Department of Transportation to Make E Cig Ban Official on Airplanes

The Department of Transportation plans to officially ban electronic cigarettes on airlines this spring. Originally there had not been any official restrictions on smoking an e cig on airplanes. The TSA did not have a specific regulation prohibiting the devices.

Many smokers have been able to smoke their e cig after informing flight attendants about how the device works. Electronic cigarettes emit an odorless vapor instead of a traditional cigarette’s harmful second hand smoke. Since there has not been anything specific written about the devices most airlines have previously determined that they are permitted.

According to The Associated Press, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood recently stated in a letter to Senator Lautenburg that they now interpret smoking regulations to include electronic cigarettes. Because the health effects of e cigs are still unknown, officials such as Lautenburg are worried non smoking passengers will be affected by the vapor.

Electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular. They have helped thousands quit traditional cigarettes. Thousands more are making the switch every week. The chemical free alternative is not specifically marketed as a smoking cessation product. However, those trying to quit have had much better success kicking the habit using these devices.

If you feel electronic cigarettes should be allowed on airplanes we suggest you contact your federal congressman or senator to voice your feelings on this issue.


  1. rita

    I think the airlines should at least allow e-cigs in your carry on luggage. That way you could use them when you get to your destination.

  2. Hi William,

    Thanks so much for your comment. We’ve been waiting now for a while to see what was going to happen. We’ve written articles in the past about which airlines and which airports allow e cigarettes. We figured it was only a matter of time before there were restrictions put in place. It is unfortunate. Thanks again for your comment!

  3. William

    I’m amazed that because there is little research on the effects of e cigs they want to ban them. Why is it that government seems to be more worried about slowing the growth of an industry like e cigarettes instead of trying to worry about dealing with the deficit. We have millions of people out of work and all these guys in Washington want to do is deal with trivial issues that isn’t going to put them in the spot light and ruin their careers. Maybe if they had the guts to deal with the bigger issues they wouldn’t have to play games with these smaller issues. I see no reason why they would be concerned about water vapor on an airplane. Or better yet why not find out what the health risks are for second hand vapor then make an educated decision. Sorry for the rant, I’m just tired of politicians lately I guess. 🙂

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