If You Fall Down, Get Right Back Up

We spend a lot of time sharing stories and advice for smokers who have never tried vapor, but what about smokers who made the switch to electronic cigarettes and then switched back? This is a fairly common occurrence, even among those who make the switch and like vapor. It can happen for a lot of reasons. Most often people run out of refills or lose their electronic cigarette, pick up a pack of analogs to tide over and find themselves back on the wagon. It can happen quicker than you think, after all tobacco was a big part of most smokers’ lives for quite some time. So how do those of us who have moved back get back on the wagon?No Smoking Sign

First you have to decide whether vapor really is for you. In most cases the answer is “yes, of course” but if you find yourself avoiding e cigs you must ask. As you’re still with us you probably did in fact answer “yes”. If so it’s time to climb back aboard the vapor train. As basic as it sounds try reminding yourself about the benefits of electronic cigarettes. Think about how much money you saved verse analogs. Recalling the way you felt after first making the switch is the biggest part. Remember that morning that you woke up and didn’t cough? How about that first run that you went on where you didn’t have to stop because you were out of breath? Everyone who converted can relate to this. Face it; feeling better is one of the best side effects of e cigs. Sure, the jury is still out on the exact safety of vapor, but we all know from experience that they are better than tobacco cigarettes. The improvements were obvious when we all switched, and reminding ourselves of the plusses was a huge help when we relapsed.

Once you’re back to vapor take some time to reacquaint yourself with your options. Sometimes people fall off because they only try one brand, like it but didn’t love it, and go back to analogs. The truth is there are a ton of different options out there. Try out a couple of brands. We often pick up a disposable to try before committing further to any particular brand. Most disposables aren’t any more expensive than analogs, and they let you dip your toe into a brand’s pool rather than just diving in.

We recommend that you keep two factors in mind when choosing your mod or e cig; hardware and the vapor itself. Having good hardware is a must. Different types of e cigs and mods have different vapor outputs. With a little sampling you can find the device that deliver the amount of vapor that you want. If your last device broke on you (most of the cheap ones will) take some time to find a company that provides quality hardware. Ask friends, check out message boards, social media and of course, take advantage of electronic cigarette reviews. A little research will lead you to a brand that won’t sell you faulty hardware. Try out a few different flavors of e juice while you are searching. If you look enough you can find one that will be very close in taste to the flavor of the analog smoke that you gave up. You might also be surprised how much you may like some of the more exotic flavors. You may also want to experiment with different levels of nicotine if you felt that your carvings were not satisfied the first time.

Getting back into using vapor is easier than when you made the switch the first time. Just find a good vaping device, a flavor that you enjoy and re-commit. In the end you will be happy that you did. Feel free to leave feedback and share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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