ECigs and Social Media: A Match Made in Heaven


ECigarettes and social media: these may sound like two completely disconnected things, but more and more people are discovering that social media and electronic cigarettes are connected in surprising ways. Both eCigarettes and social media are emblems of the modern age in which we are living. ECigarettes are new products designed to help smokers kick the habit and take back their health. Social media is a huge industry that helps people stay connected and share valuable information. Combining the two has made the eCigarette industry one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Understanding how social media and eCigarettes are being used in tandem will help smokers take advantage of incredible opportunities. ecigs and social media

The ECigarette Revolution

In the past ten years, eCigarettes have gone from obscure and complicated electronic devices that cost a fortune to simple, streamlined, and cost-effective devices that more and more people are finding beneficial and fun. ECigarettes have come a long way since their inception, and though they are still met with some resistance from individuals who dislike the lack of clinical studies associated with them, many smokers are purchasing these devices as a viable alternative to a life of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Smokers are using social media to spread the news regarding these devices. Social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter are being flooded by lifelong smokers who affirm the value of electronic cigarettes. Stories about success in switching to eCigarettes as an alternative to smoking tobacco, renewed health, elimination of illnesses, and more are being featured on social media platforms. Because of social media advances, eCigarettes are garnering a lot more attention than they did in the past several years. Today, eCigarettes are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing products in popularity and sales. A huge amount of this success can likely be contributed to the product’s reputation on social media platforms.

Helping Smokers Take Back Their Health

Smoking is, by far, one of the worst habits you can have as far as your health is concerned. When smoking became a multibillion dollar industry, many physicians admonished cigarettes as healthy products. Doctors said that cigarettes could help calm frayed nerves and control hunger pangs. However, it wasn’t long before cancer and emphysema levels started to increase, and doctors realized that these illnesses were being directly caused by cigarettes.

The real problem with tobacco cigarettes isn’t the tobacco. Yes, tobacco does naturally contain a drug known as nicotine that is highly addictive. This drug provides the body with the soothing “buzz” that makes cigarettes so popular. However, the nicotine in the tobacco is not what causes the problems; it’s simply what prolongs a person’s exposure to the contributing factors. The real issue with tobacco cigarettes is the additives that are included in the tobacco blend to make it palatable and fresh for a longer period of time. Additives like tar and other chemicals can wreak havoc on the human body. Tar coats the inside lining of the lungs after just a single cigarette. This lining is very sensitive and is covered in tiny hair-like filaments called cilia. When the cilia become coated in tar from tobacco cigarettes, they are unable to absorb oxygen that is inhaled from the atmosphere. Initially, a smoker may experience difficulty breathing, especially after exercise. However, over time the lungs will begin to shut down completely. Issues such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and emphysema are common in smokers. To compensate for the tar, the lungs will begin to expand in the chest cavity, and this can lead to other problems.

The carcinogenic chemicals added to tobacco are the main health concern for smokers. These chemicals and additives are causing cancer to develop at an alarming rate in smokers. Cancer of the lungs, throat, and mouth are all diseases with enormous death percentages. Even after a smoker quits and his or her lungs begin to heal themselves, the risk of cancer is still present.

When the United States government realized the dangerous potential of cigarettes, lobbyists and medical professionals lobbied for increased education and awareness regarding these dangers. Today, with social media, the dangers of cigarette smoke are communicated much more easily. Social media is enabling medical professionals to reach young children who are prone to cigarette smoking and communicate the dangers of this destructive habit. For those who are already habitual smokers, eCigarettes represent a great way to kick the habit

Understanding the Correct Way to Use an ECigarette

An eCigarette is an electronic device that simulates the act of smoking a cigarette without the use of tobacco or smoke. Instead, a liquid that contains nicotine is delivered to the bloodstream through inhalation of a vapor. This vapor has no negative side effects, so it is much safer to inhale than cigarette smoke. An eCigarette consists of two basic parts: the battery and the “cartomizer.” The battery is, of course, the fuel source for the eCigarette. Without the battery, the heat necessary to transform the nicotine-rich liquid into vapor could not be created. Batteries for eCigarettes can be rechargeable or disposable, depending on the smoker’s preference. The cartomizer is actually a fusion of a liquid-filled cartridge and an atomizer. The cartridge contains the eCigarette liquid which provides both nicotine and flavor. The atomizer is a coil of metal that heats the liquid and turns it into vapor.

In order to correctly use an eCigarette, a smoker simply has to inhale on the atomizing end of the eCigarette. When smoking a cigarette, smokers usually “drag” on the cigarette butt. This entails sucking the smoke into the mouth and then inhaling it into the lungs. With an eCigarette, on the other hand, the best results are achieved through direct inhalation. Because the vapor is not as substantial as cigarette smoke, drawing it into the mouth may cause it to condense on the tongue or lips. If the vapor condenses, the nicotine cannot be delivered to the lungs. Many people who have tried eCigarettes and found them to be ineffective at controlling nicotine urges were probably smoking the eCigs incorrectly.

ECigarette Rumors and Disinformation Addressed Through Social Media

Despite the incredible potential for eCigarettes to act as a smoking alternative device, there is still a lot of controversy about these devices. ECigarettes have simply not been around long enough to have the backing of clinical studies and scientific research. Nonsmokers are usually the individuals who argue most vehemently against the sale and usage of eCigarettes. However, when one considers the negative effects of cigarette smoke, an eCigarette which uses vapor must be assumed to be a healthier option.

Smokers, therefore, are beginning to use social media as a way to counteract the disinformation being spread by eCigarette opponents. Smokers who have used eCigarettes to successfully switch their smoking habits to other alternatives are banding together to create waves of social media impact that is intended to show just how wonderful electronic cigarettes can be. Many nonsmokers don’t even realize that eCigarettes don’t have any tobacco in them and don’t use any type of smoke whatsoever. For years, smokers were the only individuals who performed any research into the benefits of eCigarettes. They were the only ones who needed to. Now, though, smokers are striving to educate nonsmokers through social media avenues. This information is helping nonsmokers realize just how important eCigarettes can be to a smoker. It is also easing the concerns of individuals who have reacted poorly to the sight of someone smoking an eCigarette in a public place.

Smokers Connecting via Social Media for Support

Another important way that social media is being used in conjunction with eCigarettes is to formulate support groups and encouraging conversation threads for smokers who are trying to switch to eCigarettes as an alternative. Smoking is an incredibly difficult habit to break. Because of the nicotine concentrations in tobacco smoke, the body becomes wholly dependent on the drug. When a smoker stops smoking, he or she may experience muscle tremors, nausea, headaches, irritability, or other common withdrawal side effects. Often, these side effects are simply too difficult to overcome alone.

This is why social media is so important. Individuals who use Facebook and Twitter to connect with one another can easily find other consumers who are using eCigarettes as a smoking alternative device. Many eCigarette manufacturers have social media homepages, like Facebook Fan Pages, where eCigarette users can connect and share stories of success. These stories and connections can often make a complete difference in an individual’s likelihood to switch smoking methods while using an eCigarette. Social media brings people together who would otherwise be disconnected and alone. For that reason, social media and eCigarettes are absolutely indispensable for smokers.

Deals and Promotions via Social Media for ECigarette Users

Social media has practical applications for smokers who use eCigarettes, too. Social media is not just about the connection between people any longer. With the addition of Facebook fan pages and Facebook store pages, as well as the increased usage of Twitter by manufacturers and retailers, social media has become a great way for consumers to find amazing details on the products they use every day. Consumers use social media to find deals on clothing, groceries, electronics, music, and even services like salon services and auto services.

ECigarettes may be new to the consumer market, but they certainly didn’t waste any time popping up on social media platforms. Manufacturers of eCigarettes who wanted to increase awareness of their products and entice smokers to choose their specific brands began using social media to share the latest deals and promotions. If you are looking to save money on expensive eCigarette cartridges, atomizers, or replacement batteries, social media is a great place to start. You can search for coupon sites and deal sites through Facebook and Twitter simply by reading what other eCigarette smokers are talking about. You can also visit the Fan Pages of popular eCigarette manufacturers such as BLU or NJOY to find information about saving money on eCigarette products and attachments.

Social media is, by and large, a way for people to communicate and connect across great distances. However, it also has practical applications for consumers who are looking to save a couple of bucks on the products they buy most frequently. Because eCigarette cartridges must be replaced on a regular basis, saving money with social media is a great idea.

The Future of Social Media and ECigarettes

The technological world in which we are living is advancing at an incredibly fast rate. New electronic products and devices hit shelves on a daily basis. New social media platforms are developing new programs that allow consumers to share information at lightning fast rates. Fifty years ago, communication occurred mostly through physical letters sent through the postal system. Now, mail seems to be a thing of the past, as people share music, messages, video, and photos across the Internet. Because our technological world is changing so quickly, it is impossible to predict where social media will carry eCigarettes in the near future. There is no doubt about one thing, though: eCigarettes will gain popularity amongst lifelong smokers because of the information-sharing effects of social media.

Smokers who want to invest in eCigarettes can use social media to research the pros and cons of these devices. This research will help smokers make an informed decision regarding the health risks and benefits of an electronic cigarette. Before you rush out and purchase an eCigarette, you can use social media to connect with other eCigarette users. Pick their brains, and find out just how people are reacting to different brands and types of eCigarettes. This will help you save a lot of money, and this method guarantees that you will get the most profitable experience out of your eCigarette.

Increasing your familiarity with social media is important, as those who don’t understand the benefits of this connection strategy may be left behind in the near future. For smokers, though, social media takes on a whole new life. The relationships between social media and eCigarettes are only projected to grow in the next few years, and most smokers are excited to see just what “they” come up with next.

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