clue if I will ever see my starter pack… I have never had this kind of issue with an online supplier before, but it agrivating to now see so many people are having the same problems…

  23. […] blu cigs is the premiere electronic cigarette on the market. They are also one of the most inexpensive electronic cigarettes. Their premium electronic vaporizer provides an extremely realistic smoking experience. blu also offers an exclusive package that actually charges their electronic cigarettes while you are not using it so they are always ready while you are on the go. The blu pack can hold up to 5 cartridges. Their flavored cartridges are proudly made in the USA from recycled plastic exclusively by Johnson Creek. blu’s exclusive partnership with Johnson Creek is proof that they are committed to being the best, and continuously strive to add value to their product. They also offer various nicotine levels. Each cartridge equals 7 regular cigarettes so they are 75% cheaper than regular cigarettes. The blu cig starter kit includes an exclusive pack, 25 cartridges equaling over 150 cigarettes, 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, a wall charger, and a USB charger. Blu cigs also offers a variety of accessories. The blu cig starter kit is priced at only $59.95, but their quality is exceptional. […]

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