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Can You Really Use Electronic Cigarettes Everywhere?

Posted by Chris | Uncategorized | Monday 5 August 2013 3:06 pm

We all know that with vapor being considerably safer than smoke the second hand dangers all but taken away if they exist at all. We also know that a ton of electronic cigarette companies sell their products on the claim that, with electronic cigarettes you can “smoke anywhere”. In reality this is not true. Yes, you can certainly enjoy vaporDesignated Vaping Area Sign in many places where tobacco cigarettes are not allowed. It truly is one of the benefits of the products. In reality you cannot enjoy an electronic cigarette “everywhere”. Here are some of the places that you can or should not use electronic cigarettes or other vapor devices.


Ina recent post we discussed using electronic cigarettes on airplanes. While we think that we made a great case for equitable e smoking sections, the fact is that you are not allowed to vape on most flights. These rules are set by the airlines as opposed to the Federal Department of Transportation. Many airports still allow electronic cigarettes inside, however as of late some have banned them as a result of state laws. It is best to ask before you break out your electronic cigarette. We perused several of the major airports’ websites and found nothing that banned their use at: La Guardia International in New York, O’ Hare International in Chicago (The Chicago Clean Indoor Air Ordinance clearly defines smoking using the words lighted and burning; that’s not vapor), McCarron International in Las Vegas and several other major hubs. While we have no issue with vaping in an airport if allowed, we do recommend taking advantage of a traditional smoking area if it is available. Many airports have designated areas for smoking, for now we personally vape in those areas out of respect for others.


When it comes to schools for younger children you will be dealing with state and local laws. In our opinion it is best to avoid vaping directly around children out of respect for their parents’ wishes. Some may consider it to be setting a bad example, so elementary middle and high schools are out for us. As for colleges many campuses have strict tobacco bans. While some differentiate between smoking tobacco and other forms, one should always check. This reference gives you a recently updated list of academic institutions coast to coast, and their smoking policies. If tobacco is banned outright, we would recommend proceeding cautiously if you choose to vape. If only smoking tobacco is banned we would have to say that you are likely in the clear. Again, it is always best to ask, there are far too many universities out there for us to catalog them all. In our opinion vaping should not be included in tobacco bans, but some colleges have recently made the news for disagreeing with us.

Shopping Centers

Enjoying some vapor while picking up your groceries or beefing up your wardrobe is certainly an appealing thought. While local laws will once again come into play, most of us do not live in places that clearly ban vapor devices as part of their indoor smoking laws. While it might not be illegal, we still vote to abstain from vaping in places such as shopping malls, big box retailers and grocery stores. Vapor has come a long way, but the general public is still not ready for full on acceptance. If we want to make sure that impending vapor laws don’t over-limit where we can vape, then we should hold off in places like this for now.

Government Buildings

We hear a lot of reports of vapor being banned in government owned and run buildings. This doesn’t just include offices, but places like the DMV and Tax Collectors Offices as well. It’s not that surprising as government facilities almost always have a stricter set of rules than most places. We made sure to include it in our list to help you avoid an awkward situation next time you need to renew your driver’s license. For now, we consider the inside of all government buildings to be no-vapor zones. We’re not saying that we like it, but it does seem to be the rule.

Movie Theaters

This is another place where vapor would be a nice addition. We searched online for policies about smoking electronic cigarettes in movie theaters and didn’t find anything. To get a better answer we put out calls to both AMC and Muvico, two of the largest movie theater companies in the United States. Members of management from both companies reported that there is not currently a policy about electronic cigarettes in their theaters, however they have had instances in the past where they have asked movie goers to refrain from vaping indoors out of respect for other guests.

In the end respect or others seemed to be the common theme among places where electronic cigarettes should not be used. In some instances laws will explicitly state that e cigs are not allowed. In reality electronic cigarettes have gotten so popular, so quickly, that law makers have not had time to decide how to categorize vapor devices. We stand on the side of the research that states that vapor is safer than smoke. More research is currently underway in order to help law makers to determine the effects of vapor. While we fully agree with enjoying vapor in ways that does not impede on the rights of others, it is becoming increasingly important that vapors be aware of hwo laws are coming together so that the list above does not get longer. In our opinion bars, social clubs and similar places should never have vapor bans.

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