National Running Day; The Vapers’ Edition

It seems that with the growth of social causes, and quite frankly social media there is now a “day” for everything. While I let National Cupcake Day (yes, this is actually a real thing) pass me by I did take pause when I saw that today is National Running Day. To be completely honest I am not a huge running aficionado. I take to a treadmill or a neighborhood sidewalk a few evenings a week as a means to keep my heart healthy, but I have never run a marathon, nor do I consider myself to be a true “Runner.” Still, when my Twitter feed updated me to that fact that today is National Running Day I decided to do some looking around.

marathon runner's shoes during a raceI started with an article from Runner’s World reporting on how groups across the nation are celebrating, and then bounced around to a couple of other sites. I was somewhat surprised myself how vapor kept coming to mind as I read more and more. You see, when I first started running I was a pack a day smoker. In fact, when I got to a point where I could run two miles non-stop (again this is a milestone for me, not a “Runner”) I would even ask myself “How bad can smoking be if I can still do this?” I actually sold myself, and tried to sell others, on this very argument. I did so for quite some time to be perfectly honest.

Then the day came when I decided to give electronic cigarettes a try. I picked up a cig-a-like from a local service station and began vaping. I lapsed back to tobacco a few times in the first couple of months, but ultimately stuck with vapor. Once I was fully smoke free I began noticing changes. Among the most noticeable of the changes was how I felt while on my evening run. The last half mile was not nearly as difficult as it had been just a few months earlier. I hadn’t increased my speed or made any other significant changes. All I had done was switch to vapor from tobacco smoke. Just like that, in a matter of less than two months I could actually feel the difference while I exercised.

While I and the rest of the team here at CigaretteReviews fully acknowledge that the medical jury is not yet in on electronic cigarettes and the health effects of the vapor that they produce, it’s hard to ignore how I feel. Not a temporary change in mood or a sense of accomplishment, but an actual change in the way that I feel when I run. I’m no doctor, but I do feel that my body has told me that I have made a better choice. I stand by this choice and am happy to have made the lifestyle change. Today, National Running Day or not, I will once again be reminded of this when I set out on a jog here in a few hours. So maybe I have found a “day” that makes sense to me. The only other day that might mean more to me would be National Vapor Day, if and when that becomes a reality.

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