New York State Bill Would Ban E Liquid Sales

The debate around electronic cigarette regulation is about to be at an all-time high. Many cities, including New York and Philadelphia, officially outlawed vaping in public places just last month.  Next the Food and Drug Administration released their proposal to include vapor products in the Tobacco Control Act. These particular stories have made for the biggest headlines. Unfortunately there are proposals and bills out there that are aimed at limiting, if not eliminating electronic cigarettes. One that hasn’t gotten enough press is currently before the New York State Senate, Bill S6939-2013. This piece of legislation would potentially make it illegal to sell or give away e liquids in the state of New York. That’s right; if you can’t make e cigarettes illegal just outlaw the juice.

The Rundown of New York State Senate Bill S6939-2013 (More info on the bill)

e liquid bottlesThe first section of the bill looks to rework how electronic cigarettes are legally defined in New York. The sponsors of the bill want to officially define electronic cigarettes “to mean a battery operated device that contains cartridges or liquids filled with a combination of nicotine and chemicals”.

The second section cuts right to it and states that the bill will “prohibit the sale, offer to sell, or giving away of electronic liquids or e-liquids by any company or entity”. Anyone found violating this section of the suggested law would be punishable by a fine up to $500.00 per offense.

The second section also looks to legally define e liquids “as a liquid composed of nicotine and other chemicals, which is sold as a product that may be used in electronic cigarettes”.

The third and last section of the bill states that it will become law 90 days after is voted in, considering that it passes of course.

Who Can We Thank For This?

The Bill is sponsored by NY State Senator Kemp Hannon and NY State Senator Tony Avella and is, of course, being filed as a plea in favor of public health. Feel free to use either of the links attached to their names, they lead directly to their contact information. If you agree with us, then you will let them know just how terrible their idea is. Outlawing e liquids is on the short list of actions that would immediately harm public health. Yes we all want to see more studies, but no it is not time to render an entire state incapable of using e cigarettes. This particular Bill and its repercussions are simply too extreme to be made law. It is a back door attempt at banning electronic cigarettes that we as the vapor community can simply not allow.

What we can do is make our voices heard. Letting the politicians responsible for this loosely written and poorly founded Bill know how you feel is step one. Spreading the word and making others aware of the existence of arguments like this is the next step. Ultimately we will all have to show support for vapor when voting in elections, from the state up to the Federal level. Vapor isn’t just something enjoyed by a small group of people in a select niche any more. It is a part of life and main stream America. Fortunately it’s one of the parts that seems to be helping people and improving lives. We can’t allow backdoor political strategies to take it away.

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