ECigarettes: The Christmas Gift that Keeps on Giving


This Christmas, consider giving a friend, family member, or loved one a gift that truly can change a life. ECigarettes may, in fact, be the most profound and meaningful gift you will ever give. Instead of showering a family member with useless items that will be discarded in a few years, share the joy and peace that comes from a healthy life decision. You can find information on the ECigarette revolution online and share these amazing products with someone who truly needs them this Christmas.

Is There A Smoker In Your Life?

Smoking is a habit shared by millions of people throughout the world. In past decades, smoking was one of the most profitable habits in the United States. Cigarette production companies spent billions of dollars on advertisement campaigns that targeted the old and young, men and women, and people of all races. Because of those advertising dollars, smoking is

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still a popular activity. The problem, of course, is the way that smoking affects the life of the smoker and the lives of those around him or her. If you have a smoker in your life, you know the issues that this habit can cause. Smokers have less energy, debilitating coughs, difficulty breathing, stained teeth and fingernails, and even the inability to regulate body temperature. Family members of smokers are often at an even greater risk than the smokers themselves.

If you’ve got a smoker in the family, you’ve probably tried every course of action imaginable to convince that person to change their unhealthy habits. Pleading, bargaining, encouragement, and even threats and coercion are attempted by the family members of smokers every day. These methods rarely work, however, because cigarettes have an iron grip on the minds of those who use them. With ECigarettes, however, a viable option can be given to smokers who truly want to switch to another smoking alternative.

The Dangers of Lifelong Smoking

The health dangers and risks associated with smoking are clearly labeled on the packaging of all tobacco products. Still, even with the efforts of the Food and Drug Administration and the Surgeon General’s Office, many consumers are completely unaware of just how devastating these products can be. Irreparable damage can occur to the lungs and trachea of a smoker after a single cigarette. With lifelong exposure to tobacco smoke, health problems like cancer, emphysema, and bronchitis are not just risks: they are essentially guaranteed side effects. The real problem with smoking, however, is the physical dependency on nicotine that develops. Nicotine is a habit-forming drug. When the brain comes to rely on nicotine, deciding to stop smoking becomes nearly impossible. ECigarettes may offer a solution to this addiction, however.

ECigs: The Brand New Smoking Solution

ECigarettes, often referred to simply as ECigs or e-cigs, are an alternative to smoking that is sweeping across the world. ECigarettes get their name from an abbreviation of the word “electronic.” These cigarettes do not require the use of flame or real tobacco in order to deliver the sensation of smoking a cigarette to the smoker. In fact, ECigarettes have almost no adverse health effects. To understand how ECigarettes work, it’s important to understand the various components of the mechanism.

ECigs consist of three basic parts: a battery, an electronic atomizer, and a fluid-filled cartridge. The battery in an eCig is the long part of the cigarette opposite the mouthpiece. ECigarette batteries sometimes feature glowing tips that mimic the glowing ember on the end of a real cigarette. These batteries can be single-use batteries or rechargeable batteries. The atomizer is the mouthpiece of the cigarette. This mechanism turns the liquid inside an eCigarette cartridge into a vapor that can be inhaled through the lungs. The liquid in the cartridge is made up predominantly of water or another harmless solution. These cartridges do not contain any tobacco or tar, but they do contain dissolved nicotine that delivers the drug directly to the lungs. However, because there is no tar or added chemicals, eCigarettes do not have the cancer-causing effects or the lung-clogging effects of real cigarettes.

To use an eCigarette, an individual must simply inhale on the atomizer just like he or she would take a drag on a real cigarette. The intake of air draws the vaporized liquid into the lungs where the nicotine is delivered to the brain. ECigarettes are effective because they almost perfectly mimic the inhalation of a regular cigarette. This is why they are becoming popular Christmas gifts for smokers.

Do ECigs Really Help?

Many interested consumers wonder if eCigarettes can really help a smoker switch from tobacco cigarettes to a healthier alternative. After all, isn’t an eCigarette just another way of delivering nicotine to the body? If so, how can it help an individual conquer his or her addiction to nicotine? The key to an eCigarette lies in two distinct benefits of the product.

First, eCigarettes do not have any harmful side effects like cigarettes. They cannot deliver carcinogens to the body or cause tar to develop on the inner lining of the lungs. Carcinogens and tar are the two most dangerous components of tobacco smoke. These pollutants can cause cancer to quickly develop in the body. They can also make breathing difficult. When tar coats the inside of the lungs, the lungs try to heal themselves by secreting fluid that can make breathing almost impossible. ECigarettes, because they rely on water vapor rather than smoke, do not have these side effects. Inhaling water vapor can actually speed the healing process in a smoker’s lungs.

True,the FDA discourages consumers from viewing eCigs as a smoking cessation device, and eCigarettes that use full-strength nicotine cartridges will not help an individual quit smoking because the addiction to nicotine is not addressed. However, eCigarette cartridges come in variant levels of nicotine concentrations. So, a smoker can slowly eliminate the presence of nicotine in the vapor cartridges. Because a nicotine addiction is so closely tied to the actual act of putting a cigarette in the mouth, the presence of nicotine is often not even necessary in an eCigarette. For those who need the physical feeling of relief that comes from nicotine, special cartridges with descending nicotine levels can be used to wean the body off this drug.

Studies have shown that eCigarettes are one of the most effective smoking alternative products. Unlike nicotine gum or nicotine patches, eCigs allow smokers to get their nicotine fix by going through the motions of smoking. While a smoker is weaning himself or herself off the nicotine, the act of “smoking” itself provides a much-needed calm.

Can I Give ECigs as Christmas Gifts?

Smokers may be hesitant to use eCigarettes because they are quite expensive, and many smokers simply believe that an ECig can never provide the same satisfaction as a real cigarette. This is why it is such a good idea for family members and friends to give e-cigarettes as a Christmas gift. A smoker will be more likely to try the eCig if it is given as a gift because he or she won’t want to offend the gift giver. Smokers are usually shocked at how effective and comfortable these electronic cigarettes truly are. If you want to give a gift that will change a life and improve a loved one’s health, consider searching online for eCigarette packages and kits that can be gift-wrapped for Christmas.

Suggested Brands and ECig Types

There are many different brands of eCigarettes that can be given as gifts during the Christmas season. Different brands offer different types of kits: some disposable, some rechargeable, some with higher levels of nicotine, and some with different flavors of nicotine cartridges. You should spend time evaluating the preferences of the smoker in your family before selecting the perfect brand of eCigarette to give as a Christmas gift. Blu e-Cigarettes are one of the most popular brands on the market right now, and disposable Blu e-Cigs are now sold at retail locations throughout the country. Rechargeable Blu eCig kits feature a sleek black case for caring batteries and atomizers. Some models also feature a Bluetooth function that will tell the smoker when other Blu users are in the vicinity. This can connect smokers with other individuals who are trying to break the smoking habit. Support is always a useful tool, so giving Blu e-Cigarettes as a Christmas gift is a great way to arm your loved one with the tools he or she will need to succeed.

NJoy is another popular brand of ECigarette that has just released a new disposable option called the King Cigarette. Unlike other ECig models which are heavy and clunky and don’t really feel like a real cigarette in the hand, these eCigs are lightweight and slightly squeezable like a real tobacco cigarette. The King cigarettes come in two different types: smooth and bold, and the vapor consistency is touted as one of the closest vapor experiences to real cigarette smoke on the market.

Presenting Your ECigarette Christmas Gift

Giving a gift that is designed to improve someone’s health or state of life can be tricky. Imagine if you wanted to give your loved one a membership to a dieting club. Providing the gift can be done in the most loving manner possible, but the recipient may still be offended that he or she is perceived as being unhealthily overweight. It is important to prevent these types of gifts as lovingly and carefully as possible. Communicate to the gift recipient that you love them just the way they are, but also communicate that you are concerned about their health. Explain to the smoker in your family that you want them to be around, and healthy, for as long as possible. Let them know how much it hurts you to think of losing them to cigarettes. By prefacing your gift with this disclaimer, the recipient will be much more likely to receive the gift in the spirit with which it is given.

Also, you can make the smoker more likely to use the ECigarette by showing excitement for this new product. Collect user testimonials that explain how close-to-life eCigarettes are and how pleasurable the experience can be. Find research about the health of ECigs, and purchase different flavor options that can make smoking an exciting experience once again for even a lifelong smoker. If the recipient likes flavors such as cherry, peaches, coffee, or even chocolate, you can buy flavored nicotine cartridges that will provide the smoker with a change from the plain taste of tobacco.

Enrolling the Recipient in an ECig Club

If you want to take ECigarette Christmas gifts to the next level, consider enrolling the recipient in an Ecig membership or club. Clubs for ECigarette users offer support systems and can provide smokers with regularly delivered cartridges. Without this club membership, a smoker may forget to order new cartridges. If they run out, they may be forced to turn to real cigarettes to get a nicotine fix. Also, a regular membership in a club of this kind will encourage the smoker to give ECigarettes a chance for an extended period of time. You can choose club memberships for durations such as six months, one year, or even two years. Club memberships can be expensive, so you may want to consider getting several people to invest in membership costs together to alleviate some of the expense.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Christmas and other gift-giving holidays are not about amassing as many things as you can. These holidays are all about sharing with the people you love and communicating positive feelings of joy, encouragement, and togetherness. For this reason, an ECigarette is one of the best gifts that someone can give on Christmas. ECigarettes truly keep on giving to the recipient. Not only do they provide a safe alternative to cigarette smoking for those who are addicted to nicotine, but they also provide a step by step way to stop smoking forever. A Christmas gift that provides someone with the chance for a better, healthier, fuller life has to go down in history as the best Christmas gift ever given.

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