Your Complete Guide to Vape Meets in 2014

The social side of vaping is one of the best, and possibly most important parts, whether you’re vaping solely for smoking cessation or if you’ve embraced vaping as a hobby. But sometimes small brick-and-mortar shops and online groups aren’t enough and are too limited. What’s a vaper to do?

Head to a vape meet, of course.

e cig users at a vapor conventionIn larger areas, there are regular vape meets hosted by brick-and-mortar lounges that serve to bring the local vape community together. After all, in a city, just because there’s a lot of vapers that regularly visit a given shop, that doesn’t mean that the vapers end up interacting with each other regularly. Sometimes it’s for special events like launch parties, and sometimes it’s just to cut loose and party. To participate in these, keep your ears open and your eyes on the area shops’ social media outlets – word of mouth or a Facebook post may be the only way you hear about them.

Of course, that’s not the only kind of vape meet in the world. There are bigger ones! Annually! Nationwide! These are closer to conventions and trade shows than lounge parties, with official dates announced in advance, hotel or convention center space, sponsors and vendors, and a full schedule of events. Just this past weekend the third Annual Vape Bash was held in Chicago. Vapers from around the nation made the trip to the Windy City to meet, greet, try new products and of course vape.

If you were not able to make it Vape Bash but wish that you had, here’s a short list of annual ones you may be interested in:

There’s a few other annual events that haven’t listed 2014 dates yet. Keep an eye on them, they’ll probably update soon. Any of these events will make for a great weekend trip.

So as you can see, it doesn’t matter where you are. There’s always going to be a vape meet somewhere near you! Don’t be shy. Head on out and say hello, because we can guarantee that the vendors, e-liquid mixologists, and vapers alike will be glad to see you. It’s a fun, friendly atmosphere to share tips and tricks, find new flavors, and see the latest developments in e-cigarette tech.

Just keep in mind – The meets can have age restrictions.

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