Why Electronic Cigarettes?

People often ask, what’s not good enough about what I smoke right now? Why would I want to make the jump to a fake cigarette? These are all valid questions, and they all have valid answers.

First, electronic cigarettes are not “Fake” cigarettes. They actually are a more “pure” form of smoking. Instead of inhaling all the smoke, carbon monoxide, and carcinogens, you get a vaporized form of nicotine. Doctors agree, it’s not nicotine that is dangerous, in fact, nicotine is very comparable to caffeine. Doctors know that it’s the smoke and carcinogens in cigarettes that cause health problems.

Depending on which e-cigarette you get, and your smoking style, electronic cigarettes may prove to be more cost effective. For example, Blu cigarettes sells 5 cartridges for $5. This is equivalent to about a pack and a half of traditional cigarettes. If you factor in that you get to select the nicotine level (The cigarettes with lower nicotine are more expensive at the store) and any flavor you might like, this is a great value.

E Cigs often have a reputation of being “not as good” of a smoking experience. This actually couldn’t be farther from the truth. The E-cigarette vapor is quite comparable to smoke, and because vapor is just as, if not more, effective at delivering nicotine, the same effects are felt as classic cigarettes. In their infancy, many people complained that e-cigs often ran out of battery. Today, all the ecigarettes utilize rechargeable high capacity lithium polymer batteries for extended use, and portable chargers to insure that your e-cigarette is always ready when you are.

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