Friend or Foe; Electronic Cigarettes and Your Teeth

Everyone wants a picture perfect smile. It’s about more than aesthetics; dental health is an important thing to stay on top of for many reasons. As smokers we all heard about how bad tobacco is for your teeth every time we visited the dentist. In the spirit of keeping things honest we decided to take a look and find out if using electronic healthy teeth smilingcigarettes is better for your teeth. After a heavy amount of research we have some interesting facts to share with you.

  • Whiter and brighter- You hear it from the hygienist and dentist, tobacco does a number on the color of your teeth. The tar in tobacco smoke settles on teeth, making it necessary to go in for a professional whitening in order to restore your teeth’s natural brightness. Switching to electronic cigarettes takes the tar out of the equation and allows your teeth to regain a whiter appearance. Professional whitening and cleaning, in combination with a healthy tooth care regimen on your part can in fact improve the appearance of your teeth after quitting tobacco. While we would never tell you that electronic cigarettes themselves improve dental health, the consensus seems to be that they once again best tobacco products.
  • Your gums- This is an area where we would like to see more formal research done. Some vapers report bleeding gums a couple of weeks after making the switch (The vast majority of these vapers report that the bleeding stops after a short period). Others report that their dentists gave rave reviews about the improved state of their gums after ditching tobacco. One known fact is that tobacco smoke reduces blood flow to the mouth, which deteriorates gum health over time. Switching to vapor does improve blood flow, which may lead to bleeding for the first group, and is surely associated with the positive gum health of the second. Remember that nicotine itself decreases blood flow, so e cigs still can have a negative effect. Switching to e juices with lower nicotine concentrations is one way to combat this, and is easy to do with pretty much every brand out there.
  • Dry mouth- Some vapers, and most heavy smokers report experiencing dry mouth. Nicotine from both regular and e cigs is one cause. Tobacco cigarettes themselves have other agents that can perpetrate dry mouth. Dry mouth can bring about everything from bad breath to gum disease, as saliva works to decrease the amount of bacteria that can grow in your mouth. The hard truth is that vapor can increase dry mouth. (Hey nothing is perfect right?) To combat dry mouth you can: sip water throughout the day, use a mouth wash that does not contain alcohol (always talk to your dentist about the best oral care products to use), brush at least twice a day, pay attention to how much smoke or vapor you take in and work to actively cut down your usage.


Electronic cigarettes have an effect on the state of your dental health. From all of our research the dental community seems to agree that vapor is better for your teeth and gums than smoke. We’re not saying that it will improve your oral health, but compared to tobacco smoke it is a huge step forward. If you have made the switch we recommend that you discuss any changes that you have noticed with your dentist. Everyone should go in for regular cleanings and dental checkup whether you are a fan of vapor or not. We always welcome comments, but would especially love to hear about your experience with electronic cigarettes and dental health. The more information that we share the faster we can all have the facts that we need.

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