Common Sense Electronic Cigarette Laws

It is plain to see that there are laws on the way for electronic cigarettes. Even as vapor lovers, we agree that there should be some level of regulation involved. The trouble is that there are a lot of people who would like to add too many laws, or laws that are too restrictive. From Big Tobacco who wants to start selling electronic cigarettes themselves, to pharmaceutical companies, to uninformed politicians there are going to be a lot of strange laws suggested. Here is what we, those who have a firsthand understanding of electronic vaping devices, feel should be used when evaluating new electronic cigarette laws.

A Clear Definition

Currently too many people lump electronic cigarettes into the same category as tobacco cigarettes. This is a mistake, plain and simple. They are not the same product and legal books like the ones that wil contain electronic cigarette lawsshould not be treated as such. We need a clear cut definition of what electronic cigarettes are: devices which allow people to enjoy a pastime that may or may not include nicotine. Anyone who argues that electronic and analog cigarettes are one and the same is entirely misinformed. This should be the first step involved in forming any future laws about the vaping devices.

Age Restrictions

Electronic cigarettes, mods and all other vaping devices are intended for adult use. As such we feel that it would be reasonable to put laws into place stipulating that minors cannot purchase or use e cigs. That is a logical law, and has already been put into place in states such as Illinois. Other states and even the Federal Government should follow suit in our opinion.

Limited Taxes

E Cigarettes are already subject to import taxes if they come from abroad and sales taxes when they are sold. There is no need to levy any more taxes on the product, regardless of how much politicians and even tobacco companies may want to structure new taxes. This relates heavily to treating vaping devices like analog cigarettes. Many people will want to apply the same taxes, but like we said they are not the same product. Allowing extra taxes will unnecessarily increase the price of electronic cigarettes, e juices and all other related products.

Testing and Quality Control

As electronic cigarettes provide a substance for people to ingest, we are not opposed to there being some form of test that the products must undergo. Currently e juices are comprised of approved substances which are already used in many foods. When laws are formally written it makes sense that juices should have to be approved. It does not necessarily need to be by the Food and Drug Administration, but that agency makes sense considering they already test thousands of products. This would help to ensure that the products are as safe as possible and make for better e juices for vapors to enjoy. As we mentioned, electronic cigarette liquids are already made from substances that are able to be ingested by the human body, but regulating ingredients makes sense when it comes to the legal side of vaping. As e cig use grows we are sure to see more manufacturers enter the market, including those looking to make a quick buck. Ensuring that those who want to get involved in the industry have standards to adhere to makes sense for everyone who enjoys vaping.

Every day we hear more and more about laws being proposed to regulate the sale and use of electronic cigarettes. In some cases we even hear of people proposing outright bans on vapor products. While we are certainly not lawyers here at we do have a good amount of experience with the subject, and keep ourselves up to date on new e cig laws that come along. We also understand what the product really is and how it should be regulated. Feel free to share your views on the subjet with us in the comment section below.

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