Our Favorite E Cig Accessories

Vapers have a lot more options on their hands these days than just deciding between brands and flavors. A good amount of accessories have hit the market that are aimed at making your life easier. Some of these products are gimmicks, however many of them really do come in handy. Today we have five of our favorite e cig accessories. All of them serve a specific function that makes them great buys for all lovers of vapor. Remember, we aren’t reviewing individual brands here, so check back with our review section in the future, and shop around to find  the best of each.

Portable Charging case for electronic cigarettesThe Charging Case

Who doesn’t sometimes forget to charge up their vaporizer? If you are a fan of the smaller devices out there, then there’s a good chance that your favorite brand has a charging case available now or in development. We’ve seen them from everyone from eGo to Blu, and all seem to work just fine. These aren’t just a novelty accessories, they are really handy to have around. You have to remember to charge the case of course, but that’s not a big deal to most of us. You’ll be happy that you have one around the next time that you discover a dead e cig while you are out and about.



Lanyard designed to carry an electronic cigaretteThe E Cig Lanyard

I had second thoughts about including this one on the list. That was the case until I pulled one of my favorite vaporizers out of my pocket and realized that it had been broken. A little more knowledge and a soldering iron might have been useful, but like most people I had neither. While they might not be in your wheel house from a fashion standpoint, lanyards are easier to travel with than most cases if you use a larger device. They come made out of everything from yarn to bungee cord to “stylish” metal chains, so it’s easy to find one that suites your preferences.


Variable voltage electronic cigarette batteries let you control outputVariable Voltage Batteries

Here’s another e cig accessory that sounded a bit like a gimmick, until I gave it a shot. I’ve personally tried three different devices with variable voltage batteries and enjoyed them all. It seems like the manufacturers are paying more attention to hardware and innovation these days, and it’s really paying off for vapers. Variable voltage batteries are literally great for everyone, no matter how much throat hit you are looking for. It is rare that this can be said about any accessory.


After market e juice containerE Juice Containers

Why buy an e juice container when your liquid already comes in one? We can think of a couple of reasons. First off it means that you always have some backup juice on hand. Many containers attach to key chains, making them hard to forget at home. Plus, containers are almost always sturdier than the bottles that juice comes in, making them a far better option when you are on the go. If that’s not enough then think about all of the times where your tank has a hole that is a bit too small for the bottle that your favorite liquid is in. Most containers have small tips that make them better for filling the majority of tanks out there.


Plastic inhaler tips for electronic cigarettesDisposable Tips

They are called everything from tips to e cig condoms, but they serve a very useful purpose; avoiding the spread of germs. Even if you are not a germaphobe they can come in very handy. Keeping a disposable tip around lets you allow others to try your vaporizer without exchanging anything but conversation. I’ve used them when allowing friends who vape to tryout out a new flavor. I have even seen others allow strangers to try out vaping without any germ worries. This might not be the accessory for everyone, but if you give them a try you might be surprised how much you like having a couple around.

These are our suggestions when it comes to the most useful e cig accessories. You will likely find them useful even if you are a no-frills type of vaper. There are other products out there designed for vapers. If you have come across one that you like feel free to let us know about it in the comment section.


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