Not So Sure About 21st Century Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Posted by Chris | Electronic Cigarette Reviews | Wednesday 21 August 2013 1:43 pm

Every once in a while a disposable electronic cigarette is exactly what you need. Maybe you ran out of juice for your mod or forgot your rechargeable at home. Perhaps you’re a tobacco smoker who just bought a brand new car and you don’t want to stink it up. Whatever the reason, it’s good to know which disposable e cigs you can rely on for a good vape. In that spirit we have been trying out some disposables to see how well they fare.

Today we have some feedback on 21st Century Disposable Electronic Cigarettes. We have seen this brand popping up at more and more retailers in the area recently. It’s 21st Century Disposable E Cig In It's Packagingright there next to the disposable offerings from already popular brands like Blu and NJoy. It’s also priced the same as these proven brands. We made two separate purchases, at two separate stores, paying $9.99 a piece for 21st Century Disposables that report to be equivalent to two packs of analogs. We purchased one tobacco flavored disposable and one menthol flavored version to get a full idea of how their most traditional flavor offerings stack up.  Sadly, we have to report that our experience with 21st Century has been sub-par up to this point. In both instances we opened the packaging, removed the plastic safety tips from either end of the e cig, and took a full smooth drag to get our first impression of the device. In both instances we found that we had purchased a faulty device. Neither disposable delivered a single drag of vapor, literally nothing. The tip did not light up, the cartomizer did not put out any vapor, the silicon draw tip even fell off. Clearly 21 Century is putting cost over quality when they build their disposables.

Honestly speaking we are a bit reluctant to have to report this. We like to be advocates for the vapor community and prefer to keep a positive tone in our e cig reviews. However, it is our policy to provide vapers and those considering electronic cigarettes with honest feedback, so in the end we felt that we had to share our story. We want others to know which brands really put out the best electronic cigarettes, and which still need some R&D. We have contacted 21st Century via the customer service email provided on their website. We have not heard back from them yet (it has been 2 business days, to us that’s more than enough time to have received at least an automated response), but will be happy to update this post in the event that we do. Upon searching their website we found that they do offer a 90 day warranty on all of their vapor products. In our case we would be required to pay to have the devices shipped to Wisconsin, from Florida, to be evaluated by the team at 21st Century. If they deem the products to be defective, which they clearly are, we would then receive replacements. Our issue with this from a consumer standpoint is that we paid $9.99 for the disposables. It would cost nearly that much to purchase packaging and ship them back, and then we would have to wait for a response. While we will likely do this to put their customer service to the test, that nearly doubles the price of the devices. Let’s be honest, price is one of the great things about electronic cigarettes so this isn’t really worth it.

We would love to hear about your experiences with the brand. Feel free to leave a comment below. If you vape 21st Century products and have not had an issue, we would like for other vapers who visit our site to get a full review of these e cigs. If you are interested in 21st Century, you can visit them online to get a better view of their products. Normally if a disposable is good we do what we can to get a hold of more products for a full review. At this point we will likely not be doing that with 21st Century Electronic Cigarettes without a significant change or a wealth of positive feedback. There are simply too many brands out there to waste time on the ones that sell faulty hardware.

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