Big Tobacco’s E Cig Agenda

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If you’ve been following vaping in the news, you know by now that there’s a sensationalist backlash against vaping in public. You also probably know that the Food and Drug Administration are preparing to determine whether or not e-cigarettes need to be regulated as smoking-cessation aids or tobacco-burning products. Their decisions will not only restrict method of sale (potentially banning internet sales completely), but they may dictate the process of how an e-cig unit or e-liquid goes to market. This could hurt a lot of the best developers in the vaping community, most of which are all small business owners that don’t have the budget to jump through all of the FDA’s regulatory hoops.

cigarette packs on displayYou may also be aware that Big Tobacco companies have gotten into the e-cigarette industry, buying some of the largest mainstream and most recognizable e-cigs on the market. They have also started new brands and launched their own vaping devices in regions throughout the United States.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Big Tobacco has some of the singularly most effective lobbyists in the United States. If they’re in the business of vaping, why aren’t they defending the e-cigarette trend and promoting the obvious health benefits?

The answer may not be what you think.

Smoking rates around the world are steadily dropping these days. You may be tempted to think that Big Tobacco is attempting to preserve their world-dominating industry. E-cigarettes are fast becoming one of the best ways to quit smoking for good, after all. But you’d be wrong. Big Tobacco companies are steadily diversifying business plans to include more and more e-cigarette companies. In fact, they’re already fighting legal battles regarding patent infringements. That’s putting Big Tobacco lawyers on the front lines of U.S. e-cig industry interests, an effort they aren’t likely to make if they’re just trying to undermine the vaping movement.

Yet Big Tobacco is inarguably protecting its profit share.

It’s using capitalism and the free market against small business. You might think that sounds like a conspiracy theory, and we wish it was merely that. Unfortunately, you don’t need a darkened room of insidious CEO’s planning a monopoly to achieve their goals. The folks in Big Tobacco aren’t stupid, not by a long shot, and they don’t even need a nod and a wink to get what they want.

They just have to sit back and wait.

FDA regulations will kill most of the small businesses and startups focused in vaping and e-liquids. They simply won’t have the means to pay all the fees or be able to afford the time to wait on product approval. Big Tobacco is, well, exactly what it sounds like – big, and it’s got the funding and familiarity to thrive under those regulations.

They can fashion themselves the champions of smoking-cessation rights and bring e-cigarettes back to public spaces.

Because once it’s cornered the market, ensuring high profits and complete control, it’s free to turn around and fund the legal battle to reverse laws made during the current e-cig scare. Big Tobacco will stay just where it likes to be – on top of the world.

It’s not that we have a problem with Big Tobacco being a part of the e cig industry. In fat, some of their vapor products are quite good. What we do take issue with is the possibility of a Big Tobacco takeover. If that were to happen many of our, and your, favorite brands of e liquid and hardware would disappear. We would all be limited to products that create a healthy bottom line, instead of an improved vaping experience. If that were to happen, it would be a sad day for everyone who has a passion for vapor.

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