Varying Your E Liquids Makes for a Timely Vape

Changing up your e-juice based on time of day and activity can be a fun way to vary your vaping experience.  There are no rules for varying your vape, as it largely comes down to personal taste and preference. That being said, there are several popular styles of vape variation that are worth mentioning.

traditional round clockMany vapers choose to vary their juice by time of day. Personally, I’m the type of person who always starts the day with a couple of cups of coffee. Back when I was a smoker, one of my favorite things was that first cigarette of the day with my morning cup of coffee. Even though, thanks to vaping, I no longer smoke, I still choose my first vape of the day to pair with my coffee – a blend of Kickback and Santa Sauce, both from Indigo Vapes. I still love the flavor of tobacco, and this mixture blends tobacco, chocolate, and “holiday goodies” into a taste that blends with my morning coffee to create an experience that is superior in every way to my old “coffee and a cigarette.”

My all-day vape (Kickback/ Mint Choco Fusion/ Indigo Express)  is very similar to my morning vape, with a few key differences. I don’t care for mint first thing in the morning, but I love it the rest of the day. Additionally, my all day mixture is a little heavier on the tobacco flavor, while my morning vape is a little sweeter.

Another consideration in varying your vape is your activity. I’m the type of person who always wants a nice vape after a meal, and sometimes a mint chocolate flavor doesn’t go with what I’ve been eating. For those situations I keep a blend of tobacco and caramel apple handy. I find that the subtle apple and caramel flavor goes with almost anything.  If I had to choose a second all-day vape, it’d be this flavor.

Of course, flavor isn’t the only way you can vary your vape. Changing up your PG/VG ratio and nicotine level will also yield a different experience. Now, once you have found a PG/VG and nicotine level you like, you might be wondering why you would want to change that up. Well, there are actually several reasons.

Normally I use 18mg nicotine liquid, but if I’m going to have a few cocktails with friends, I know I’ll be “chain-vaping” at the bar. For times like this, I always scale down to 12mg nicotine liquid.  I also use a different PG/VG ration in my “bar vape.” Generally, PG produces more throat hit, and VG produces more vapor. I love big clouds of vapor when I am at the bar, and so I’ll tend to vape a more VG heavy mixture at bars than I normally would.

At the other end of the spectrum from the “bar vape” is my “is vaping allowed here” vape.  Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation where you don’t know if vaping is allowed with no easy way to ask someone. Two common places where this occurs are airports and movie theaters. As vapers, we should always be respectful of those around us. Sometimes this means refraining from vaping. However, varying your vape for these ambiguous situations can also be an option. When faced with an ambiguous vaping policy, I carry a small, discreet mod filled with a high PG ratio liquid, and 24mg strength nicotine. Because of the high PG ratio, the vape produces less vapor, and because of the higher nicotine concentration, I can take the discreet puff and feel satisfied.

In the end, there is no wrong way to vary your vape. It’s all about your personal preferences, and with the staggering variety of options available to vapers, you can express yourself with every puff.


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