1. Max

    Well I plan on getting a Blu starter kit once I save up the money so I can quit analogs. I have heard good and bad, but I like to check things out for myself.

  2. Aaron

    Dear Customer,

    It has been brought to our attention that there have been fraudulent calls made to the public and blu customers attempting to acquire credit card details and solicit orders under the pretense they are calling from blu cigs. Please be aware that these calls are not originating from blu cigs customer service, and that we do not use outbound calls to solicit orders or business. One of the numbers to be wary of is 877-766-5306.

    If you feel like you have been contacted by one of these companies and shared your credit card details, please check your credit card statements for any fraudulent charges. Charges from blu cigs will show up on your credit card as ‘blucigs.com 888-207-4588’. If you receive any calls attempting to sell you electronic cigarette products, whether blu or otherwise, we advise you to hang up and not give out any personal information. These services attempt to lure you in with a free or heavily discounted offer and then start billing your credit card for much more.

    If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

    Thank You
    Blu Cigs Team

  3. jiminy cricket

    Never tried Blucig. I use 3 piece eGo, and i love it. But for free, I’ll try a 2 piece. But only for free.

  4. Peggy

    I was using Blu-Cigs on and off for a couple of years, and LOVED them, but had quit smoking COMPLETELY for about 8 months. I recently heard about the 2-piece deal, and am quite interested; tho, after trying other brands with only the 2 pieces, I wasn’t very impressed.
    However, since I consistently had good luck with Blu, I think I will try them again. I started smoking again, but am unable to smoke inside the house, as I have finally cleaned it up from all the nastiness that comes with tobacco cigarettes. I was just talking to my best friend about this very thing…wanting to get Blu, as I don’t have to worry about stains on my teeth, bad breath, going out in the cold or the heat, OR getting bitten up by mosquitos, just to satisfy my craving. I will DEFINITELY be investing in a new starter kit, and look forward to a long-term relationship with Blu, once again.

  5. Suzanne Oxley

    I have been reading a lot of reviews on e cigs because I want to try them. It is hard to decide on which one is best but I will decide because I want to quit smoking.

    It sounds like Blu has done the right thing by going to the 2 piece design. No one wants a lot of hassle with an ecig.

    The prices for the starter kit and the cartomizers are in line and cheaper than some.

  6. Peter

    I’m glad that they’ve updated to a two piece version. Every negative review I’ve read had been for the 3 piece design. I’m hoping that most if not all of the issues will be resolved.

    I plan to get my wife the starter kit soon as i can spare the $70 so she can finally stop smoking a pack a day.

  7. trayce shapiro

    i have tried the new blu cigs menthol flavor and it is bi far the best alternative that i have ever used from now on i will only be using blu cigs menthol electronic cigarette.

    thank you

  8. James V Beattie

    I would say the Blu Cig is a Great deal! The Blu Cig comes with everything and even the replacement refill’s are more affordable. I bought another brand, and when I got home ,it did not work !I took it back to the retailer,and they would not warranty the product!

  9. Brett lines

    Blu cigs are amazing. My friends has a kit and I want to get one. They’ve helped him to quit smoking and I’m looking to cut down drastically. I’m saving up for a starter kit. Blu cigs makes smoking so much easier and so much safer than regular cigs. I’m a big big big fan and soon to be buyer! Keep up the awesome work:)

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