7’s Hybrid Vision Tested and Reviewed

7's e cigs logoDepending upon who you ask, mods are the future for vapor. 7’s seems to think that there’s some truth to this statement, which they made evident with the release of their Hybrid Vision vaping device. The Hybrid Vision is pretty much your standard mod. They opted to call it a “hybrid” because you can use both the refillable chamber (a clearomizer, except this one happens not to be clear) or replacement cartomizers. This gives the device some added versatility, and allows you to keep backup e juice or carts around in case you run out. 7’s is pushing the mod based on its output, claiming that it delivers maximum vapor. We put the Hybrid Vision to the test ourselves to see what we thought.

The Hardware

The Hybrid is a well-built device. It has a metal base, but is covered with a synthetic material that makes it smooth to the touch. With the exception of the 7’s logo the device is all black, which gives it a nice sleek look. Overall it is average size for a mod, maxing out at 6 inches with the clearomizer attached, and was easy to toss in a pocket and carry around for the day. Definitely avoid putting it in your back pocket, storing it in between car seats or anything similar. It is a well-built device but does not seem sturdy enough to hold up to that type of “hard” use for long. (Most devices aren’t, they do make sturdier mods but you’re looking at a different design altogether there). We haven’t had any issues with the device losing its charge too quickly, it lasted almost 2 days of average vaping, which is a plus. If you’re looking for our definition of average, the author of this post used to smoke a pack a day and vapes at about the same pace. All in all the Hybrid is a great looking, durable device.

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Vapor and Output

7’s advertises that the Hybrid is huge on output, stating that it can deliver 3.5 times the vapor as their standard electronic cigarettes. While this may be true we don’t like to compare mods to e cigs, we like to compare mods to mods. We used 7’s Regular tobacco and blueberry liquids (the Hybrid Vision starter kit comes with 2 flavors). In vapor output we honestly feel that the Hybrid falls short. You can pull a nice drag, but it takes effort. We loaded it up with another e juice to give it a more thorough test (Johnson Creek’s Domestic Tobacco, big fan of that one) and got the same results. We’ve vaped that particular e liquid out of other mods and gotten huge clouds, so it appears that the issue is with the Hybrid itself. It does deliver considerably more vapor than any e cig, but not as much as we want from a mod. If you are in to devices with heavy throat hit this isn’t the one for you. To be fair it would be a good option for someone looking for an average to mild vape. On the bright side the Hybrid was extremely consistent. We got the same amount of vapor with the same amount of effort on every drag. No breaks in output when we vaped were experienced at all. That consistency cues a sturdy design.

The Verdict

The Hybrid is a good, but not great option for your next vaping device in our opinion. The aesthetics are awesome. We also appreciate that you can use the cone tip that comes with the Hybrid to use carts from other manufacturers. Gotta love a device that doesn’t pin you to one brand of juice. In spite of that we would look at other devices if we were sticking to just one main piece, and seek out something that delivers more vapor per drag. The device isn’t all bad, we just like lots of vapor when we pull out a mod. You can check out the Hybrid for yourself on 7’s website. Right now you can pick up a starter kit with accessories for under $80,which is very reasonable from a price standpoint. We give it 3.5/5 stars, but will look into other mods by 7’s based on their design work. Let us know how you feel by rating the Hybrid Vision via the five-star rating system below.

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