2015 Green Smoke Review

When you think of e-cig companies, there are probably a few that come to mind immediately. Blu, V2, and, of course, Green Smoke are some of the most popular. Green Smoke is a brand name that you can trust insofar as you’ve probably heard the name before. But, is the company really all it’s stacked up to be or has it just been the beneficiary of good marketing? Some contend that Green Smoke is stuck in the past with its “cig-a-like” designs, but others quite like what they have to offer. Find out what we think in this Green Smoke review.

Greensmoke ecig

Green Smoke E-Cig Options

When it comes to variety, Green Smoke doesn’t have a lot. They currently only offer the “cig-a-like” model which is an e-cigarette designed to look like a standard cigarette. These are made up of cartomizers and batteries that you can charge up and vape with relative ease. To make up for the relative lack of bigger options, Green Smoke allows you to customize the look of the battery. So, you can at least add a personal touch to your e-cig experience.

Green Smoke does offer a relatively large selection of starter kits. Everyone from cautious beginners to seasoned pros will find something they like in Green Smoke’s starter kits. Their starter kits are as follows:

  • Essentials Kit
  • Express Kit
  • Pro Kit
  • Ultimate Kit
  • Love Birds Kit

The Essentials Kit is the least expensive and offers exactly what the name suggests: the essentials. In the kit, you’ll find two cartridges, a battery, a USB charger, and a case. At only $18.49, this is the option you’ll want to choose if you’re unsure about going with Green Smoke full time. It allows you to test the machinery and the flavors without breaking the bank.

The Express Kit is one step up and offers two batteries (one short and one long), a full pack of cartridges, a carrying case, a wall charger, and USB charger. It currently costs $46.72, which is comparable to something like the Blu Plus kit. The Pro Kit ($74.05) offers 3 long batteries, an extra pack of cartridges, and a car adapter along with everything else in the Express Kit. The Ultimate Kit ($92.56) offers an extra battery, an extra carrying case, and an extra USB charger on top of everything in the Pro Kit.

If you’re looking for the best value, we’d suggest sticking with the Express Kit. The truth is that you don’t really need extra chargers or extra carrying cases unless you absolutely want them. When the items in your Express Kit run their course, you can simply buy more at the Green Smoke online store. Batteries and cartridges are what you’ll be going after.

Cartridge Selection

A single pack of cartridges is going to run you about $13 and comes with 5 cartridges per pack. If you order more than one pack, then the price per pack is cheaper. For instance, buying 5 packs will cost you a total of $62.45 or $12.49 per pack. The best value would be to purchase 20 packs for $199.40 or $9.97 per pack.

Unfortunately, Green Smoke does not have a wide selection of cartridges to choose from. All of their flavors are based on traditional cigarette standbys, but there are only 4. The four Green Smoke flavors are:

  • Absolute Tobacco
  • Red Label Tobacco
  • Tobacco Gold
  • Menthol Ice

For some, this may represent a woeful lack of diversity in flavoring, but, for others, this is exactly what they need. Nicotine quantities range from 0% to 2.4% in each of the four flavors.

Each Green Smoke cartridge is branded as “FlavorMax” and includes “FlavorShield” and “GreenSeal” technologies. This is basically a fun way of saying that every cartridge is thoroughly sealed to keep in freshness and vapor quality. Few other companies are as diligent about maintaining flavor in their non-refillable cartridges as Green Smoke, so the company certainly deserves kudos for that.

Green Smoke also has another deal if you join their “Auto Ship” program. With this program, you can get your cartridges automatically without having to order them every single time. On top of that, each cartridge only costs $9.58 on the Auto Ship program, which is the cheapest option available. It basically allows you to get new cartridges at about the time you run out of your current cartridges.

Batteries and Accessories

Green Smoke offers two battery sizes (appropriately referred to as “long” and “short”). Batteries come in a variety of different aesthetic styles, but they offer the same quality. The short battery as 160 mAh and the long battery has 270 mAh. Depending on the frequency of vaping and your own personal capacity, these batteries can last different amounts of time. The short battery can typically last around 200 puffs (or two hours) while the long battery lasts about 300 puffs (or three hours). Again, depending on your preferences, this could be good or it could be inadequate.

You can charge your Green Smoke battery with one of three different battery types. Wall adapters, USB chargers, and car chargers are sold separately and within starter kits. Green Smoke also offers a nice selection of elegant carrying cases so that you stay stylish all the time.

Greensmoke ecig

Green Smoke Performance

Green Smoke’s calling card is the amount of vapor its e-cigs can produce, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The fancy FlavorShield and GreenSeal technologies certainly do well to lock in the flavors in the cartridges. You can expect huge plumes of smoke and solid feeling in the back of your throat when you take a drag.

Although Green Smoke only offers four flavors, they are still some of the best out there when it comes to non-refillable cartridges. Green Smoke may catch some flak for their insistence on using non-refillable cartridges, but they certainly make up for it with their exemplary flavor. You might expect a “tinny” aftertaste from cig-a-likes like these, but you’re not going to get any of that. It’s certainly good that their flavors are incredible because they don’t even allow you to use other company’s cartridges on their batteries.

Customer Service

Green Smoke is also known for having some of the best customer service options available. Their phone number is prominently displayed on the website and you can also chat with a representative directly on the site. Many of their purchases come with a 30-day money back guarantee, free shipping, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Green Smoke also offers a rewards program that allows you to earn points for purchases you make. Every $10 you spend racks up a point. You can also send back 80 used cartridges for recycling purposes and earn 26 points (shipping is also free for this). Each point essentially accounts for 50 cents off your next purchase. So, if you have 100 points and you make a $100 purchase, you’ll only have to spend $50.


Although Green Smoke doesn’t offer a wide breadth options, they still manage to maintain the quality of the products they do have. After all, quality is more important than quantity in many cases. More flavors and refillable cartridges might be nice additions for Green Smoke, but, in its current state, the company is doing just fine. And the customers will continue to enjoy what they offer.

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