ECig Users Struggling to Educate Nonsmokers


As ECigarettes become more and more popular in retail stores and through online sales, many smokers are discovering a method that truly works to help them choose an effective smoking alternative. However, the sale and usage of these devices is being met with resistance by nonsmokers. New legislation may abolish the best chance smokers have to improve their lives. There are many reasons why nonsmokers are concerned with the sale and usage of ECigarettes, but smokers are striving to educate the uninformed to protect their rights. ECig brands

The ECig Revolution

ECigarettes are relatively new devices that simulate real tobacco cigarettes without any of the dangerous side effects. Nicotine inhalers have been around for several years, but these inhalers do not taste or feel like real cigarettes. When an inhaler is used, there is no smoke-like substance to breathe in and blow out. Nicotine is a tricky drug that affects the mind in interesting ways. The need for nicotine is often inseparably linked to the action of smoking a cigarette. Therefore, nicotine patches and inhalers are ineffective because they don’t provide a smoker with the relief that comes from “blowing smoke.”

When ECigarettes were invented and released in global markets, smokers discovered a way to get the nicotine their bodies craved through a method that their brains craved. ECigarettes resemble real cigarettes so closely, that the mind is tricked into believing that the habit is continuing. However, the solution contained in an ECigarette cartridge is free of tar and carcinogens, and no smoke is actually inhaled. This makes the process of switching to an alternative much safer, much easier, and much more likely to be a successful process.

Smokers Making Positive Decision in Face of Health Risks

Smokers are deciding to switch more and more frequently because cancer and other health-effects that stem from cigarette smoking are becoming more apparent. Cancer is one of the biggest scares associated with smoking, and smokers are trying to switch in order to reduce their risk of developing this disease. Unfortunately, the threat of smoking-related illnesses is often insufficient to overcome the mind cravings associated with nicotine. Breaking a nicotine habit can take months or even years. In the meantime, smokers may be able to continue giving their body nicotine without adding to the risks placed on their health.

The Function of ECigs

ECigarettes are very simple devices that have only a few components. First, the battery of the ECigarette is what gives it its heating power. Instead of using a flame like a real cigarette, this unique battery works to heat the liquid contained within an ECig. When the liquid is heated, it is converted into a vapor that can be inhaled. ECigarette batteries come in both disposable and rechargeable types. The batteries are uniquely designed to resemble the long end of a cigarette. Some batteries even have glowing tips that more closely resemble cigarettes.

The next component of an ECigarette is the atomizer. This is the mouthpiece of the cigarette. It helps to create the vapor and direct it into the lungs. The atomizer must be screwed onto the battery for the ECigarette to work. Within the atomizer is the nicotine-liquid cartridge. This is the key to the successful cigarette simulation of the ECigarette. These liquids come in a variety of flavors and concentrations. The most common flavor is, of course, tobacco flavoring. However, ECigarette cartridges also come in flavors such as cherry, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and even liqueurs. The concentration of nicotine in the cartridge is a matter of personal preference. Some ECigarette users slowly taper down the concentration of nicotine that is contained in their devices. This helps to gradually get the body used to receiving less and less nicotine throughout the day. A single nicotine-infused liquid cartridge simulates about a pack and half of regular cigarettes. ECigarette cartridges come in packs of five or ten, so smokers can always have full cartridges on hand.

Nonsmokers Raise Objections to Devices

Despite the incredible potential of these devices as smoking alternative methods, there are many nonsmokers who are resisting the sale and usage of ECigarettes in their states. Nonsmokers object to these devices for several reasons, but three reasons are mentioned the most: ECigarettes are dangerous to bystanders, ECigarettes are dangerous to smokers, and ECigarettes are annoying and disgusting.

The argument that ECigarettes are dangerous to bystanders has been generally disavowed by most experts. The water vapor that is exhaled by the individual using the ECigarette dissipates incredibly quickly in the atmosphere. It does not drift like cigarette smoke because it simply merges with the water vapor and humidity already in the air. As such, it is not dangerous in the least to nonsmoking bystanders. The argument that ECigarettes are dangerous to smokers is a little harder to address. There have not been any long-term studies regarding these devices, so it’s impossible to know whether the nicotine in the device can cause damage after prolonged usage. However, nonsmokers must consider this: smoking is one of the most hazardous activities you can participate in. A device that simulates cigarette smoking with the intention of helping smokers break the habit cannot be more dangerous than not trying to switch to an alternative smoking method at all.

Finally, the argument that ECigarettes are annoying and disgusting is untrue and created from ignorance about the devices. ECigarettes do not smell at all. The water vapor has no odor. They are flavored to simulate the taste of tobacco smoke, but this vapor is undetectable when it lands on clothing or is expelled into the air. Studies have proven that these devices produce no odor. When a nonsmoker is annoyed by someone smoking an ECigarette, this annoyance most certainly stems from prejudice and stigma surrounding the idea of smoking in general.

Lack of Health Study Potential Concern for Nonsmoker

The biggest source of concern for nonsmokers is the lack of medical and clinical research behind these brand new devices. Nonsmokers are concerned that ECigarettes will end up being proven to be more harmful than tobacco cigarettes. However, this cannot possibly be true. The liquid contained in an ECigarette cartridge is completely water-based. It is not harmful to inhale water vapor; in fact, the inhalation of this moisturizing vapor may actually help to speed the recovery of smoke-damaged lungs. There isn’t any research that supports the safe usage of ECigarettes because these devices simply haven’t been around long enough to merit long-term clinical studies. They’ve only been on the market for a few years, so the long-term effects cannot be measured.

In lieu of clinical studies, consumers should simply use common sense when making decisions about ECigarettes. Instead of fire, the ECigs use batteries. Instead of smoke that contains tar, carcinogens, and other harmful chemicals, the ECigs use flavor-infused water. Comparing cigarettes to ECigarettes is simple when you break down the components of the device in this way. The materials used to make an ECigarette functional are, by far, less dangerous than the smoke inhaled through a tobacco cigarette. A general lack of clinical study is not an excuse to spread fear and panic throughout the nonsmoking community. It is the responsibility of nonsmokers and smokers alike to formulate reasonable, fact-based opinions about these devices and consider both their merits and cons.

Education Efforts Underway Regarding ECigs

With all the outcries regarding ECigarettes, many smokers who have used the devices are beginning efforts designed to increase education and awareness. The dangers of smoking and the addictive nature of nicotine are already fairly well-known, but many nonsmokers still do not understand just how difficult it can be for lifelong smokers to switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes. Individuals who protest the usage of ECigarettes are actually condemning smokers to a ball and chain, tying them to unhealthy nicotine absorption for the rest of their lives. Smokers and nonsmokers who have researched ECigarettes are now trying to ease the minds of nonsmokers by explaining the devices more fully.

The liquid contained in an ECigarette contains no tobacco. Without tobacco, there are no carcinogens, no tar, and no harmful side effects. When you see someone smoking an ECigarette in a public place, you don’t have to worry about the dangers of the vapor. Additionally, this vapor is entirely odor free. Many nonsmokers are actually allergic to the odor caused by cigarette smoke. They fear the sight of someone smoking an ECigarette simply because they do not understand what they are witnessing. With educational efforts, the facts behind ECigarette vapor and usage can become more widely known.

It’s important for this information to be shared with politicians and lawmakers, as well. Many states are dealing with legislation that may impede the use of ECigarettes for smokers. Some state legislators are concerned that these devices will harm innocent bystanders. There isn’t a lot of research to support or deny these claims, true, but the best guesses of experts suggest that the vapor simply isn’t harmful to the general public. Also, it won’t stain or ruin surfaces in public places, so these devices can hardly be compared to genuine tobacco cigarettes.

Join the ECig Movement and Get Informed

Do you know someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes each day or more? Have you smoked for several years and tried every method imaginable to break the habit? Have you seen someone smoking an ECigarette or heard of ECigarettes through the grapevine? Are you curious about these devices? If so, join the ECigarette revolution and get informed. When honest consumers gather information about these devices, they arm themselves with sensible arguments in favor of ECigarettes as a smoking alternative device. There is a lot of discord in the world about these devices, and many nonsmokers are lobbying for ECigarettes to be illegalized in the United States.

If this occurs, smokers may lose out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Because of the unique construction of these devices that mimic smoking an actually cigarette, ECigarettes have been proven to be more effective than nicotine patches, nicotine gum, nicotine inhalers, and even prescription drugs. Nonsmokers and smokers alike must learn as much as possible about ECigarettes, so that they can help spread positive information and education about these incredible devices. The solution to the smoking habit may be on the horizon, and it’s your responsibility to make sure the clouds of dissension don’t cover it up.

Where to Find ECigs Today

If you’re interested in learning more about ECigarettes or purchasing an ECig to try to choose a smoking alternative once and for all, you’ve got a lot of options to consider. The Internet is a great source of information, as the ECigarette movement is largely Internet-based. However, it’s important to sift carefully through online information. A great deal of the panic surrounding ECig usage has been caused by the spread of false or incomplete information. While ECig manufacturers represent a great source for daily updated news blips and other information, it’s a good idea to find unbiased sources to answer your questions.

When you’ve made the decision to invest in an ECig, you can choose between a disposable option and a rechargeable option. Disposable ECigarettes are great for the first time user. With a disposable ECigarette, the device is smoked until the cartridge and battery are depleted. The number of puffs in a disposable ECig is usually equivalent to about a pack and a half of cigarettes. Most disposable models are sold in retail establishments for between five and ten dollars. These disposable cigarettes are a little bit more expensive than a pack of cigarettes, so it’s not recommended for smokers to use them forever. However, a disposable ECigarette can help you decide if this method is right for you. Once you become comfortable with ECigarettes, you can invest in rechargeable kits that are much more affordable.

Even though the FDA discourages consumers from viewing eCigs as a smoking cessation device, ECigarettes have the potential to be one of the best and most successful methods for smokers to choose a healthier alternative. However, there is still a lot of protest from nonsmokers. Only by increasing awareness and education for these products can nonsmokers and smokers team up to stand behind this incredible product.

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  1. Debra

    As a registered nurse who just quit smoking using e cigarettes and very very happy that I was finally able to kick the habit using this method, I am appauled at the public’s ignorance. The federal govt is on a rampage to get people to quit smoking…a quality measure in hospitals whereby all smokers must be given smoking cessation education. If one thinks that putting down cigarettes just because you know the health consequences, think again. I have been a nurse for 25 years, smoked for 14 years and am very well aware on a first hand basis of the consequences of smoking. This is the FIRST method that has enabled me to quit. People should be encouraging smokers to use the ecigs, not trying to stop them. The govt of all institutions should also be encouraging their use, perhaps with mandates that ALLOW ecig users to “vape” anywhere. The health cost savings alone should be motivation enough for Uncle Sam. Give me a grant to do research and I will prove my theory! This is the best thing to happen to smokers (and non-smokers) EVER!!

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