Making E Cigarettes a Lifestyle Choice

Smoking is a lot like dieting. Many people find it next to impossible to just “cut back” or “diet” without going back to the same habits again at some point. Usually when you do go back, it gets worse as if you are somehow trying to make up for all that you missed when you cut back. The only way to be effective in a long term situation in either case is to make a commitment to change your lifestyle. Viewing e cigs a lifestyle choice makes breaking the smoking habit more permanent. Any time you make a change in your lifestyle you have to focus on the positive aspects if you want the change to last. While we still need to see more scientific studies to form a truly educated opinion, we can point out some positives that will be easy to focus on. If you do make the jump to vapor, you will quickly find that the latest adjustment to your lifestyle does have a good number of advantages.

Better Health

man vaping an electronic cigarette at his deskNo matter what your stance is on vapor products, you have to agree that drawing smoke into your lungs is not healthy. When it comes to cigarettes, nicotine isn’t even the main problem. The main problem is all the other chemicals and carcinogens that are in the smoke itself. Keep in mind that there are additives in the tobacco to keep it burning once it’s lit as well as additives to stop it from burning after a certain amount of time. Even if you use all natural tobacco, you’re still breathing smoke and tar in with the nicotine. The difference with vapor products is that there is no actual smoke to breathe in. What you breathe in is vapor – a completely different substance. Again, we want to see more research. Most doctors however, including many of those that are anti-vapor, do assert that vapor is better from a health standpoint than is smoke.

Reduced Mess

Look at your tables, your desk, the surfaces near where you smoke. There is likely to be at least an ash or two, if not a layer of yellowish tar. At the very least you have an item in your house or yard that is meant to hold ashes and cigarette butts on a regular basis. When you think about that and the fact that you’re actually a clean person, it seems kind of ironic.

E cigarettes don’t require an ashtray. Their vapor does not leave a stale smell in your home or car. You don’t have to wash tar off your walls or watch it drip down them. Your furniture or car’s interior does not get coated with a sticky residue. You don’t have to wonder if your children smell like smoke when they go to school. In the meantime you still get all of the same pleasure from an e cigarette that you got from smoking a tobacco cigarette.

Improve Your Social Life

You avoid going to places where you can’t smoke. You get twitchy when you sit too long without a cigarette. More and more places are going smoke free every day, and we all know about how nonsmokers feel about being around smoke or people who reek of it. You will actually get to meet people and date without worrying about whether they like kissing an ashtray, or being embarrassed because you have to step outside and have a cigarette before you completely fall apart. While many states are changing laws about when and where you can vape, the social benefits will become apparent very quickly.

Save Money

Cigarettes are expensive, but that doesn’t even matter. Even if they cost a dollar a pack and you compared the ultimate cost to the most expensive e cigarette on the market, the e cigarette would still be cheaper. Why? Because lung cancer is expensive. So are all the health problems that come from inhaling the smoke from tobacco. In fact, poor eating habits can occur from smoking just because you can’t appreciate how good healthy food can taste. Poor eating habits lead to expensive medical bills. These factors, while they are true might not resound enough with those of us out there who look at direct short term costs. Outstandingly vaping the equivalent of a pack a day is still less expensive on a day to day basis than smoking is.

Making e cigarettes a lifestyle choice is going to open a whole new world. If you just considered the benefits to your sense of smell alone it would be enough, but there are far more benefits. Just remember, you have to make the conscious choice to make the switch. Vapor must truly become a part of your new and improved lifestyle.

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