There’s Still Time To Respond to CASAA’s Third Call to Action

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) has issued a third call to action in their effort to prevent the FDA from taking over the e-cigarette industry. CASAA has been releasing these calls in order to draw attention to some of the tactics used by the FDA and CDC, as well as to promote the idea that FDA regulation is not necessary. They also promote more in-depth research, though not necessarily at the hands of the FDA and/or CDC, both of which have their own agendas in mind and not necessarily the best interests of the consumer.

I love CASAA logoThe third call to action concerns a request for Congressional hearings to investigate the methods employed by the FDA and the CDC concerning the blatant smear campaign they have undertaken. One instance involves dismissing true stories about using e-cigs to quit smoking and instead, trying to find people who have not been successful or who have suffered health issues after cutting back on tobacco cigarettes while using e-cigs

CASAA has created a template that includes a formal request for vapers to fill out and submit. All you need to do is add your personal information or insight. Some suggestions of things you might want to offer in your letter are:

Information about your personal experience using e-cigs to effectively stop smoking. Include details like how long it took you to quit once you started using e-cigs.

If your journey to quitting smoking was assisted by e cigarettes you should share information about your current health. No one is saying that e-cigs make you healthier, but stopping smoking tobacco cigarettes most certainly will.

Mention that you are well aware that smoking tobacco cigarettes put you in a high risk category for health issues ranging from cardiovascular disease to lung cancer and that you don’t expect e-cigs to prevent future health problems which may be the result of your former tobaccos smoking years.

Be as honest and detailed as you can.

Keep in mind that the CDC director, Dr. Frieden, is trying to dismiss these personal stories as anecdotal. It’s easy to dismiss information that doesn’t contain numbers like dates and financial figures. If you want to keep e-cigs out of the hands of the FDA, now is the time to offer details that are presented in compelling factual form so that they are not easily dismissed by the FDA, CDC, or anyone else. In other words, since false information is being used to guide the proposed regulation, it’s time to flood the FDA with accurate, usable facts and figures coupled with the human experience.

Be sure to come back here to learn more and pay special attention to CASAA’s calls to action if you want to have your voice heard. There is little good that can result from the FDA’s regulation of e-cigs, unless you are Big Tobacco or interested in cultivating new, excessive tax dollars.

You can also contact your representative directly. Simply click on this list of representatives and then search for your state using the alphabetical tabs at the top of the page. You can also just scroll down the page until you find your state and representatives.

Hopefully you’ll respond to the third call to action and contact your local representative. Remember, now is the time to make your voice be heard!

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