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Blu Cigs Social Pack

Blu Cigs, the leading electronic cigarette brand on the market is making waves once again with the upcoming introduction of their new Smart Pack. They recently made headlines with the release of their two piece design upgrade. The already popular e cig company obtained even more fans by upgrading to the more convenient device. However, Blu Cigs never stops looking for ways to improve themselves. They are now joining in on the social networking craze with the Smart Pack. recently had the opportunity to chat with Blu’s Business Development Manager Matt Coapman about their latest upgrade.

This August, Blu will release their new Smart Pack. The Smart Pack not only allows smokers to charge their e cigs on the go, but may now also help their social life as well. The Smart Pack is similar to their original Blu Pack. However, the Smart Pack is also a means for social networking. The Smart Pack will make it easy for smokers to meet other Blu users. The new pack is designed to vibrate and light up when two Blu smokers are within 50 feet of each other. The product was thoroughly tested by Blu as they enjoyed watching the reactions when smokers realized they were close to a fellow Blu smoker. Some smokers are willing to look for the other user. Those who are not so excited by the idea of meeting a stranger may opt to set their pack to transmit their Facebook and Twitter profiles. There is also a way to turn off the social networking feature. According to Coapman, a full software suite will be released allowing Blu customers to connect with multiple social networks, other Blu users, and even maps!

The new Smart Pack is only $10 more than the standard Blu Pack. While not specifically marketed as a smoking cessation product, no one can deny the thousands who have used electronic cigarettes to stop smoking traditional cigarettes. Those who already use e cigs, which light up at the tip when in use, have probably already met more than a few people after they have received odd stares once people noticed them “smoking” in a smoke free place. With the tremendous increase in smoking bans, e cig users have undoubtedly had to explain themselves more than a few times. The Smart Pack will only increase social encounters as their packs search for the radio signals of other users’ packs. The Smart Packs will also vibrate as a user approaches a retailer that sells Blu Cigs products. While Blu plans to continue selling their original Blu Pack, the Smart Pack has an increased battery life, and provides better battery recharging management. The new pack charger performs around 20% better than the original pack. According to Coapman, it takes only a few more minutes to charge the Smart Pack, but the battery management has been greatly improved. A really nice feature smokers will find is that they now only need to drop their cigarette battery in rather than screwing it down tight. The indicators on the side will also show how much charge the pack contains, and show how much charge is on the cigarette battery as well.

While Blu obviously has been making headlines they may not be finished just yet. Coapman reports that while Blu does not intend to create an app specifically for the Smart Pack, they are developing a mobile app to track rewards, subscriptions, and find retail locations in a smoker’s area. Blu is looking to also develop a system that will allow the packs to monitor how much an individual is smoking, and then reporting the information back to their doctor. Coapman says that the version 2 of the software being developed will display how smokers use their Blu, and when they need refills. All of this information can be shared with whomever the customer would like.

Blu’s new Smart Pack definitely revolutionizes social media. This groundbreaking upgrade is sure to be a hit with those who have already made the switch to e cigs. Those who have not decided to make the switch may be more enticed now. This has become a social networking world. Blu’s new Smart Pack, along with the FDA’s plans to unveil their new graphic warning labels on traditional cigarette packages, will surely create a new surge of electronic cigarette users.

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UPDATE 10/12/2011:

Blu Cig’s Smart Pack Surpasses Expectations

Blu Cig’s Smart Pack, their unique ground breaking electronic cigarette product, shattered sales less than two weeks after it was launched. This e cig charging case, combined with social media capabilities, was purchased by over 15,000 customers quickly after its release. The company also experienced a one week waiting list due to the device’s popularity. Blu is receiving new shipments daily so waiting lists are no longer a problem.

The Smart Pack’s popularity has surpassed the expectations of even Blu’s president. In a recent article he spoke about how the company spent months asking customers what they wanted from their next e cig. The incredible response proves that companies who listen to their customers are successful. The company is working on future enhancements including interactions with social media platforms. Users will be able to indicate relationship status, network with others, and identify locations where smoking Blu Cigs are allowed.

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