Hot Juice Review

Hot Juice is an emerging vape juice brand offering top quality eliquid and CBD vape juice from one convenient website. They have set themselves apart from the best e-liquid brands by offering some the most authentic and tasty vape flavors available in a wide selection of categories.

CBD By Volume, Not By Batch

One of the aspects that truly sets Hot Juice on a separate pedestal from the rest of the established ejuice brands is their process for combining as well as sourcing their ingredients. Based in Los Angeles, California, Hot juice gathers all their ingredients from local vendors and keeps a close watch on not only how they are blended together in their high tech laboratory but where they come from. In addition, their transparency as far as how much CBD goes into each bottle by volume provides a level of honesty we appreciate in our vape products, ensuring that we get exactly the dosage expected in every tasty puff. Specifically, their cannabidiol eliquid is offered in twelve flavors (so far, with more promised soon) that offer a diversified enough range to appeal to most vapers ready to try vaping CBD.
Where their competitors often cook up a large vat all at once and may sit on a shelf or sit stagnant before being bottled, Hot Juice makes each one to order and users have the opportunity to choose their own ratios, dosage and size depending on what they want for each bottle. It’s a unique process rarely, if ever, seen from anyone in the vaping industry.

Endless Flavor Choices

Though they are currently at just under 60 different flavors, they have promised to add a lot more in the near future. Until then, their varieties are separated into a bunch of tasty categories including:

  • Beverages
  • Cereal
  • Candy
  • Coffee
  • Menthol
  • Tobacco
  • Fruit
  • Nuts & Spices
  • Dessert

You can select from: 0mg, 3mg, 11mg, 18mg or 24mg of nicotine for each bottle. Within each genre there are a handful of delicious flavor combinations guaranteed to catch the attention of

your taste buds and you can select from two VG/PG ratios in either 70/30 or 30/70 blends depending on whether you’re focused on flavor or concentrating on cloud chasing. They make the transition to vaping an easy endeavor regardless of your ecig or vape mod equipment, with an impressive menu of menthol and tobacco flavored e-juice, you’ll find something near to your favorite brand’s flavor in a premium vape juice. In addition, they make it super easy to choose by giving you a reference for what each one tastes like as it compares to real life foods, drinks and tobaccos. There’s all the familiar parts of comfortable ritual that people remember, without the harm directly linked to inhaling combusted or burnt material.

CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum

While plenty of companies are doing their best to market what they claim is the best CBD e liquid, rarely do they detail the difference between a clean isolate and products that are labeled or mislabeled as “full spectrum CBD”. Although many of these vape brands and CBD oil companies are using pure isolates, some are putting cannabidiol with measures of THC in them which is confusing some people, especially if they aren’t expecting to experience any alteration in their perception or ability to function normally when taking it. This is why Hot Juice CBD has made a name for themselves not only by offering cannbidiol e liquid that provides higher concentrations of the compound by volume, but making it in such a way that you can trust and experience the relaxing effects in just a few drops.

Weekly Vape Giveaway and Ongoing Vape Contests

Not only does Hot Juice offer the world some of the best CBD e liquid and an infinitely growing variety of delicious vape juice with nicotine including their best selling fruity flavored e juice line, but they offer incentives to the vaping community to help them make the switch and start vaping for free. Every week they giveaway $100 gift cards towards their products to help people try out their products at no cost. In addition, they have ongoing vape giveaways and contests to win some of the most popular vape mods and starter kits on everyone’s wish lists as a reward for choosing to be smoke free and to celebrate the launch of new flavors and products. If providing people with some of the highest quality premium vape juice available wasn’t enough, these guys are focused on giving back to a community that they value. Head over to their vape giveaway page to get your name in the running for free vape stuff.

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